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  Duration: 00:08:48
Release date: 2018-03-23
Label: Apus apus
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<![CDATA[Roter Gitterling - Dominik Eulberg]]> http://www.djtunes.com/dominik-eulberg/roter-gitterling-tintenfischpilz/roter-gitterling__9221722 Roter Gitterling - Dominik Eulberg

  Duration: 00:07:14
Release date: 2018-03-23
Label: Apus apus
Fri, 23 Mar 2018 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/dominik-eulberg/roter-gitterling-tintenfischpilz/roter-gitterling__9221722
<![CDATA[Roter Gitterling & Tintenfischpilz - Dominik Eulberg]]> http://www.djtunes.com/dominik-eulberg/roter-gitterling-tintenfischpilz Roter Gitterling & Tintenfischpilz - Dominik Eulberg

  Track list:
Roter Gitterling - Dominik Eulberg
Tintenfischpilz - Dominik Eulberg

Dominik Eulberg’s second EP on his label Apus apus features the track “Roter Gitterling“ (eng. Basket stinkhorn / Red cage) on the a side and „Tintenfischpilz“ (engl. Octopus stinkhorn / Devil''s fingers) on the flip side. A. Roter GitterlingThe fleshy red cage of this kind of mushroom reminds of a merging of an upside down shopping string bag and an alien. Not allowing any objection, the track strides forward with determination towards a musical interpretation of this strange being. A fulminant kick drum counteracts in a very prosaic way the bitter-sweet pads. In a very narrative fashion the track gathers speed and flocks diverse soundscapes and disembogues in a break of harmonical expanse.Conciliatory and in a hedonistic way the bass drum eventually stitches together what belongs to each other.B. TintenfischpilzThis bizarre looking extraterrestrial mushroom evokes at first glance the image of a dead octopus or radioactive vegetable.As in a science fiction movie four to six tentacles sprout and raise out of a common stinkhorn and later spread into a star shape look. In an unparalleled manner this stunning progression is executed musically by Eulberg with a high degree of elaboration.All done with elegant blend of continuous progression and permanent change the track wreathes itself towards heaven, whereas fragmented melody artifacts pour into the shape of a miraculous emergence.
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<![CDATA[Der Tanz der Gluehwuermchen - Dominik Eulberg]]> http://www.djtunes.com/dominik-eulberg/le-rythme-abstrait-by-raphael-marionneau-vol-3/der-tanz-der-gluehwuermchen__9180568 Der Tanz der Gluehwuermchen - Dominik Eulberg

  Duration: 00:06:19
Release date: 2018-01-26
Label: Stereo Deluxe
Fri, 26 Jan 2018 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/dominik-eulberg/le-rythme-abstrait-by-raphael-marionneau-vol-3/der-tanz-der-gluehwuermchen__9180568
<![CDATA[Le rythme abstrait by Raphaël Marionneau, Vol. 3 - Raphaël Marionneau]]> http://www.djtunes.com/raphael-marionneau-1/le-rythme-abstrait-by-raphael-marionneau-vol-3 Le rythme abstrait by Raphaël Marionneau, Vol. 3 - Raphaël Marionneau

  Track list:
Tango of Points - Pascal Schumacher feat. Maxime Delpierre
Moose - Himbrecht
Epitaphe - We Need Cracks
Save Me (Max Duke Remix) - Superdrums
Der Tanz der Gluehwuermchen - Dominik Eulberg
Dad - Mashk
Genesis - Luca Bacchetti
Horizon - Max TenRoM
Allowance - Isolée
Sie ist schön - Jonas Mantey
Poseidon (Solee Remix) - Sébastien Léger
Persian Carpet - Bedrud, Giese, Ask:Me
Thinking About You - Dash Dot Dash
Arif - Teho
Sundaze - YOUNOTUS
More - Jan Blomqvist feat. Elena Pitoulis
Time - Pachanga Boys
Le rythme abstrait, Vol. 3 (Continuous Mix) - Raphaël Marionneau

Fri, 26 Jan 2018 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/raphael-marionneau-1/le-rythme-abstrait-by-raphael-marionneau-vol-3
<![CDATA[Blauracke - Dominik Eulberg]]> http://www.djtunes.com/dominik-eulberg/bienenfresser-blauracke/blauracke__9014199 Blauracke - Dominik Eulberg

  Duration: 00:09:53
Release date: 2017-11-17
Label: Apus apus
Fri, 17 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/dominik-eulberg/bienenfresser-blauracke/blauracke__9014199
<![CDATA[Bienenfresser & Blauracke - Dominik Eulberg]]> http://www.djtunes.com/dominik-eulberg/bienenfresser-blauracke Bienenfresser & Blauracke - Dominik Eulberg

  Track list:
Bienenfresser - Dominik Eulberg
Blauracke - Dominik Eulberg

Various creatures of the native flora and fauna are interpreted musically on Dominik Eulberg’s label “Apus apus”. The music pieces are thoughtfully presented with 2 tracks per EP. His first EP features the track “Bienenfresser“ (eng. bee-eater) on the a side and „Blauracke“ (engl. blue roller) on the flip side. The bee-eater is the most colorful bird of our native lands; a quality which is echoed through the piece of the same name. The composition oscillates from one color into another without losing its significant habitus. It is a musical journey through the color scheme of the bee-eater, through which Dominik Eulberg takes us by way of his iconic style. He succeeds at a striking balancing act between sensitive subtlety and steady pressure, in order to offer us a satisfying share of hedonism. It is a piece of music that provides an intimate listening experience, while simultaneously supplying listeners with a collective, mobilizing anthem. The long introduction of the track emulates the agile flight for prey of the dazzling bird, but then it fervently taps out the stinger of the captured bee, and finally nothing can stand in the way of the massiveness of the celebratory bass drum. Intrepid, yet with a high degree of ataraxia, Dominik leads us through the skies on an expedition into the colorful land of the bee-eater.The magnificent turquoise blue plumage of the blue roller glimmers green or blue, depending on the quality of light. These colors, translated into worlds of sound, are reflected in this piece of the same name. Sparkling melodies intertwine gracefully along musical chains, and create a constant redefinition of the theme. The piece is inviting and catchy in the typical Eulbergian manner; submerging into the auditory tract and manifesting itself with much elegy in the deepest cortex. The blue roller is a sit-and-wait hunter – at first occupied with idleness, until finally capturing its anticipated prey. This imperturbable serenity is felt in this piece of music and illustrates Eulberg''s many years of knowledge and experience. He steers his audiences through the true essence of music, while always keeping both hands firmly on the wheel.
Fri, 17 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/dominik-eulberg/bienenfresser-blauracke
<![CDATA[Tour de Traum XIII - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-25/tour-de-traum-xiii Tour de Traum XIII - Various Artists

  Track list:
World Is Round - Groj
Expectations - Dan Baber
Taubenblut - Dominik Eulberg
Calendula (Ryan Davis Redesign) - Ryan Davis & Microtrauma
Commutateur - Hernan Cerbello
Drastic Measures - Hassan Abou Alam
Glory Way - Franz Alice Stern
Eternal Love - Koelle
Helicopter on Mars - Villa
New Heavens & New Earth - Cosma Castiglia & Fabrik Way
Resign - Ian Max Mauch
Moments of Clarity - Abbott Street Collective
Westwind - Janosch Marek
Electribe - Men-D
Dirijo - Kommodo
Pelagia - OVC
Makaratta - Dovim
Tonic - Mark Kunoff
Siamese Twins - Trashlagoon
Hilo - We Need Cracks
Appletree - Mitja&Daniel Mes
Tunnel Vision - Rauschhaus
Skywalker - Anham
Sirimiri (Hammersche Modularverschaltung) [Thyladomid & Jonas Mantey Retouch] - Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot
Eule - Shahin & Lxuii
Proud Rise - Bryan Matthz
Vigor - Ariose
Perception - The Natural
Feeling Like I Can''t Breath - Do Shock Booze
Dance the Night Right - Calm Chor
Night Wood - GeoGeniK
Debris - UNFUG
Arctic Monk - Shewasasea
Belladone - Hugo Heynard
Current (feat. Marton Harvest) - sine sleeper
Drowned in You - Ben Haviour
Smugglers Cave - Nick Dow
Fallen - Idham, Terence C & f.a.f.a.u
Nothing to Say - Oddvar
Seamless Figures - Sonus Populi
Tonatiuh - Anders Rosengren
Der Weg ist zu viel - Gabs
Dotted Train - Occam
Where Are You? (Aparde Remix) - Robert Babicz
Auge - Max Würden & Thore Pfeifer
Les Bretonnières - Irène Drésel & Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot
Sonce - Vigil Coma
Year Book - Giddyhead
Arbitrary Alliance - FRITSCH
Wall City - Robert Babicz
Second Valley - Joe Miller
Memorial - Lambert Windges
Tour de Traum XIII, Pt. 1 (Continuous Mix) - Riley Reinhold
Tour de Traum XIII, Pt. 2 (Continuous Mix) - Riley Reinhold

Welcome to the next Tour De Traum chapter. The response to our request to send us demos has been great again! We have been an international label from the start and now we can see artists from countries such as Egypt, Malaysia, India, Iceland, Brazil featured regularly on our imprint which is great and would make out tutor John Peel happy.We like this colorful mix of melodic techno, electronica, chill out and whatever you want to name it.Join and and discover what we have discovered! Groj - World is RoundThe new Tour de Traum kicks off with a blast!Featuring a brand new track by our beloved Canadian producer Groj aka Kevin Jamey. For all of you who love New Order’s "Blue Monday"... and we do… will always... this could be a hymn for you! It connects style wise to Groj’s deep vocal songs on his last EP "Love You Do“ and shows his skill to masterfully blend indie, neo disco and electronica on the highest emotional level. Dan Baber – ExpectationsDan Baber returns to Tour De Traum with an energetic melancholic thunder of a track! Rattling percussion, wandering feedbacks, wonderful ethno laced sounds, Dan has a flow and deepness in his music that seeks its comparison. Dominik Eulberg – TaubenblutDominik contributes one of his recent tracks he has released with us. The track starts as an old techno stomper... as we know them from influential Alex Cortex (way back then) and then morphes into the twisted world of Dominik Eulberg grabbing a good chunk of rave dust to throw high up into the air. Collective feel on the highest level. Ryan Davis / Microtrauma - Calendula (Ryan Davis Redesign)We release here an unreleased "reconstruction" of the track which was on Ryan Davis and Microtrauma’s last Ep with us. Ryan has reworked it according to his live set resulting in "Calendula“ with a much more epic break down witch is really nice! Hernan Cerbello – CommutateurWith Hernan Cerbellos track "Commutateur" we return to the city of Buenos Aires, the city where it all started for us... the label TRAUM.This wonderful ambient track seems to bring together the sadness and the happiness of a golden.Hassan Abou Alam - Drastic MeasuresWe have been listening to Hassan Abou Alam’s music since we first heard it. Hassan is producer who lives in Giza/Egypt and has this kind of unpredictable feel to his tracks that comes across as smooth and easy, that even a 303 sequence cannot interrupt it! Feel the hypnotic heatwave he brings about with his compositions and you will get addicted! Franz Alice Stern - Glory WayFranz Alice Stern is no stranger, he has released already with us on Tour de Traum and returns with the powerful melodic track. "Glory Way" combines unique sound aesthetics with a love for detail. All is very composed and follows a logic. Somehow it evokes the feeling of electronic supergroups of the seventies in its mightiness but also adds the determination of todays techno. Koelle - Eternal LoveKoelle returns with a deep sensual groover that formulates its melodic themes thorough piano chords, ascending moog sounds and is by all means a very soulful piece of music. Villa - Helicopter On Mars"Helicopter On Mars" is a night groover and a captivating hypnotic minimalistic track. This is great sequential minimal music that never lets you down. Or as we call it: "heavenly monotone funk". Cosma Castiglia & Fabrik Way - New Heavens & New EarthCosma Castiglia and Fabrik Way who both have released for us separately on previous Tour De Traum’s here team up to record a mighty composition. They unite different genres with a lot of skill and knowledge to create a spine tickling sensation that comes in waves. Ian Max Mauch - ResignIan Max Mauch has released with us before on Tour De Traum. He is American born and studies at a school for music in Berlin and works with different recording techniques at the same time to come to this unique result. When you listen to "Resign" it directly puts you in a place which is an unfamiliar and new one... like a new planet or an undiscovered place… or an unknown island.The track expresses vastness and the beauty of landscapes, articulated often through melodically twisted tones. Abbott Street Collective - Moments Of ClarityLike a serpentine this melody shows its windings which we follow with joy. Never knowing where it will end, we keep going.A quite philosophical cool tune that shows beauty can make you dizzy. Great! Janosch Marek – WestwindGerman producer Janosch Marek contributes an extrodinary piece of melodic house music. His sequences paint a picture of a bewitched place where to whisper seems just the right way to cope with it. Men-D - Electribe"Electribe" is the perfect track to whistle along to. The Texas- raised/Seattle-based Producer Jeff Mcllwain has the focus on making it a cohesive soulful experience. Kommodo - DirijoBrazil based artist Rivadavia Moreira Coura is Kommodo. His track "Dirijo" with its ebb and flow, forms a musical narrative that is enthralling. His multi tasking qualities involve using instruments such as a guitar, synth and a super groovy/ glitchy beat. Dive into the world of Kommodo snow white sands could not be more seducing. OVC – PelagiaSome of you know the Chicago producer OVC through the EP he did with the dub techno label Telrae. But Nathan has many faces and so when we heard "Pelagia" we knew this would be a track for TRAUM. As with his dub music, his elegance is breathtaking and his sequences that linger and drift through time, are a real pleasure. Dovim - MakarattaWe released 2 EPs already with the artistic young artist who composes music in a unique style. If you don’t know him listen to this track we have taken from his last EP. Mark Kunoff - TonicThe American based artist Mark Kunoff gives his debut on our label with a track that sounds as if composed by LCD Soundsystem.Great singing and deep dwelling, we are sure in the hands of the right DJ "Tonic" can lead to ecstatic dancing in the moshpit and a share force for the creatures of the night. Trashlagoon - Siamese TwinsTrashlagoon have recorded one EP for us so far. This track has an addictive groove and features cool loops plus hand played percussion and played sounds that express fate and destiny in a surreal way. We Need Cracks - HiloThe French duo has been a force on our label and they released their last EP "Alpha Hour" EP a year ago and have contributed fantastic music in the past like "Signals" and "Joran" tracks which are very big with our community. Their new track "Hilo" has that introvert and cocooning quality that includes also a dreamy nature that relates very much to their work on Traum. Mitja & Daniel Mes – AppletreeGerman duo Mitja & Daniel Mes present a colorful piece of melodic techno with playful melodies and epic sounds that build a streamline flow. Perfect for a sunny day and early hours! Rauschhaus - Tunnel VisionUnreleased solo title by Rauschhaus who released together with David Baader his first solo EP on Traum in December 2016. "Tunnel Vision" however is much more on the techno side of things with accelerating arpeggiators and psychedelic sounding monumental and epic synths. His composed and exclusive breaks will remind you of they''re dazzling EP. Anham - Skywalker"Skywalker" is bloomy and little pearl of an electronic, deep sounding house track. It is indeed very pure and resists the determination to force you onto the dance floor. Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot - Sirimiri (Hammersche Modularverschaltung) (Thyladomid & Jonas Mantey Retouch)Taken from the remix EP of Mario Hammer & The Lonely Robto’s album, the remix unfolds a rather dark and sensual techno quality and gives the original a very different turn which has been big on dance floors at TRAUM parties! Shahin & Lxuii – EuleShahin & Lxuii commit a hypnotic narrative tale of melodic techno. Their track "Eule" impresses through a well thought out composition which features along many things a strong driving synth modulation with dulcet tones. Bryan Matthz - Proud RiseBerlin based Bryan Matthz delivers a multilayered composition that shifts its attention from driving modulation to single melodic elements back to the modulation to create a rich piece of colorful electronica. This includes also a noisy & rampant peak passage which reminds us of Chicago legend Lil Louis and his track "Video Clash". Ariose – VigorThe Scottish duo has released with us on different occasions on Tour De Traum. This time they devoted themselves to deeper sensual melodic house music which they fused with moments of epic electronica. We like they''re daring approach and present it here to you. The Natural – PerceptionThe Natural refers to his music as music that features a "smooth progression" and we can only agree. It is his skill to blend sounds in perfection to create a complex "multidimensional" listening experience. His track "Perception" definitely feels like looking over a boundless horizon. Do Shock Booze - Feeling Like I Can''t breathJapanese Producer Do Shock Booze has successfully shared his music with us before on Tour De Traum. This time his track "Feeling Like I Can''t breath" is a trip through different stages, sometimes dark and heavy and sometimes airy and light, maybe even psychedelic.Join his foray into secret spaces of light and darkness... it is worth it! Calm Chor - Dance The Night RightCalm Chor is based in India and brings together a lively world of sound snippets with quirky sequential baselines. We like this antagonistic approach and feature here his debut on our label. GeoGeniK - Night Wood"Night Wood" is a complex piece of electronica that consists out of many acoustic fragments that work this very emotional piece of sci-fi music. GeoGeniK is a learned musician, plays various instruments but placed the focus on playing the bass guitar in the past and has gradually shown interest in field recording and using voices in different acoustic places. All of this is very much noticeable in this strong track. Unfug - DebrisGerman producer Unfug has been featured on Tour De Traum before and his music has always been strongly influenced by guitar and FX, placing himself in the indie category. And also his new piece "Debris" explores emotional moments in between of sounds. Unfug creates a great sound experience. Shewasasea - Arctic MonkThe Japanese artist has released with us before on Tour De Traum and has had a great feedback. So we are happy to feature a new piece of music from him. "Arctic Monk" is a warped melodic track with traits of electronica and reminds of music from the past written by acts such as Bochum Welt (recorded for Aphex Twin’s label Reflex) and Wagon Christ aka Luke Vibert. Hugo Heynard - BelladoneThe French artist Hugo Heynard has convinced us with a complex and sensual, yet playful devilishly hooky composition and great 3-D sound design. Here melodies are in motion! Not to forget the floating vocoder voices you’ll happily surrender to! sine sleeper - current feat. Marton HarvestTaken from their last EP with us, this vocal track has been big with a lot of people since they first heard it, so we release it here on Tour De Traum for all of you who have not heard it jet. Ben Haviour - Drowned In You"Drowned In You" is a baseline driven foray into modern techno. While a bit more atmospheric and stripped down in nature, there is absolutely no shortfall of energy as this hypnotic masterpiece swirls around into a dance floor tempest. Written with an attention to detail and melody at specific passages that track can captivate the listener beyond the dance floor. Nick Dow - Smugglers CaveAn all-time classic by our core artist from Scotland Nick Dow. A beautiful track which reminds us always a bit of melodies by THE CURE. The track got a lot of attention especially with UK DJs and deserves to be dug out again to give it "a second life" as Nick termed it himself. Idham, Terence C, f.a.f.a.u – FallenThe collective of 3 artists from Malaysia has painted with "Fallen" a fantastic deep dwelling psychedelic picture. The track has a nice progression, uses fine modulation and produces melodies in the course of the track that go under your skin. Prepare yourself for a voyage. Oddvar - Nothing To SayThe Berlin based artist has written with "Nothing To Say" a track for the creatures of the night... and a mild but urgent tale of sadness and joy.Navigating through neon lights, never touching the ground… Oddvar’s track is a genuine "paraglider" of a track. Enjoy the flight! Sonus Populi - Seamless FiguresContributing with "Seamless Figures" a rich textured piece of electronica, Sonus Populi blends piano, with Chicago vintage drum rolls and synth sounds. As if ice cold winds were agonized by making their turns through narrow Italian streets by night "Seamless Figures" likes a good twist. Anders Rosengren – TonatiuhComparisons are difficult and seldomly true, but we still had a feeling this track by Swedish producer Anders Rosengren was going in the hypnotic & trippy direction of what Sebastian Mullaert from Minilogue is doing lately and we are happy to contribute this track for your pleasure. Gabs - Der Weg Ist Zu VielWe welcome back the Vienna artist Gabs with a huge track called "Der Weg Ist Zu Viel". The track follows a wanderlust narrative and makes the link to music associated with us… so it has all the credentials Traum stuff is made of! Enjoy! Occam - Dotted TrainOccam delivers with "Dotted Train" a mix of brutal and gentle worlds which collide here in a fascinating way.A highlight is also the breakdown which will come to most of you as a surprise. Elevating and in fact a hooky devil... it takes the track to the next stage of euphoria. Robert Babicz - Where Are You? (Aparde Remix)No need to introduce German techno wizard Robert Babicz with whom we have released a full length album just now. From this we want include here the track "Where Are You? (Aparde Remix)" one of the fantastic tracks of the album we have picked out randomly, since it could have been really any track of the album. Max Würden & Thore Pfeifer – AugeThe duo based in Cologne may be familiar to you through their work for Kompakt (Pop Ambient). They have sent us their track "Auge" which can be termed as drone-electronica. Layered sounds here interact heavily and spawn demanding complexity. Intensive "machine like" pulsating sequences build the foundation on which playful sounds dance. This altogether accounts for a captivating biotope of sounds. Irène Drésel & Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot - Les BretonnieresFrench artists Irene Drésel has teamed up with Mario Hammer & the Lonely Robot for this gigantic sound creation."Les Bretonnieres" has the aura of two teutonic plates shifting towards each other. This is no music for the weak.This is music for sound seeking people... here masterfully crafted and put into action. Vigil Coma – SonceWhen the vocals enter this track it is as if the sun was throwing its beams at us... this is great techno pop music... it has the charm of the 80ies updated with all it needs. Let yourself be enchanted by this song and say good bye to tomorrow. Giddyhead - Year BookThis Tour de Traum track comes by Argentinian producer Giddyhead and materializes here in the shape of an ambient track that develops in slow motion to full perfection. This might be by title a look into the past... but it certainly is music for now FRITSCH - Arbitrary AllianceDedicated to the unsteady beat and experimental classical avant-garde the German sound engineer works only with hardware when he plays live on stage and sees this as an important role in his process of his musical creation. "Arbitrary Alliance" is the only track of this kind on Tour de Traum XIII and a track that you discover with each listening a step further. Robert Babicz - Wall CityWe decided to also ad a second track from Robert Babicz album to the Tour De Traum XIII. Not many words we have to waste here about this German producer who leads a unique life traveling through the world to absorb the environment. He is famous for his own sound shaping in his studio near Cologne and seeks his philosophy of the good sound. Joe Miller - Second Valley"Second Valley" comes across as a drive through a sun drenched valley. The picture he paints is blurred with the heat ascending. It combines melodic music with acoustic field recording to create something very organic and sensual.Joe Miller is an English born beatmonger, as fascinated with off-kilter folk music as he is with techno. He grew up in Adelaide (Australia), where he learned to craft sets that are whimsical, left-field, and capable of evoking a sense of place. Lambert Windges – MemorialThe closing track for Tour de Traum comes from the Düsseldorf based musician who has released with us before on Tour De Traum. Now he contributes with "Memorial" a little pearl of a droning organ track. The track works very much in the fashion of a stream of consciousness played in real time. As it plays along things happen, the volume rises and sounds are swallowed as by the baleen of a whale… everything is possible! Enjoy the ride!
Fri, 03 Mar 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-25/tour-de-traum-xiii
<![CDATA[Falkenauge, Katzengold & Taubenblut - Dominik Eulberg]]> http://www.djtunes.com/dominik-eulberg/falkenauge-katzengold-taubenblut Falkenauge, Katzengold & Taubenblut - Dominik Eulberg

  Track list:
Taubenblut - Dominik Eulberg
Falkenauge - Dominik Eulberg
Katzengold - Dominik Eulberg

Dominik’s newest invention is all about the manifoldness of nature and the process of transformation when stones become jewels.3,500 different minerals have been discovered so far. Dominik has chosen three jewels that carry animal names and has female artist Miri D''Oro bring them alive on the cover with her self painted bird collage technique for which she has gained international reputation.The opening track of his new Traum EP "Taubenblut" (eng. dove blood) starts off with an excursion into massive deep baseline spheres all dubby and minimalistic by nature.But all of you who know Dominik Eulberg will appreciate that it does not take long for one of his unique melodies to then conquer that feeling.This time that sequence is bold and made out of sweat and tears (crystals) and manifest a collective spirit par excellence! Viva La rave!It is a seductive melody that shines like a turning crystal while delivering simultaneously fine and deep cuts to your skin.But feelings won’t become stale with Dominik Eulberg and so he adds layer upon layer, to destroy the theme and to lead us to another level.When all of it snaps and plunges into an underwater world we know that this arrangement is as thought out and skilled as so many of his tracks in the past."Falkenauge" is a track which speaks the language of Dominik Eulberg’s recent releases on Traum, expressing an explicit feeling of wanderlust, advocacy and longing. It is a walk through nature all picturesque and colorful and if you listen closely, the sequences seem to „talk“ to you. Which is not a mere phrase but actually seems to really have this affect on the listener.When we asked Dominik he explained: „it must have happened through subconsciousness and I became aware of it later when I listened to the track after resting!“Witness joyous ripples of melodies of blooming wildlife with "Falkenauge"!"Katzengold" describes an atmosphere of perfect harmony with nature, no hardship, no self destruction... and this is what Eulberg has always been best at.Living in the Westerwald has given him enough ideas to draw from, to write a track that can caress our senses. For all of you who liked his "Die Strandmieze von St. Peter-Ording" expect that heartwarming and jolly feeling to hit you again.
Fri, 04 Nov 2016 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/dominik-eulberg/falkenauge-katzengold-taubenblut
<![CDATA[Mimikry & Mimese EP - Dominik Eulberg]]> http://www.djtunes.com/dominik-eulberg/mimikry-mimese-ep Mimikry & Mimese EP - Dominik Eulberg

  Track list:
Mimikry (Original Mix) - Dominik Eulberg
Mimese (Original Mix) - Dominik Eulberg

Fri, 29 Jul 2016 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/dominik-eulberg/mimikry-mimese-ep
<![CDATA[Tour de Traum XI (Mixed by Riley Reinhold) - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-25/tour-de-traum-xi-mixed-by-riley-reinhold Tour de Traum XI (Mixed by Riley Reinhold) - Various Artists

  Track list:
Exploring - Epistrophe Smith
Eternity - Filter Bear
Hope - Controlwerk
De-Facto - Loui Cleghorn
Hauru - Amentia
Meerjungfrauenportemonnaie - Dominik Eulberg
Fireworks - Emde & Anham
Jazzminder - Ashwin Khosa
Logos - Fabrik Way
Ama Dablam (Microtrauma Remix) - Trashlagoon
Kota Karya - DJ Hightech, IZT, f.a.f.a.u & Idham
Purple Orbit - Koelle
War President - Do Shock Booze
Eine leichte Brise weht über das Sonnendeck - Hannes Rasmus
Mare Frigoris - Dovim
Spirograph - Olaf Stuut
Malana Valley - FRANCO.D''
Baie D''Ostende - Davidovitch
Autostrada Intergalattica - Cosma Castiglia
Castigo al Mar - Voltereta
Trial and Errol - Inkfish
Gangalo - PANDR
Blue Coral - Juan Pablo Cerabolo
Vi Lyfter I Motvind - Joel Forsberg
Chicoballs - Med In Mars
Elysium - Clawz SG
Embers - Ian Max Mauch
How the Light Falls - Lambert Windges
Fragile - Neferiel
Out Out - Van Bonn
Ulur - Padai
Goujian - Nick Dow
Direct Experience (Remake) - Sebastian Mullaert
Appearer - sine sleeper
Misodoctakleidist - Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot
Don''t Leave - Ri Za
Dystopie - Kai Meyer
Vai Morrer - Loui Cleghorn
Francy Has Black Helmet (Texture Version) - Gians
Insomnia - We Need Cracks
Tour de Traum XI, Pt. 1 (Continuous Mix) - Riley Reinhold
Tour De Traum XI, Pt. 2 (Continuous Mix) - Riley Reinhold

Here we are releasing our newest issue of forward-thinking dance music. This music is literally from around the world pushing the boarders of electronica.Over a period of 6 months Riley Reinhold has selected original and recognizable music by creative artists...The Tour De Traum XI starts with Bristol based artist Epistrophe Smith who has written with "Exploring" a sophisticated uplifting and moody track with guitar & and vocal elements which makes it the perfect opener for our project.Filter Bear returns with "Eternity" chipping in another deep and tasteful cut that has an airy feel.Controlwerk are based in the UK and enrich the Tour de Traum with their dreamlike ambient powered minimal groover "Hope" which glides like a roman seal though colored shades of blue and green water.The next track was written by Loui Cleghorn who returns to Traum with the playful and played melodic tune "De-Facto" that creates a fine and lively progression pulling us gently into his cosmos.Amentia’s "Hauru" supplies us with a Steve Reich orchestral sound that melts into an Alpha Centauri feeling, finding the perfect balance here with this piece of electronica.Dominik Eulberg’s "Meerjungfrauenportemonnaie" needs no introduction just a couple of months old it seems to be classic already.Emde known for his release on our sub label MBF LTD has joined up here with Anham for a piece of wonderful electronica with a minimal groove pattern. A fairy like enchanted pearl of music which shows their talent!Ashwin Khosa delivers with "Jazzminder" a daring attempt to fuse to very different genres to create a bit of an obscure club monster which we wanted to share with you!We welcome back Fabrik Way with his ambient piano track "Logos", which is a perfect movie soundtrack with an aerial perspective.We released this Microtrauma remix of "Ama Dablam" by Trashlagoon a while ago and include it here for your pleasure because we think it is an outstanding track.The collective of DJ Hightech, IZT, f.a.f.a.u & Idham have written with "Kota Karya" an outstanding, exotic and mysterious tune with a great piano in the breakdown that melts like sugar in a hurricane.As a Cologne or Köln based label we were attracted naturally by an artists with the name of Koelle (being the colloquial word for Cologne) and when we heard his cinematic composition we were instantly fascinated.We continuously release Japanese music on Traum and we are happy to feature Do Shock Booze with his track "War President". We can hear traditional elements being fused with modern electronic sounds here resulting in a heavenly tune.We have just released Hannes Rasmus new EP on Traum and feature here one of his first tracks on Traum which,we still play in our DJ sets.Dovim released an EP on our sub label MBF LTD in October and since we felt electronic tendencies in his post Detroit music we asked him for a Tour De Traum track and were delighted when we heard "Mare Frigoris", a firework of acoustic finesse and energetic elements describing a bit of a voyage.Olaf Stuut’s "Spirograph" got a lot of plays by DJs in the dance scene and we wanted to include this track here because it is one of our all time favorites.FRANCO.D'' track "Malana Valley" has that unique synth modulation we know from so many tracks from the 80ies but has cut the progression at the right time for a more tight appeal and transferred that sound into another musical context. He has done this with great skill and musical knowledge. It is a thin line to work within these sounds aesthetics. Last but not least it is a very soothing and light track but on the other hand it also creates urgency when it sends off signals to other planets.Davidovitch has written an exceptional track with "Baie D''Ostende". He has created an acoustic room, that breathes and lives in an almost surreal spellbound way. Maybe you will find some Transmatt feeling in it.Cosma Castiglia’s "Autostrada Intergalattica" tells a story of medieval beauty and when the chords awake like a leviathan it leaves a chill in the air that you will not forget.Voltereta casts a spell on us with "Castigo Al Mar". A gentle spell maybe of morning dew in slow motion in the beginning but not without darker moments to come and join in. This is a complex composition and a spirit that at its darkest stage sets free some Throbbing Gristle and This Heat feelings. Something we always liked.Inkfish feedback with "Trial and Errol" a track that chucks out delicate morse codes in the beginning because it plunges into a rhythmic bouncyness that never prevails. Inkfish are masters of suspense and whenever you hear this track your skin will get very cold. Masterfully crafted!For PANDR space is the place to be or at least his "Gangalo" has that sonic aura that will detach you from all the things you are doing at that a certain moment. The track has an incredible melodic line and progression, frequency wise it creates acoustic spaces where you can live forever. This music is catacombic.Juan Pablo Cerabolo track "Blue Coral" walks on stilts and wades through landscapes so beautiful it drives tears into your eaves.This track is very emotional and is masterfully crafted to a high degree.Joel Forsberg not only takes vintage drum computer percussion on to another level in the way he combines it with much more mature baselines and melodies, no he twists the funky side of the world of Daft Punk and gives it another more lyrical meaning.This is no wake up call but an order to slumber away into the world of in numerous nano sized textures.Med In Mars shakes his hips to the sound of hyperactive "Chicoballs". Walls are penetrated by mini sized robotic crabs and melancholy and alienation are washed away when the "Chicoballs" mount their camels. Music with no limitations.With Clawz SG we share the love for analogue production. He has already released on our techno label Trapeze ltd and when we found out that he wanted to send us more melodic music we could not resist! Hear the synths speak in "Elysium" they are rich and enchanting and bound to be played out loud.Ian Max Mauch an American artist living in Berlin who is engaged with sound recording on many levels proposes here a non beat piece of electronica with a camp fire matrix on which drone sounds settle in a cool way: So if you like La Monte Young you will also like this track.Lambert Windges is based in Düsseldorf and likes to explore electronic music in different musical genres. He is not connected to the techno scene. Lambert has contributed with "How The Light Falls" a track with a shuffle rhythm that is fed by various fine selected acoustic sounds that gather and disperse themselves in a mesmerizing and artistic way.Neferiel has written a track which unfolds though wave like motions of sounds, fragile by nature as the title suggests, with a very gentle flow.Van Bonn’s EP on Traum created a stir with one of the tracks being licensed to precious Fabric CD mix by Joris Voorn recently. We have chosen here the track "Out Out" for all of you who look for intimate and genre-crossing electronica.Padai’s "Ulur" starts introvert but in the course of the track opens up with sounds that remind us a bit of a classic like Space’s "Magic Fly".Nick Dow is a core artist on Traum and person who has released already various outstanding EPs with us. "Goujian" is an energetic and emotionally dazzling track that has been played at a lot of Traum label nights and deserves to be included here.Sebastian Mullaert known as half of Minilogue made his way on Traum with "Direct Experience". The version we include here is the "Remake Version" which we regard as hybrid of the original and the dub mix which in fact was not on the vinyl.sine sleeper is a duo from Germany who compose very refined and subtle electronic music. They give their debut on Traum with their track "Appearer". If you like Terry Riley, Steve Reich or even German Electronica from the likes of Manuel Göttching you will find this a small jewel for sure. We are looking forward to hear more of them on Traum.For all of you who liked our November album by Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot on Traum, "Misodoctakleidist" is another corner stone of Mario’s new career. Listen to his radiant music here. Even if you will forget the name of the track, the music will leave an impact on you for sure.Ri Za has released several Tour De Traum tracks, but this is his first piece of electronica and we absolutely adore his adventurous and daring cross-over here, which is completely scintillating! Music for the new generation.Kai Meyer is a new discovery, still very young at heart he has stepped in with lots of eagerness to find his niche in the wold of electronic music. He leaves his first mark with "Dystopie" and we are impressed and hope to hear more of him.Loui Cleghorn’s music offers so many faces of electronic music, we always have to make sure it is really him. "Vai Morrer" establishes an absolute tremendous continuum of sound shaping carried by a 4/4 which every one of us knows is really hard to do.Gians with his track "Francy Has Black Helmet (Texture Version)" is an example of how profound and deep no beat music can get. It has all the right to be on of the closing tracks of the Tour De Traum XI. It brings back memories and we are sure it can also tickle your mind and set free some emotions.The last track was written by the French duo We Need Cracks who belong to the core of artists on Traum recording EPs for the label. The duo has their own niche on our label which they fill out with music no other artist does on Traum. Their blend of cinematic music with Minimal and Techno is for us always a unique experience.
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<![CDATA[Tour de Traum X (Mixed by Riley Reinhold) - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-25/tour-de-traum-x-mixed-by-riley-reinhold Tour de Traum X (Mixed by Riley Reinhold) - Various Artists

  Track list:
Tour de Traum X, Pt. 1 (Continuous Mix) - Riley Reinhold
Tour De Traum X, Pt. 2 (Continuous Mix) - Riley Reinhold
Tour De Traum X, Pt. 3 (Continuous Mix) - Riley Reinhold
Mosaic - Filter Bear
Somni - Cleave Martinez
Storm Chaser - Ben Teufel
Fomalhaut - Draso
Before I - Dario Römgens
And - CLiVe & Mata Jones
Self Made - Massimo Cassini & Argo & 2Dave
Caldera - Felix Harreus
Escape - Florian Gallet
Vyhoda - DJ Hightech & IZT
Minerva - Alessandro Diga
Soft Dream - Fabio Sestili
Alcantara - Astrea
Hühnergott - Dominik Eulberg
Sojourn - Ariose
Drift Away - Axom
Fahrenheit - Qosvo
La caduta - Fabrik Way
All About Us - DRAG & DROP
Silk - Ivanov
Dreams - The Wise Thinker
One More Day - Moosfiebr
Maya - Freska
Punta Patino - Formel
Sea - Mâhfoud
Nightwalk - NHKFF
Stay Up - Marsbeing
Cloudland - Indieveed
Words of Wisdom - Kay Aka Khalil Touihri
Hypnochondria - Aaron Hedges & CJ Hartmann
Desert (Microtrauma Remix) - Ron Flatter
Auburn - Loui Cleghorn
Halona - Humantronic & Leonard de Leonard
Synthat - Mirko Flower & Davide Vario
Tre Minuter Till Midnatt - Joel Forsberg
The Olympians - Futur-E
The Doors - Loui Fernandez
Komera - Hiboux
Adagio in D Minor - Franz Alice Stern
Metaphysical Orchestra - Mario Hammer
Eyes Collide (feat. Groszek) - Zapéd
Discern - Naak & TVA
Con Moto - We Need Cracks
Pollen - Vamos Art
Balnazzar - Weird Sounding Dude
The Peacock - Simao
Secrets of Asura - Trashlagoon
Reise im Fjord - Van Bonn
Troskab - UNFUG
Masked Ball - Nikkk & Yaro
Tears in Rain - Niles Cooper
Starshine - Hugo Marti
One Past Four - Snad
Die neue Reise - W.A.D
Cathouse - Riamiwo
Reincarnation - Nici Frida
Wolke 7 - Niels Poensgen & Brigade
Black Hole - The Dark Wood
Leap - Nick Dow

With the Tour De Traum X we have refined our direction in releasing only music we think is exciting, contemporary electronic music. Music we selected over the last 6 months.This time we feature top melodic techno music, minimalistic music and abstract electronica, but we have also included some trax which will polarize in a big way.So be warned you cannot prepare yourself for what you will hear.... Filter Bear – MosaicFilter Bear’s track „Mosaic“ is mesmerizing songwriting that weaves psychedelic aspects of music with exceptional vocals and a metamorphosis. Cleave Martinez – SomniCleave Martinez triggers off a fabulous tribal and ethnic feeling, smooth and hypnotic in nature, creating great sensitiveness penetrating your skin. A classic rare feeling that you sometimes find in early hypnotic Chicago techno house and electronica. Ben Teufel - Storm ChaserBen Teufel has composed with „Storm Chaser“ a shimmering and sparkling track that has a slow-motion feeling deep inside generating a sensual kind of rotation. Draso – FomalhautDraso has created with his track „Fomalhaut“ a genuine and enchanting composition, highlighting elements different in nature that manifest in loosely connected fragments of sounds (all very much rhythmically arranged) and by magic create an entity. Dario Römgens - Before IDario Römgens dives with „Before I“ head over heels into a superb melodic avalanche that he cultivates with a skillful blend of eruptive melodies that come in mighty waves and pull you under water. CLiVe & Mata Jones – AndCLiVe & Mata Jones have written with „And“ an excellent baseline driven dark & moody piece of techno... evoking a spirit you can get with giant Cruise liners emerging and cutting through thick layered fog banks. Massimo Cassini & Argo & 2Dave - Self MadeMassimo Cassini & Argo & 2Dave introduce themselves with „Selfmade“ , a heavy rhythmic techno rocker which takes no stunts but surprises by relying solemnly on the ingredients of repetition & continuation and making it an exciting endeavor. Step by step the rhythm is flooded with gentle background string sounds which disappear before they escalate in a fade out modus. Felix Harreus – CalderaFelix Harreus has written with „Caldera“ a wonderful gloomy and abstract track with reminiscences to music from artists such as Bochum Welt, Aphex Twin, Jedi Knights and others. Florian Gallet – EscapeFlorian Gallet enjoyed the feedback from our community for his track on the Tour De Traum IX. And Now with his new song „Escape“ he manages to baffle us again. The young French artist creates aperpetuum mobile of sounds that dig deep under your skin. It''s seemingly self generating music which by fact it is not, but it is composed in a way that sounds flow into each other and change direction without any signs of notice. Maybe Florian Gallet is an upcoming Klaus Schulze with the handwriting of today. DJ Hightech & IZT – VyhodaDJ Hightech & IZT „Vyhoda“ is a great example of transcendental techno music at its best. Their melodic pad sound and synths ascend in a "rainbow-shaped" path under the influence of gravity into the far away sky and we can be part of it. Alessandro Diga – MinervaAlessandro Diga has written with „Minerva“ a powerful melodic techno tune with epic intervals and nice break downs to collect spirits. Fabio Sestili - Soft DreamFabio Sestili offers with his track „Soft Dream“ a nice sound stream of evolving sounds that wrap around his driving ongoing lead theme in harmony and sophistication. All resulting in a skillfully composed techno continuum. Astrea – AlcantaraAstrea’s track „Alcantara“ starts with a sound that could be generated from a transmission from a space capsule but then turns into a balearic masterpiece with strong single elements resulting in a strong and arresting composition. Dominik Eulberg – HühnergottWe also wanted to have a track from our friend and Traum artist Dominik Eulberg on the Tour De Traum X. We chose „Hühnergott“ from his recent „Spülsaum“ EP.It was not difficult to choose this track as it is such a brilliant and personal one. It is a hilarious musical fairytale, full of colors, with a strong longing for a vast expansive landscape but also for the microscopic animosities of the flora and fauna. Ariose – SojournAriose from Scotland have released on Tour De Traum before and „Sojourn“ marks a symbiosis of a stream of consciousness that is laced with compositional finesse to create a gentle but powerful emotional canoeing. Absorbing! Axom - Drift AwayAxom’s „Drift Away“ is a moody composition that in the course of the track evolves towards a radiant melodramatic emotion that is highlighted by great melodies written. Well-done. Qosvo – FahrenheitQosvo’s „Fahrenheit“ draws on diverse elements and styles successfully as there are references to jack house, electronica, electro and techno. The composition is daring and shows a free minded spirit as we saw it in earlier techno productions. If you love „clonks and bleeps“ you will see in this track a connection to that genre. Fabrik Way - La CadutaFabrik Way has composed with „La Caduta“ 90ies break beat rhythms that go together with intense sound shaping that reminds us of the British post punk bands Cocteau Twins or This Mortal Coil. Something is happening here which is very new and exciting. DRAG & DROP - All About UsDRAG & DROP kickoff with their track „All About Us“ a powerful jazzy warped soulful piece of „washed out2 left field house music. Sensual singing and sax playing contribute to a spiritual experience par excellence. Ivanov – SilkIvanov must have written „Silk“ in a moment of total relaxation. This piece of music is so slick and soft as soft can be. This is all silk and leather and champagne no biological stuff... all that simmers and that shimmers, glitters and when the funky bass guitar kicks in we can only rejoice! Great electronic post post everything. The Wise Thinker – DreamsThe Wise Thinker’s track „Dreams“ is a piece of electronica with challenging sounds that collide from time to time but that also skillfully create moments of harmony. Moosfiebr - One More DayMoosfiebr have supplied us with „One More Day“, a dramatic piece of moody left field house music with ascending and descending organ sounds that create something holy and conspirative. Music that digs its way slowly into your skin and turns blood into wine. Remarkable. Freska – MayaFreska released his „Comanche“ EP with us in 2010 and now joins us again with his newest track „Maya“. It is a spiritual voyage into the 80ies, with dark Siouxsie and the Banshees like soundscapes, catchy melodic riffs and techno elements. We don`t know how you can come up with a wild mixture as such, but he has done great by bringing it all together so well... It is exceptional and unusual. Formel - Punta PatinoFormel has released music before but gives his debut on Traum with „Punta Patino“. The track convinces through the interaction of repeated simple melodies with others exercised with a human touch making the track very lively and energetic. The composition beyond all of this is done very skillfully. Mâhfoud – SeaMâhfoud’s „Sea“ starts out as a minimalistic track from the 70ies, some Manuel Göttsching, Terry Riley and Steve Reich influences here we can detect. Music like this has always influenced us and so we are happy to include this composition of revolving-morphing sequences on Tour De Traum X. NHKFF – NightwalkNHKFF digs deep with his track „Nightwalk“. The rhythm is as heavy and determined as driving a stake though someones heart. The sound architecture is psychedelic and electronic sounding, always keeping an experimental dark artful band like profile and it is very unique and cool. Marsbeing - Stay UpMarsbeing gives his debut on Traum with what sounds like a „played“ track with real acoustic instruments somehow jazzy but then in the course of the track it takes a turn into what could sound Arabian. The track though short,works like a tale where one is chasing the next one. We think of it as vital, absorbing and exhilarating. Indieveed – CloudlandIndieveed released his track „Bliss“ on the Tour de Traum VI in 2013 and might have reacted to our cloud postings on our Facebook site when he came up with his new title „Cloudland“. His track is separated in „happy"“Aphex Twin clouds (yes they exist!) and mean dark clouds which in the course of the track join them. All done in perfection, we swear. Great work by Indieveed! Kay Aka Khalil Touihri - Words Of WisdomKay Aka Khalil Touihri’s „Words Of Wisdom“ gives back some true techno spirit to Tour De Traum with a drumming that reminds us of Robotmans „Do Da Doo“ on Definitive in 2008.Great beats and motion here. Aaron Hedges & CJ Hartmann – HypnochondriaAaron Hedges & CJ Hartmann „Hypnochondria“ is build on a spaced out drumming which we cannot get enough of. The sounds remind us great R&S releases others sound more dark and more like early B12 or Black Dog. This is wild and bizarre we love it. Ron Flatter – Desert (Microtrauma Remix)Ron Flatter has released 2 EPs on Traum in the past and his track „Desert (Microtrauma Remix)“ taken from his „Desert“ EP received a lot of very good feedback.The remix has a nice tripped out techno feel emphasizing those moments in between with refines and skill. Loui Cleghorn – AuburnLoui Cleghorn released with us on the Tour De Traum IX and sent us „Auburn“ as a follow up. A young artist who is working on his style continuously and we love this passionate tune he has sent us. Humantronic & Leonard de Leonard – HalonaHumantronic & Leonard de Leonard contribute with „Halona“ another of these great trax that fell from the sky to be played out by people in front of people. This is a track full of joy and happiness and something we need in our compilation. Mirko Flower & Davide Vario – SynthatMirko Flower & Davide Vario work on „Synthat“ with nice blend of filtered down sequences and glamorous gilden synths that create a nice antagonism and flow which they manage to expend throughout the track. This piece of music is at easy and demands the same form the listener. Joel Forsberg - Tre Minuter Till MidnattJoel Forsberg „Tre Minuter Till Midnatt“ maybe fits into a category we don`t know about but one thing is for sure, happiness and joy are generated in gallons here with this tune. And as we say here: „it leaves no eye dry“... This could be a huge open air tune. Futur-E - The OlympiansFuture E’s „Olympians“ sounds like a palm flute running havoc and cutting through a sea of melodies that carry a grande heroic note. The monumental side of the track is what you remember as it could be a soundtrack to a fantasy or a gladiator movie. Impressive by its source of passionate melodies. Loui Fernandez - The DoorsLoui Fernandez brings us „The Doors“ and he also brings us lots of bass and mighty drums that create a comfort zone we like. You wont expect the track to take the course it takes when it turns all gentle and melodic. Hiboux – KomeraHiboux’s „Komera“ is the wildest and weirdest track on our release. You will either love it or hate it. We love it and think it is just great to blend comical with the serious and with the heroic. There was once a word called Muzak which fell from grace or was only accepted by a handful of people like us which wanted to describe the music here, but maybe we are terribly wrong saying that. Franz Alice Stern - Adagio In DminFranz Alice Stern has released on our label Trapez ltd and also sent us a track that he said was a Traum track. We agreed and release here „Adagio In Dmin“, a track that skillfully uses an old school sound aesthetic and dynamics to create something in a vein with Detroit''s Red Planet releases and melodic UR cuts. Nothing since that has influenced us more over the years and we can relate to „Adagio In Dmin“ very much. Mario Hammer - Metaphysical OrchestraWe have worked with Mario Hammer on Trapez, MBF LTD and on Traum. Mario is a collector and connoisseur of rare analogue synths and his tracks are always for the ones that know „Metaphysical Orchestra“ is maybe the mots experimental and creates a bridge from early Tangerine Dream to now. Listen on headphones with full stereo impact it is a great experience. Zapéd - Eyes Collide feat. GroszekZapéd „Eyes Collide feat. Groszek“ is a unique trax on the Tour De Traum X since it represents a side of French music we have always liked in the past. Zapéd’s voice is amazing and melts like snow in summer. We can only hope to hear that on the radio. Naak & TVA – DiscernNaak & TVA contribute with „Discern“ an experimental track that sounds in the beginning like the Finnish industrial band Pansonic but then has more mild sounds join and creates a slight Radiohead feeling if you don`t mind us throwing around with names and artists we value. Very nice sound aesthetic and rhythm! We Need Cracks - Con Moto"Con Moto" has previously been released on We Need Cracks Traum EP „Paper Mill“. It digs deep, plunges from the start into melodies and tosses about lasciviously. "Con Moto" which means: "motion through some kind of acceleration", is much more than that, it is a sensual trip, very French, very cool, very stylish... and in the end also very imaginative. Vamos Art – PollenWe welcome back Vamos Art who released „Wunderbar“ on the Tour De Traum VIII. With their new track „Pollen“ Vamos Art again show impressive skill on the production level in the way they transport a modern aesthetic of club music into the field of melodic techno. „Pollen“ works with recurring themes that are connected by very skillfully worked out transitions that breathe life and joy so well into that genre. Weird Sounding Dude – BalnazzarWeird Sounding Dude is a heavyweight rocker and a deep affair when it comes to the track: „Balnazzar“. The key to this extremely well written deep grinding techno track is its single choice of tasteful components and the arrangement of the track which works totally without any FX noise concussions or stunts, by relies on its inner momentums which are great to listen to and to dance to. Simao - The PeacockSimao’s track „The Peacock“ reminds us of early Traum releases by artist such as Philippe Cam but includes strong abstract beats instead and shows references in sound to early Detroit techno here: Transmat. Trashlagoon - Secrets Of AsuraThe German duo Trashlagoon released on previous Tour De Traum’s before. And their track „Secrets Of Asura“ was part of their EP they released with us this year.„Secrets Of Asura“ kicks off with a sequence that sounds like an updated version of Berlin''s techno hymn „Klang Der Familie“ but then throws puffballs at us instead. Slowly the track is transfixed into an exotic dream where we can enjoy the pleasures of an Arabian night, a world full of imagination. Van Bonn - Reise Im FjordTelrae artist Van Bonn released his first Traum EP in January. The track „Reise Im Fjord“ is taken from there and fits wonderfully to the Tour De Traum X.The track travels with the speed of light through a vast landscape with few borders. And although everything is flying by, time seems to stands still. It is these two poles that are responsible for that particular form of friction that the track develops. "Reise Im Fjord" is more then anything else a magical pieces of music, enchanting and melodic. UNFUG – TroskabUNFUG is a German act which shares „Troskab“ with us, a trax that gains through it 60''s organ sound a strong Manchurian touch, being very calm on the one side, but on the other side totally in a turmoil.The track is because of its simple structure very much to the point and very emotional. Nikkk & Yaro - Masked BallWith „Masked Ball“ Nikkk and Yaro have composed a stunning, grand sounding symphony of a techno or house or electronic track whatever you prefer to call it. They''re longing and desire for harmony is the theme of their track and is extremely well executed and puts a spell on us. But listen and judge yourself. POLYDRUM – SyrenPOLYDRUM „Syren“ is one of the tracks on the Tour De Traum X that have a dreamlike and epic aura and work within that genre very creative. The manifold compositional details are really great to listen to and show that the genre is very developed and has all the right to be featured here. Niles Cooper - Tears In RainNiles Cooper has written the only piano composition on this Tour De Traum and what a great composition he has come up with. Listen to his track „Tears In Rain“ on headphones and you will hear the full spectrum of the track. You can hear also electronic sounds he has added in a sublime way to create the intensity of his music. Hugo Marti – StarshineHugo Marti presents with „Starshine“ a transcendental hefty rocker that works with classic sounds of the genre but transports them so well into the year 2015 using fragments that break up the streamline movements and by that has constructed such a majestic tune. Remarkably luxurious. Snad - One Past Four„One Past Four“ by Snad is a tricky and entertaining affair referring to his advanced programmed beats and sounds that have experimental qualities combined with a techno house flavor which is extraordinary and we had to have on Tour De Traum. W.A.D - Die Neue ReiseW.A.D evoke ghost town spirits with this track „Die neue Reise“. The track is a demanding one and is produced more on the listening side with daring and very artistic transitional passages. Sounds here drop in like wind chimes do and that gives the track its spooky air. The track makes a strong turn at halftime so you have to be attached to the track to get all of it. Riamiwo – CathouseRiamiwo has been releasing under different names in the past, his new track „Cathouse“ is his most recent endeavor into the field of melodic techno. Riamiwo shows great knowledge by adapting the mechanism of techno club music and fusing it with ideas of melodic techno. Nici Frida – ReincarnationNici Frida’s „Reincarnation“ reminds us with their playfulness and „clonk and bleep“ sound of early UK bands: Greater Than One (GTO) and Sweet Exorcist we like very much.So we easily got infected and you can hear the result here. Niels Poensgen & Brigade - Wolke 7Niels Poensgen & Brigade’s „Wolke 7“ is a floating and fluffy melodic techno track with a sophisticated beat programming and strong production which features an extremely well written break that will leave you open mouthed. Impressive and artistic. The Dark Wood - Black HoleThe Dark Wood have committed with „Black Hole“ an electronic track expressing vastness and loneliness though lingering pads, longing vocals, all together resulting in a gripping composition.We hope to hear from them again. Nick Dow – LeapNick Dow is a Traum core artist so we have added his track "Leap" from his Traum V180 release here. It is the most electronic downbeat track of his so far and a nice grinding melancholic tune, with wailing and crawling synth sounds and heavy baselines. This one is for all of you who like the early Aphex Twin sound! Wonderful!
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<![CDATA[ACROSS THE SKY CHART... - Dominik Eulberg]]> http://www.djtunes.com/dominik-eulberg/+djplaylists/across-the-sky-chart ACROSS THE SKY CHART... - Dominik Eulberg

  Track list:
A 100 - The Traveller
Raw - Max Cooper
November Morning - Stimming
Yellow Sunset (Robags Stoylago Edit) - Audision
Drop the mask of self protection (Ümit Han Remix) - Minilogue

Fri, 14 Sep 2012 12:02:20 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/dominik-eulberg/+djplaylists/across-the-sky-chart
<![CDATA[Some tunes from... - Dominik Eulberg]]> http://www.djtunes.com/dominik-eulberg/+djplaylists/some-tunes-from-3 Some tunes from... - Dominik Eulberg

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