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Untold Stories EP

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Crash Comet

4 Tracks | 16:31 min
Released 2017-10-23 on Invasion Recordings
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Release Description

Untold Stories tells a simple story of a girl and her journeys around her small galaxy.The EP begins by slowly introducing the listener into the world of Untold Stories, the space themed strings slowly fade in, accompanied by peaceful piano chords. The atmosphere begins to build as the listener is immersed into this imaginary galaxy filled with luscious vegetation and advanced electronics. The analogue are representative of shooting starts and comets passing the protagonist by as she flies through space in her ship. The word prelude means an introduction, which is why you here the words ''we return'' whispered before the drop. The whisper represents the voice of the girl in untold stories, softly whispering to her self as she travels through space, calming herself that all we be ok once she has return safety home.We Return was originally written over a year ago, but the track was delayed in order to find the perfect vocalist for the track. Bev Lee Harling''s vocals blend-in effortlessly alongside the euphoric arpeggiated lead. During the breakdown of the song, is where the main hook heard, the lyrics ''we return'' can really refer to any situation, however in the case of untold stories the refer to our propagandist returning home to here home planet. This is the happiest moment of her life, as the planet she lives on is one of magnificent beauty. In order to just try and depict how magically her world is the track endless dreams was written. Endless Dreams is a very melodic liquid dnb track, that depicts a fantasy world full of tranquillity. The upbeat melody is match by strings and luscious analogue synths in order to create an incredible peaceful track. Endless Dreams follows We Return to simulate a sense of nostalgia and happiness, as in the story world of untold stories, this is when our protagonist returns home to their own peaceful planet.The final track on the EP is Two Moons, tilted after the story of two opposing species each with their own moon. The piece begins with a beautiful arpeggiated melody played by 2 Guitars, one acoustic and one electric. The rain sample heard at the begging is supposed to embed a small notion that something is wrong, or just not quite as peaceful and happy in her world. However oblivious to this our protagonist still enjoys her time on her planet, this can be heard by the major key signature and soft instruments such as glockenspiels and harps. However during the breakdown section of the track, things start to change, as the piano chords slowly change from major to minor. This is because her (the protagonist’s) world has been threatened, and as the piece begins to evolve the threat turn into a war. The driving liquid beat, surrounded by strings and orchestral instruments depicter a beautiful world getting torn apart. When the track comes to an end the beginning melody can be heard, symbolising that the war is over, the girl could be dead or alive, all we know is the battle is over, for now...

Release Credits: "Crash Comet - Untold Stories EP", ," released 2017-10-23 on Invasion Recordings ,EAN/UPC191079740215/

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