DJ Pierre Biography

DJ Pierre is one of the hardest working men in the music business. After
more than a decade of producing innovative and cutting edge underground
house music, the master creator is at the height of his burgeoning career,
and shows no signs of slowing down.

DJ Pierre is the quintessential dance producer. With his finger on the
pulse of today's underground house scene, he is shaping the present and
laying the ground work for the future. Pierre is currently laying down
tracks for his forthcoming full-length opus and in the midst of starting
his own underground dance label.

My music is the center of my world says the beat master "Once I get the
vibe going, I can't stop. It's an intense feeling, fusing the rhythm and
beats in an underground groove that makes the dance floor shake and people
move. It's a very spiritual evolution for me -- one that I take very

More than just a producers' producer, Pierre is the unconventional king of
the hard-core house mixers and a visionary. One of the original producers
of the 80's Chicago scene. Pierre fuses together scorching acid grooves
with pulsating beats, laden with the sultry vocal samples "I'm more or less
a minority type producer," he says "I make music for a very select group of
people. It's not for the masses. It's for people who really know their
music. If you just get into dance music, you probably won't be into my
tracks. Someone has to be deeper into house to get my music."

Over the past 10 years, DJ Pierre has created a niche for himself in a
genre that sees its players change continually, most being forgotten more
than remembered. Moreover, his name has become synonymous with some very
provocative and influential sounds. Pierre has produced more than 50 house
anthems ranging from Phuture's "Acid Trax", "The Creator" and "Your Old
Friend" to Photon Inc.'s "Generate Power" and "Give A Little Love". He also
scored well with Joint Venture's "Masterblaster" and his own "Muzik Set You
Free." As a remixer, he's hit gold by reinventing more than two dozen
infectious grooves including, Phuture's "Spirit," RuPaul's "A Shade Shady,"
The Pet Shop Boys "I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing" and Urban
Soul's "Sex On My Mind." He hit number one on the Billboard Dance chart
with Midi Rain's "Shine."

His talent doesn't stop there either. Pierre has also co-written some club
classics including Juliet Robert's international romp. "I Want You" and
"Shout," with the dynamite vocal power of Sabrina Pope. With "Jesus On My
Mind" released on Twisted America Records, Pierre managed to mix his two
favorite passions- hard-edged house sounds and religion, and along the way
he stirred up a little controversy. "I'm definitely not afraid to speak my
mind. I believe in God and I'm not ashamed. Jesus is on a lot of people's
mind. But in dance, no one expresses that. I'm the type to write what I
think about" he says. "A couple of labels didn't want to touch it because
of the religious aspect. They were afraid to have a song that expresses
religion so bluntly, which is silly. But Twisted loved it and embraced it."

Growing up in a suburb of Chicago, DJ Pierre was a master whiz at fixings
things, be it transistor radios, televisions or the Christmas lights on a
family tree "I always thought I'd be into electronics. I was seven years
old and really good with doing stuff like that--fixing people's watches,
putting lights in people's radios. I had no training, just a lot of
curiosity", he says. "I've always been able to figure out on my own and
learn by the experiences of doing things myself."

It was that curiosity that led to his fascination with electronic
instruments-keyboards, drum machines and programming. In 1986, influenced
by his father and uncle, both of whom were musicians (his uncle played with
Duke Ellington), DJ Pierre started getting into the music vibe. Practicing
in his parents' basement, he started playing tracks. "The thing was, I was
into this Italian House and Spanky, who I hung with, said, 'they don't
listen to that anymore'", he recalls. "I was from the suburbs and he'd be
going into Chicago, then coming back and telling me what people were
listening to. He's been telling me that the stuff I was listening to was
about to die out. I didn't really know about what was going on. But I
caught on pretty quick... and Spanky then put together this group Phuture
and we began to create this totally new sound that everyone else soon
caught on to."

Pierre became immersed in the underground world, learning the ins and outs
of the Chicago House scene. Soon he was spinning at parties and Chicago
clubs. By the late 1980's, Pierre was considered to be one of the best DJ's
in the area and he was being lauded for his on-the-cusp acid house sounds
and his def remixes.

"I just started messon' around and the next thing I knew, I was pumping out
these killer acid tracks," he says "Spanky had already made up the drum
beat. I just started turning the knobs and improvising. It was some of the
best work I'd ever done."

After a brief stint with Jive Records in Chicago, Pierre headed to New York
in 1990. He hooked up with Strictly Rhythm Records in 1991 and burned up
the dance floors with Photon Inc.'s "Generate Power," a project he calls
his "second coming."

Since then he has become one of the most in-demand producers and DJ's. He's
constantly sought after Europe, playing regularly in Germany, the UK, Italy
and France. And he's a staple at the clubs in New York City. In the next
few months, Pierre plans to launch his own house music label, along with an
R&B one. He'll also continue his successful work with Twisted America
Records, Strictly Rhythm and the other handful of labels with whom he has
become synonymous. And he only expects the pace to continue getting faster,
both in his work. With LaVette, who co-writes most of his material, he
hopes to focus more on vocal tracks, as well as the house sound for which
he has become famous.

"House is always going to be here. There is always going to be some form of
underground dance music. It's not going to snuff out. People will always
have a need to express themselves," he says "I get a really spiritual vibe
from what I do. With the right beat, the right flow, I get a hypnotic
feeling from the music I produce. I could be doing something more
commercial, but then it wouldn't be true."