Daniel Portman Biography

Daniel Portman was born and raised in Zurich’s (Switzerland) city suburbs. He fell in love with electronic music at a very young age. It was nevertheless in the late 90s, with all its ups and downs, that young Daniel began to test his musical abilities on an Akai2000 sampler and his old sequencer.

After a long ride of experimentation, he ended up producing out of his bedroom. Optimistic that the sounds produced would make him famous he approached various record companies only to be turned away.

So Daniel went back to his small bedroom studio, and made another bunch of tracks. Regardless, in the bottom of his heart, Daniel knew that his direction and future would lie in music production..

In 2006 he met Chris Reece, label owner of Unreleased Digital. All the years spent in his bedroom producing his music finally paid off. Chris called Daniel only to ask him: “Where should I send the contract to?” In April 2007, his first EP “Backside / Evolution” was released on Unreleased Digital. Shortly thereafter, in June 2007, his follow up EP “I never Sleep / Essence” came out.

Unreleased Digital is until now his inhouse label where he puts out almost all of his songs. But he also signed some tracks to Sultan’s label Harem Records, to Sebastian Ingrosso’s Label Refune Records, to Above & Beyond’s label AnjunaDeep or to EDX’s label PinkStar Records.

November 7th, 2008 Daniel Portman returned with his first regular artist album called “Twisted Memories – Poems in C-Minor”. Containing 9 of his top sellers in 2008 as well as 6 brand new tunes.

2009 begun like a firework for Daniel. “Open You Mind” was the first single out of the album, with remixes from Dinka, Stan Kolev or Shawn Mitiska. This package entered charts on all relevant download stores and remained there quit a while. Together with his studio buddy Rino Cabrera he delivered “Sumatra” that was released in late April on his inhouse label “Unreleased Digital”. This smooth summer vibe track became well known in all major clubs.

His most recent work is “Port 4 – Exhale”. Daniel started this series in 2007 with “Port One”. Port 4 includes for tracks in typically Daniel Portman style; progressive house beats mixed with tech house sounds, that’s what he’s known and loved for.