DJ Delicious Biography

Music plays a major role in every single person's life. Consciously or
unconsciously, scarcely any of us can imagine a life without high and low
tones and waves of sound. Music has played a major role in the life of
Arndt Meyer Wegner, alias DJ Delicious, since the age of four. The son of a
band musician was born in Frankfurt, and from his earliest childhood he was
unable to keep his fingers off either radios or record players. The result
was that he quickly learnt to use technical aids in a professional manner.

In 1988, during a school exchange in London, he first experienced the
energy produced by the early wave of acid house music. From now on, at the
latest, his interest turned completely to electronic music. Directly after
his return from London he began to sketch out his own melodies on an Amiga.
Because this only delivered a restricted range of sound, the purchase of
further equipment became inevitable, and shortly afterwards he was in
possession of a complete studio. With his first public release in 1993,
"Chaos Tribe" on Thomas P. Heckmann's old "Uptown" label, he laid the
foundation stone for the coming years as a producer and DJ. A variety of
successful remixes and commissions followed in the next few years: these
were released under a large number of different pseudonyms on Urban /
Polydor, Sony, and WEA.

A new chapter in his long musical career began in summer 2005 with the name
"Phunkwerk Records", which proved to be an optimal platform for the hugely
creative artist and founder of the label DJ Delicious. In no time at all
Phunkwerk became one of the most talked about electronic Indie labels in
the world. Thanks to his many different projects and huge variety of ways
of producing music DJ Delicious has given a fresh and innovative face to
electronic music, a face that refuses to be pigeonholed into any pre-fixed
genre. This attitude - not to let oneself be musically castrated - is
nothing but a completely logical consequence of almost 20 years of exposure
to the climes of electronic music. "In the last two decades there have been
so many great influences from all directions of electronic music that have
also flashed me, that I definitely won't allow myself to be restricted now.
It's all about cool and good sounds. That's it!"

And that's exactly what one recognizes in all the various projects and
releases that also run through his DJ sets like a central theme.

Every single release from his various projects - like DJ Delicious & Till
West "Same man", Phunk-A-Delic presented by DJ Delicious, "Rockin" or the
DJ Delicious solo releases "Let it drop" and "Jaja" - has "exploded" on the
worldwide scene so powerfully that they almost completely dominated all the
relevant dance charts. Indeed they were - and still are - featured in the
playlists of almost every international big-name DJ.

Alongside his own releases, he has also produced several remixes for
artists like Fedde le Grand, Moguai, Chocolate Puma, Mike Monday, Cicada,
Milk & Sugar, Tommie Sunshine and Marc Romboy.

Aside from his huge variety of productions and remixes, his DJ sets in
which he presents a spectrum ranging from dirty electro sounds, House and
Tech House tracks, via rock edits to techno classics, provide a mirror of
his cross-genre musical fantasy and flexibility. His sets are regularly
played on all the important radio stations in the UK, Canada,
Australia,France, Holland, Brazil etc... His worldwide touring schedule
covers all four corners of the earth and impressively demonstrates how
close the special touch of Phunkwerk and the sounds of DJ Delicious are to
the pulse of the age. Week after week visitors to clubs and festivals in
Australia, Africa, Asia, south and north America and everywhere in Europe
underline and celebrate the slogan of DJ Delicious: "It's gotta rock!!!"