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DJ Gollum

How it all began .. It all started back in 1993 (already in a technoinfected stadium) when I met DJ Hunter at a small village-club. After a lot of some delicious Southern/Ginger, we decided to buy two turntables and a mixer. We started to p..

trance , dance , hardstyle , hands up


Of course, the band's route to success was not quite as simple as frontman H.P. Baxxter describes. Scooter have indeed worked hard on their career and - we should not forget - they have now been in the business for over ten years. The forme..

trance , dance , hardstyle , hands up , rave


Am Anfang war der Bass. Und als der BANGBOY hörte, dass er gut war, da sagte er : "Ersma einen nehmen". BANGBROS sind eigentlich zwei. Der eine der zwei beiden ist der Franky B. (B steht für Brandkanne, manche sagen auch: Frank Brauer, weil..

  • 2
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