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It all started in the year 1981 when Mike aka 'Meiko' saw the light of the day in Olpe, Germany. A few years later, in the early 90's, he visited a few clubs and discovered his fascination of electronic music. At the age of 17 he acquired ..


DJ Somiak

DJ Somiak (born Stefan Rosales Obrzut, April 13, 1990) is a Peruvian DJ, producer and composer of electronic dance music. He began his musical career in 2006. First, like a hobby, Somiak composed some tracks of trance and house music. Th..



The Get Physical story begins on a tennis court in Saarbrücken, near the German-French border. That's where Patrick Bodmer met Philipp Jung on a summer's day twenty years ago. Their lifelong friendship and musical partnership was sealed on ..


Joris Voorn

His first two productions on the Dutch label "Keynote" named "Muted Trax pt.1 and pt.2" were a success and got extremely good critics nationally and more important internationally. End 2003 'Lost memories Pt.1' was released on Technasia's ..


DJ Wank

Dj Wank [wa[ng]k]; Play, masturbate (To play/spin his records) David Kattrup a.k.a. Dj Wank was born in Helsingør, Denmark, 1976. At the age of 16 (Dec. 1992) David was introduced to Techno and chose the odd Dj name “Wank” because he wan..

techno , wank , dj , sweden , bator

Pascal Feos

There are not many originals like Pascal F.E.O.S. You will have to search intensively to find one like him - one of those who started earlier and is longer in the game than most of the others. Pascal F.E.O.S. is what magazines like to call ..


Oliver Huntemann

Der Oldenburger Oliver Huntemann hat viele Gesichter. Als Chef des Techno- Labels Confused Recordings gehört er seit 1995 zu den wichtigsten deutschen Institutionen für elektronische Tanzmusik. In der Rolle des Produzenten verfolgt er seine..


Frederick Klein

Frederick Klein a.k.a. Acid Fredd is well known for his driving techsound. In over 10 years of producing he created his own style of mad music! Also as a DJ he made a lot of experience. 2007 he was part of the "WMC" in Miami U.S.A.. Ruhr i..

minimal , techno , fredd , madmusicrecordings ..


Solomun, born as Mladen Solumun, is a passionated DJ out of the heart of Bosnia. Turning his records, he imagines the whole picture, and is reading the party between its line. Keeping true to his style the dancing crowd cant believe the par..



It’s the vision of successful producers/djs Paul Maddox and Filthy Rich, who came together through a bond of minimal techno, and a willingness to experiment unmercifully with new sounds. Unsettling any crowd that stands in their way, with ..


Guido Cusani I was born in Italy, more precisely in a village in the province of Benevento. The passion for music has always been a participant in my life. Started out as a DJ, passing the hours with vinyl. Ever..


Marco Bailey

"No nonsense, just great music. Techno is pure energy. Giving yourself one hundred percent to make people feel good. Keep an open mind and you'll get the proper respect." With the release of his album "Rude Boy" on May 17th (2004) and the ..


2000 And One

With a history in the world of B-Boys and Hip-Hop and a true collection of the rarest tunes built up in Soho London, young Dylan Hermelijn aka 2000 and One, being a true B-Boy, was the main dj for Amsterdam's Rap act 'The Beatmasters'. Spr..


Sven Väth

It's hard to believe that it's been a decade since Sven Väth started his Cocoon residency in Ibiza's Amnesia. The veteran Frankfurt DJ's Monday night party has been one of the most seminal clubs over the past ten years, shifting the musical..

house , electro house , techno , cocoon , väth..


It would take a long essay to fully explain UMEK’s meaning to electronic music. The Slovenian born producer and DJ has been setting trends and rocking dance floors for two decades now -- and still shows no signs of slowing down. He’s tirele..


Steve Rachmad

Steve Rachmad is globally known as a Dutch techno producer and DJ. By many, he is considered a father of Detroit techno in the Netherlands, respected in the world of electronic music for his deep, groovy sounds that tend to rest on impressi..



The dj and producer Rodolfo Wehbba is one of the most important brazillian electronic music representant worldwide. His flexible production skills has been drawing attention from critics and public, as he goes from slower to faster bpms wit..

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