Beatamines Biography

Pascal E. aka BEATAMINES, Built in 86, always knew that he would make music. After initial attempts on different instruments to it by the sonic possibilities quite soon
appeared too limited, he discovered in the course of time the electronic music for themselves.

That was no coincidence, the enthusiasm for this starts by attending first techno partys.The sense of togetherness of the people, the music and the interplay of light, and the effect - that was the indicator.

Then everything started in summer 2005 with a sampler and a laptop. There followed a few years of intense bolts and turning knobs on Monday through Friday, then on the weekend celebration and inspiration extensive search in the clubs. Again and again, sounds and noises were recorded, archived and arrangiert.To handling the technology is still more for him playfully, and the desire is not to be a slave to technology, which is also his less-is-more strategy in terms of equipment founded.

As time evolved the natural desire of every musician, his musical ideas to other people tell, and so he gathered experience in various events as a DJ and Live Act.
Buoyed by the positive response sets were changed and developed continuously.

His love for electronic music is now even clearer in the current productions can be heard. Deep bass synth take on driving leads, shakers and percussion carry the rhythm -
concluded minimal techno with space for other musical elements.
This will BEATAMINES own style, which he again and again New features - Keep your ears open ...