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  Duration: 00:08:56
Release date: 2017-12-29
Label: Different Attitudes
Fri, 29 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/derek-marin/the-different-attitudes-collection-002/rise-to-the-bottom-original-mix__9139844
<![CDATA[Moving In Place - Derek Marin]]> http://www.djtunes.com/derek-marin/moving-in-place Moving In Place - Derek Marin

  Track list:
Moving In Place (feat. Lux Comms) (Original Mix) - Derek Marin & Lux Comms
Moving In Place (feat. Lux Comms) (Finley Remix) - Derek Marin & Lux Comms & Finley
Moving In Place (feat. Lux Comms) (JADE (CA) Remix) - Derek Marin & Lux Comms & JADE (CA)
Moving In Place (feat. Lux Comms) (Vanessa Holliday Dub) - Derek Marin & Lux Comms & Vanessa Holliday
Moving In Dub (feat. Lux Comms) - Derek Marin & Lux Comms

Mon, 11 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/derek-marin/moving-in-place
<![CDATA[Shunt - Derek Marin]]> http://www.djtunes.com/derek-marin/bright-lights-dark-room/shunt__8947013 Shunt - Derek Marin

  Duration: 00:03:44
Release date: 2017-10-30
Label: Like Button
Mon, 30 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/derek-marin/bright-lights-dark-room/shunt__8947013
<![CDATA[Water G - Derek Marin]]> http://www.djtunes.com/derek-marin/bright-lights-dark-room/water-g__8947009 Water G - Derek Marin

  Duration: 00:07:09
Release date: 2017-10-30
Label: Like Button
Mon, 30 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/derek-marin/bright-lights-dark-room/water-g__8947009
<![CDATA[Intruders (Dirty Minimal Remix) - Derek Marin]]> http://www.djtunes.com/derek-marin/bright-lights-dark-room/intruders-dirty-minimal-remix__8947014 Intruders (Dirty Minimal Remix) - Derek Marin

  Duration: 00:05:52
Release date: 2017-10-30
Label: Like Button
Mon, 30 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/derek-marin/bright-lights-dark-room/intruders-dirty-minimal-remix__8947014
<![CDATA[Bright Lights Dark Room - Derek Marin]]> http://www.djtunes.com/derek-marin/bright-lights-dark-room Bright Lights Dark Room - Derek Marin

  Track list:
Bright Lights, Dark Room - Derek Marin
You Listen - Derek Marin
Left 2 Right - Derek Marin
Light Box - Derek Marin
Eggbeater - Derek Marin
Lalode - Derek Marin
Water G - Derek Marin
M Theme - Derek Marin
Minimode - Derek Marin
Monument (Minimal Mix) - Derek Marin
Shunt - Derek Marin
Intruders (Dirty Minimal Remix) - Derek Marin
Bright Lights, Dark Room (Modest D Remix) - Derek Marin & Modest D
Bright Lights, Dark Room (Sideview Remix) - Derek Marin & Sideview
Bright Lights, Dark Room (Dub) - Derek Marin

Derek Marin''s first vinyl/CD release on Subtrak Records in 2009 is finally getting the digital album treatment featuring currently unavailable tracks from that time period. Heavy influences of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Metroplex & Warp Records mixed in with only can be defined as Marin''s own sound - for better or worse.Detroit,Berlin,Sheffield meet Brooklyn...
Mon, 30 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/derek-marin/bright-lights-dark-room
<![CDATA[Snake Charmer - Derek Marin]]> http://www.djtunes.com/derek-marin/snake-charmer-derek-marin Snake Charmer - Derek Marin

  Track list:
Snake Runner - Derek Marin
From Inside The House - Derek Marin

Mon, 09 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/derek-marin/snake-charmer-derek-marin
<![CDATA[I Feel What You Feel - Derek Marin]]> http://www.djtunes.com/derek-marin/i-feel-what-you-feel I Feel What You Feel - Derek Marin

  Track list:
I Feel What You Feel - Derek Marin
I Feel What You Feel (Modest D Mix) - Derek Marin
I Feel What You Feel (The Maersk Project Mix) - Derek Marin

Bombis035Derek MarinI Feel What You FeelIt is with great pleasure to have Derek Marin as a new artist on the label!Just a little about himAfter 23 years in Electronic music, Derek Marin aka Derek M is at the top of his game - Running 3 labels, reaching the 1000 track release mark, mastering music & performing around the globe he may be probably one of the hardest working human being in Techno.Derek has performed & collaborated with some of the biggestartists in the Electronic music world like Martin Gore & Fletch of Depeche Mode, Mr. C, Alexi Delano, Carl Craig & Adultnapper just for starters!With music featured on classic labels such as Surreal / Rhythmic / Cove and Poodle to the present ofSuperfreq and Get Physical you can see what kind of quality you are going to be getting!Derek here delivers what he is just about, an interesting fushion of technoNice and deep, fits perfectly with the Bombis sound(I think most of you all will agree)2 versions of his track provided with the 2nd mix beingunder his Modest D monikerThe 3rd and final cut comes from no other than The Maersk Project who have been firing on all cylinders recentlyThey take the original cut and give it a tougher interpretationAnother all round impressive package brought by the Bombis crew
Mon, 09 Jan 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/derek-marin/i-feel-what-you-feel
<![CDATA[Underground Will Never Die 2016 (Part 1) - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-25/underground-will-never-die-2016-part-1 Underground Will Never Die 2016 (Part 1) - Various Artists

  Track list:
Space Smoohtly (Original Mix) - Remi Mazet
Promenades (Original Mix) - Felipe Granda
Physcial Reaction (Original Mix) - Constan
Feldforschung (Original Mix) - Yapacc
Digital Desire (Original Mix) - Brian Busto
Last Gate (Original Mix) - Derek Marin
Ode To Light (Original Mix) - Andy Martin
Blue Honey (Original Mix) - Jaramillo
No End In Sight (Original Mix) - Seanzito
Enlightment (Original Mix) - LO
Porte Mental (Original Mix) - CYRK
Booty Control (Original Mix) - Vivo

Fri, 30 Dec 2016 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-25/underground-will-never-die-2016-part-1
<![CDATA[Tech-House Affair - Magillian]]> http://www.djtunes.com/magillian/tech-house-affair-compiled-by-magillian Tech-House Affair - Magillian

  Track list:
Wannabe (Michael Otten Remix) - Philipp Lammers
Get Funk (Namito Loves Bass Remix) - Mangelt
By Day (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) - Nader
Bowmore (Dan Noel Remix) - Jason Parker, Adam Schock
Passer - Dudley Strangeways
La Sueno (Basti Grub Remix) - Benn Finn
Bukowski Life (Tim Engelhardt Prosa Version) - Sascha Luxx
Silence (J-Soul Remix) - Blackfeel Wite
Cassius Play (Mark Deutsche & MusoƩ Remix) - Wollion & Harada
Arrested - Pauke Schaumburg
Clover - Macromism
C4 (Benno Blome Remix) - Sokool
Monster Jean - Mikalogic
L.O.V.E. (Stanny Abram Remix) - Leon de Mar
Reboot (Marc Bover Remix) - Magillian & Nuno Aqua
Rock Is Dead - Dennis Cruz
Alligator (Victor Del Guio Rmx) - Victor Vera
Body and Soul - Stanny Abram
She Is so Crazy - Dennis Cruz
Jump the Funk (Stanny Abram Remix) - Liberty Klaud
Bagwell (Martelli Remix) - Nukem
Pour les enfants (American DJ Remix) - Gino G (Ca)
Speaker - Loui Fernandez
Bao Dong! (Pier Bucci Mix) - Conoley Ospovat
Jennas Melody in Love (Solar & Poppcke Remix) - Plusminusklang
Moral Fibre - Dave Brennan & Paul Donton
Silence of the Bombies (Jamie Jones Aquaman Mix) - Dave Brennan
Forever (Lee Jokes & Fuchsberg Remix) - Freedomb
While She Sleeps (Adam Collins Wake Up Mix) - Derek Marin
Cold (Brokenbeat Dk Mix) - Dave K

Lisbon Based Underground House wizard Magillian, continues his assault on the global electronic music scene with his brand new Selector Series on Hush Recordz, there is no doubt that past series have become a reference and all previous volumes reached Beatport Top 100 releases Chart in genre. Having established himself as one of the biggest draws in Portugal Tech House music circuit, he''s now rapidly expanding his horizons across the world. Once again you can find a impressive selection of tracks based on his unique A&R policy and DJ intuition. 100 % Must have Album for fans in Genre.
Mon, 28 Nov 2016 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/magillian/tech-house-affair-compiled-by-magillian
<![CDATA[Technorama 20 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-25/technorama-20 Technorama 20 - Various Artists

  Track list:
A Long Road (feat. Amber Long) - Dustin Nantais
Particle (feat. Amanic) (Amanic Remix) - Phonovoltaik, Micrologue
Break - Helmut Dubnitzky
Give Me - Simon Mattson, Christian Nielsen
Church of Fear (Agent! Remix) - Matthias Kick
Stones Rework - Tiefschwarz
Chasing Blind (The Zombie Kids Remix) - The Walkers
More Than This / Closer (Robert Babicz Remix) - Josia Loos
Funkyss - Swaab & Maris
Patron (Mendo Remix) - Karretero
Shosholoza - Steffen Deux
Riyadh (Derek Marin Remix) - Deepchild
White Hole (Derek Marin Remix) - Derek Marin
Crazy - DeMarzo
Retina - Hollen
Balearic - Paride Saraceni
Starred Up (Nikola Gala Remix) - Akasha FX
Mind Shut Down (Dub Resort Remix) - Lars Wickinger

Fri, 03 Jul 2015 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-25/technorama-20