Cristian Poow Biography

Born in Buenos Aires in July 1987, Cristian was fed with music (not just electronic) almost from the cradle.

Since entering adolescence began to shape their likings and projections, influenced by a variety of high-end European artists, plus the experience of his brother, guitarist and singer.

At 15, he began his career as a DJ playing house music in a club from the center of Buenos Aires.
During these 7 years he has been residing in all types of music clubs and events, achieving full independence in 2008, to join one of the most important clubs in Argentina, Asia de Cuba, with his friend Federico Bussoli.

About production, Cristian began working with musical opening and sessions in many clubs in Argentina. Later, he decided to run by a London label, as an artist of Progressive/Tech House, his two favorite genres, directly influenced by three of his musical idols: Jean Michel Jarre, Michael Cretu and Eric Prydz.

Delivering an immediate response from the foreign audience, artists like Erick Morillo, Oliver Moldan, Ben Coda, Ricky Ryan, JunkDNA, Claes Rosén, Amine Edge, Lissat & Voltaxx and Dubfire have been able to support his work.

Finally in 2009, comes the opportunity to run his own label, Dbeatzion Records, supported by local and international producers.

Actually, Cristian is working so hard with Dbeatzion, was involved in many projects with B.O.N.G., Falko Niestolik, Manuel Baccano, Jay Kaufman to say a few, and started making lot of radioshows for many countries, playing for U.K., Poland, Germany, Hungary, among others.