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Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren is a happy man, and with good reason. Holding firm at Number 1 in the prestigious public-voted DJ Top 100, he's making the transition from talented young upstart to leading light in the echelons of trance . and beyond. 2005..



He also releases more techno-oriented under the name Sten. Lawrence also has two other lesser known projects, Lloyd (abstract hip hop) and an ambient guitar project called Bordeaux. As Lawrence, Kersten has released three deep and melachol..


Ralf Gum

Ralf GUM’s producing since 1993 and worked with notable artists as Inaya Day, Michael Procter, Monique Bingham, Wunmi, Beady Belle or the fascinating Concha Buika. He released on top labels like Peppermint Jam, Tommy Boy, Compose, InfraCom!..

house , deep house , lounge , chillout , soulf..


More Info: , So, another massive year for Tiësto then. New album, new label, huge gigs, Ibiza residency and more high profile remixes than ever. "It's been a very good year!" says the man who could quite eas..


High Contrast

Link Barret - the young Welsh mastermind at the forefront of the current d+b scene - grew up more interested in films than music. It was J Majik's "Arabian Nights" which turned the then 17 year old Lincoln onto drum and bass, though he's no..


Rank 1

Dutch trance jock Piet Bervoets (pictured) flies solo as Rank 1 when DJing, but for live gigs he's joined by studio partner Benno De Goeji, who he's been working with for ten years. Piet hits the road for DJ duties, while studio wizard Benn..


Steve Bug

Germany's minimal dance connoisseur, Steve Bug, started his DJ-career in a small after-hour bar near Ibiza's Space back in 1991 - soon becoming resident DJ in the best club in his hometown Bremen and booked to major German events such as th..



Solomun, born as Mladen Solumun, is a passionated DJ out of the heart of Bosnia. Turning his records, he imagines the whole picture, and is reading the party between its line. Keeping true to his style the dancing crowd cant believe the par..


Joseph Brittanny

Biography = Nel descrivere la sua esistenza, Giuseppe Brittanni lascia emergere di essere una persona dolce, molto legata ai sentimenti e con alti valori morali, cosa che nella nostra attuale società, traspare come una perla rara. Sposato c..


Panjabi MC

Panjabi MC (* 1971 in Coventry, England, als Rajinder Rai) ist ein indischstämmiger Popmusiker, der den traditionellen Tanz Bhangra mit Hip-Hop mischt. Er hat in seinem langjährigen Musikstudium an der Universität des Landes Bangladesch ein..

  • 2
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