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6 Tracks | 32:08 min
Released 2017-06-16 on Subotage Records
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Release Description

HEX is twice the number of 3 and half the number of 12, 3 times as much as 2 and the fifth part of 30, but most notably, “HEX” is Dimness’ 3rd publication on Subotage Records. The Japanese artist Dimness stands for infinite-dimensional, dense-graded sound and extensively electrifying tracks. The EP starts with its eponymous, nearly technoid track. “HEX”, composed of a self-consistent percussion pattern, low tuned lead sounds and a killing sub-bass, is an absolutely harmonic song. The minimalistic arrangement hits the nail on the head, summarized it is simply intoxicating. The 2nd track “NTH” appears in response to the previous song. It establishes the connection by means of the striking sub-bass and the deep wide expanded sound. The depressant break among the track prepares you for the hard final sprint to Vallhalla. Listen to it in loop and go on the journey again and again. In spite of complexity, the 3rd song “Voice” distinguishes itself clearly. A gentle voice sounds from the depth of the universe, glimmer and glitter proliferate and the deep lower disperses. The impact of listening is more than words can say. The song “City1 Ghost” mostly consists of a simplified bellowing sub bass and a driving rithm track. Epic sounds render the background image describing the deep black caves of a concealed underground. No.4 appears to be the sequel to no.2 - to sum up, give your fancy full scope and calculate! Dimness left his mark on the world with “HEX”, his 3rd publication on Subotage records with an extremely compact and exciting piece of music. To fill up the HEX-box with 6 chunks, Subotage Records attached 2 additional remixes based on track “HEX”. The 1st supplement is an edgy and rushing 165bpm DnB modification by “Schulzone”. “Ziplokk''s” version is a traditional soundsystem stepper track with a puffed up bass response. Both addenda hit the point as representative further developments.

Release Credits: "Dimness - HEX", www.djtunes.com/artist/dimness-1 ," released 2017-06-16 on Subotage Records ,EAN/UPC4050486992678/

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