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Adler Remixes

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Dominik Eulberg

5 Tracks | 36:58 min
Released 2012-09-13 on Trapez LTD
Cat. No. Trapez ltd 116
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Release Description

The original was released 2004 on Trapez ltd so after more than half a million clicks on YouTubeand a decade of requests for this track, we don''t have to introduce „Adler“.Manuel Rodriguez is half Chilean, has a residency at the Diamant-Fabrik Magdeburg togetherwith American Richard McCutchan and remixed Pascal FEOS in 2011.His remix of „Adler“ is a cool combination of old school basselines containing also samples formthe original track alternating between them in a relaxed and cool way... always keeping a niceflow, programming a nice break and making the effort by introducing extra sounds towards theend.Karl M established a dub colour with his remix on the basis of irregular beats before making thetransfer to a 4/4 beat, creating breaks very skilfully introducing a stop and go motions which isvery nice. His remix adds up being very hypnotic, creating a bubble of sound.Masterton has remixed „Adler“ in a Traum way creating lingering melodic sounds very pleasantand seducing... that alternate with the original samples.John Ov3rblast has based his remix on delay patterns that melt into a zoo of sounds all bloomyand sound scape focussed. This is a brilliant choreography of electronic sounds... rather than ahomogenous techno track.

Release Credits: "Dominik Eulberg - Adler Remixes", ," released 2012-09-13 on Trapez LTD ,EAN/UPC4250472401331/ , catalogue numberTrapez ltd 116

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