Belocca Biography

Béla Gábor a.k.a. Belocca, first saw the light of day in Budapest in 1984. His musical career started in 1998 under the name of Sixteen Providers. It was at the age, the age of 16, that his first vinyl, Effective/Water and Gin, was produced on Planetarium records which eventually ended up in the hands oa a few well-known international DJs such as Danny Teneglia, Francesko Farfa, etc. After that project reach its natural conclusion, he began to work under the name BCY with his own label Sauna Records and produced 'Sexual Magic" which reached number two on the English Plastic Fantastic sales list. In 2001, he was reborn as Belocca and began to work together with Muzzaik Productions to fashion his tunes. So far, his work has appeared on internationally renowned labels such as STEALTH, YOSHITISHI, STEREO, TOOLROOM, SEAMLESS and AENARIA Tribal. As a DJ, the name Belocca has begun to gain prominence and the 2006 arrangement of 'Niqhtcrawlers - Push the Feelin' has now hit turntables around the world.