Dj Pearl Biography

Music is the answer!

This is the declaration Louis Boughias, better known as DJ PEARL lives by.
Music is his life; a passionate expression exuded to each crowd fortunate
enough to hear him spin at some of the worlds dance clubs.

The 29 year old German born DJ discovered his love for electronic music in
his early years as an avid fan of such top selling bands as Kraftwerk and
Depeche Mode. By his early twenties, DJ PEARL had developed keen technical
skills, enabling him to set his focus on one day recording his own original
electronic music.

Raised in Bochum, Germany as the son of a well known French and German
musician couple, Louis began in the mid 90´s to spin his first vinyl
records on the legendary 1210ers. With his unique style of mixing and his
extended music sets, the people soon recognized that there was a new
sparkling pearl to be heard of in the rapidly flowing dance music ocean of
West Germany.

As resident DJ of the legendary 18Karat Club in 2003, DJ PEARL quickly went
on to field requests for booking collaborations from top international
acts. This important development in his career got him known well beyond
the borders of his area.

Finally by 2006 it was time for a release! This hot new collaboration would
team him with fellow resident DJ, Patric La Funk and associate production
partner Timo Becker. Patric and Timo had become the new darlings of
Germanys thriving electro scene with countless productions and remixes
under their belt for many well known artists. With their assistance and
direction, DJ PEARL went into the studio to create his first single: Sexy
Girl! Released on Opaque Music, the track was heavily supported by acts
like Moguai, Phil Fuldner, The Disco Boys and it served to further build DJ
PEARLs reputation as a hot new dance music artist.

Proving that his career was destined to be defined as more than just a
stroke of beginners luck, PEARLs second single Back to the Streets, was
recorded has been well received by dances floors everywhere! The track
boasts a high-quality innovation with new electronic elements that show
PEARLs ability to be an influential musical leader-not a follower. Stay
tuned for the release of Back to the Streets and the hot, exclusive remix
package, on Trusted Trax

DJ PEARL - the new pearl of dance music!