FEIYR, our exclusive distribution partner

Feiyr – Digitale Music Distribution FEIYR, our exclusive distribution partner, is one of the best music distributors in Germany and Europe. With FEIYR you can distribute your music very easy, fast and competitive to all relevant stores worldwide including the most popular shops like iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Juno Download and Spotify. The great advantage of Feiyr is the connectivity to its exclusive shops DJTUNES and DJSHOP, as well as the strong cooperation with the video stream service YOUTUBE that can help you to monetize your videos.

Another aspect, which is important for Feiyr to be one of the best distribution services worldwide, is, that Feiyr has many helpful tools, which are needed by young labels and producers to ensure a professional presentation of their releases. It’s possible to book professional cover artworks, label or artist logos, you can also have a high class audio mastering for your tracks and everything for fair prices.

Feiyr is an all in one distribution partner, which will help you to get your music on DJTUNES as well as on a large number of other stores worldwide. Check out the Feiyr homepage for more information.