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  Duration: 00:04:17
Release date: 2015-01-16
Label: Wagmore Records
Thu, 15 Jan 2015 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/electronic-yellow-jammer/lounge-2/lagoon-blippo-remix__6042667
<![CDATA[Si M'etouffais (Stone Mason Dub Remix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer]]> http://www.djtunes.com/electronic-yellow-jammer/lounge-2/si-metouffais-stone-mason-dub-remix__6042659 Si M'etouffais (Stone Mason Dub Remix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer

  Duration: 00:04:13
Release date: 2015-01-16
Label: Bent Ant Records
Thu, 15 Jan 2015 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/electronic-yellow-jammer/lounge-2/si-metouffais-stone-mason-dub-remix__6042659
<![CDATA[Lounge - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-6/lounge-2 Lounge - Various Artists

  Track list:
Velvet Dreams - Schwarz & Funk
The Comedown - Ryan Frizelle
Spacial Echoe - Rock-Candy
Forever - King Hookiss
Blue Bird - Blue Horizon
Dream of You Know - Sunny Bay
Kissysweet - Chickenskin
Sloth - Viper
Summerbreeze - Stereoliner presents Loungeside
Iceberg (Instrumental Version) - Sonia Brex
Goor - Plaza
Detached - Ryan Frizelle
Noale - Ricky Martini DJ
Crying for a Friend - 8 Bit
Curaga - Echoplex Twins
Positive Vibrations - Unearthly
Praiano - Y.G.
My Only Love - Jacek Stam
Get Together - Therr Maitz
Relax 420 Chillout Mix (Short Version) - King Hookiss
Fast Features - Collective Sound Members
Ocean Breathes - Enrico Donner
Moods - New World Lounge
Overcame - Left In Trigg
Vento dos Acontecimentos - Kusuma Orchestra
Licence to Mix - Prohibisound
Cabo Verde - Rey Salinero
Textpectations - Arrojas
In Silêncio - Don Gorda Project
Waiting At Potsdamer Chaussee (Re-edit) - Christian Hornbostel
Lounge Theme - Easy J
This Is My Dream (Performant Mix) - Muner Dj
Away - Dablexx
Easy Livin' - Suntheca Prod.
Everything Flows - Peter Linski Experience
Aurora Borealis - Vinito
Praia Brava - Miraflores
After the Rain - Solanos
Vou Esperar Aqui - Hornbostel & Donner
La tendresse - The Sura Quintet
Everything (Late Night Mix) - Proxy Brides
Middle - Clark Parker
Murazzi Lounge Vibes - Chillout in Turin
Another Chance in My Room - Finest Quality Papers
Lindo Cielo - Rey Salinero
Occidente - Arrojas
Boyar - El Nicoya
Black Diamond (Retro Sunday Broken Style) - Leotone
Pod of dolphins - Logophilia
Our Work Is Done - Alex Nöthlich
Beerenmixtur (Radio Version) - Cazintel
Chill Bill - Fred and Flow
Kalapiana (Radio Edit) - Marebo
Sunrise - Thomas Markowic
Dreamlounge - Music Paradise
In Love - Bikini Beats
Los Angeles Dream - Philip Aniskin and Alexsandra Mell
Get Crazy (Lounge Mix) - Stj & Inusa Dawuda & Maureen Sky Jones
Deeper Love (Supalounge Remix) - Prohibisound
Düsseldorf (Mediaport Mix) - Dobk
You Take the Feeling Away - Bikini Beats
Tokyo Beach - Epic Lounge
You - Lafoliedamour
Perceive the World - The Echo of Koenigssee
Sylt (Bar Mix) - Miguel Lando
Sunset (Poolbar Mix) - Sky And Sand
Dreamers of Light - Loungeworx
Ibiza Beach (My Island Lounge Mix) - No Panties Allowed
Letter to Rome Friend - DJ Existence
Air Kiss - Matthieu-B
A Thrill of Anticipation - Baghira
Blue Horizon - Suntheca Prod.
Sake Lovers - Sake Lovers
Incrível - Solanos
With You - Oscar Salguero
Coma Treasure - Audio Infinite Orchestral
Loungetrip - J Sasz
Deep Sunrise - Ess Aitch
Ghost Trap - Audio Infinite Orchestral
Experiment 42b - Oscar Salguero
Go West - Oscar Salguero
Jésus est Seigneur - Tanya Blessing
Aliens in Love - Cazintel
Think About It - Michael E
Clouds - Arrojas
Closet - Blue Wave
Funky Thing (Radio Edit) - Marebo
Largo - Magnam Gloriam
Contigo Para Siempre - Cesar Martinez Ensemble
A Funny Summerday - Octario
Kairo - Macao Cafe Music Pres.
Seaside - D.C. Beat Productions
Planet Earth - Counting Clouds
Nightbeat - Baghira
Pippo la Casa - J Sasz
Delay of Summer - Andriesh
The Comedown (Piano Version) - Ryan Frizelle
Break the Spell - Maya
Daylight - Counting Clouds
Sunrise Doubts - Wine & Dine
A Little Love - Trillian
Her Nearness - Odyssey
Body Lies - belinse & Lavejazz Project
Quiet By the Sea - Sébastien Angrand
Pulse - Spirit, Sound & Vision
Sentimi - Deephonia
Out There (Reprise Edit) - Vasilis Giotis
Free Your Mind (Prohibisound Remix) - Mr Luke
Fiesta - DJ Danilkin
Little Cat - Lord Matteo
Oderkind - L.N.X.
Moments - Romanto & Out Of The Drum
Skyway - Quincy-Co
Cloudy Sky - Took
Influsion - Prohibisound
Champagne (Remix Version) - No Panties Allowed
One Day in the Dessert - Spielwiese
Two Sides - Ladale
Cumba - Lord Matteo
Miss U - Dulcis Domus
Floating On a Cloud - Fred Henderson
Autumn Leaves - Phatos
You Are the Light of My Life - AJC feat. Sthwayza & Correspondence
Pipe Dreams - Dave Silovich
Vinaigrettes - Johannes Eggenberger
Dark Moon - Luciano Nieto
Buddha's Dream - Ladale
Radio Silence - Tim Besamusca
Lala Soul - Aatoo Cito
Infinite Fields - Solanos
Floating - The Sura Quintet
Waiting At Potsdamer Chaussee - Christian Hornbostel
Zambesi (Danny Massure Rumba Re-Rub) - Christian Hornbostel Pres. Zons Of Zambesi
Flight B - Kim And Buran
Relax (420 Chill Mix) - King Hookiss
Everybody Needs Love - AJC feat. Sthwayza & Correspondence
Hear Me - Fancy Vienna
Winner Lounge - Kenny Laakkinen
Festa do Sol - Don Gorda & Solanos
Against the Current - Der Ziegler
Evening Breeze (Chillout Mix) - Tim Besamusca
Afreakatum (Suntheca Lounge Mix) - The Mask
Erwachen (Piano Version) - Whilo
Victoria Space - Armando Gomez
A Favor do Vento - Miraflores
Luxury Living Room - Mirage Of Deep
Under the Clouds (Saydash Remix) - Barbq
Loungetrip (Radio Edit) - J Sasz
Gnowee's Bossa - Gnowee
Tu Vida (Jazzy Main Mix) - Esteban Garcia vs. Subworks
Sensual Education - Enrico Donner
For Always - Goo-Boot
Brasillian Lifestyle - Anori
That's It - Aatoo Cito
Como a Águia - Cane Garden Quartet
Schakunta (Bossamba Mix) - Christian Hornbostel
Soul and Deep - Francesco Demegni
Noranda - Feel Good
Cool Town - Frank D
Wagga - Atlas
Lover Silesia - Chrisso
Thinking of You - Love Pacific Industries
Si M'etouffais (Stone Mason Dub Remix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
State Street ‘75 - The Man
Chill Out Before House - Holographic Dissolve
Intro - Spektrum-Gebeit
4c 6f 76 75 - Echoplex Twins
Ocoan - Anjl
Baby I - Giannini Project
Call Me for Tonight - Executive
Lagoon (Blippo Remix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Lisbon Story - Chill Luly
Tech Lounge 2009 - Naiko
In the Privé - S.B.Z.
Oceanic Dream - Oceanic Dream
Sundayevening - Pater Rob
Love At Sunset - Solanos
Lounge - Dj Snail
No Way Out - Lynx
Tetian - Benotto
Rurgaf - Jovifra
Moonlight Drive - Blue Garden
Ayero - The Flyhigh Project
Sometimes (Wellness Mix) - Music Paradise
Pragha Night - Crazy Girls
Palm Island - Loungeside
Soft Dream One - Dj Gee Cee
Natural chill - System 4
Electric Lounge - Team Deluxe
Angles - Schwarz & Funk
Spirit of Love - Relaxraum
Through the Night - 49-1
Spaceworld 2 - Future Mind
Transoceanic (Extended Ocean Mix) - PietP
Mantis Outerspace - Cosmic Mantis
Sleep | Dance | Think - Billy Barbados
Deep Sky (Minimal Chill Out Mix) - Daniele Nacci
The Edge - Easydelic
Passion Fruit - Sabretooth
Sex On the Beach - Curtin & Manson

Thu, 15 Jan 2015 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-6/lounge-2
<![CDATA[Stimulate Energy (Dissolved Radio Edit) - Electronic Yellow Jammer]]> http://www.djtunes.com/electronic-yellow-jammer/deep-chillin-dubz/stimulate-energy-dissolved-radio-edit__5915473 Stimulate Energy (Dissolved Radio Edit) - Electronic Yellow Jammer

  Duration: 00:04:35
Release date: 2015-01-02
Label: Red Work (Alkemy Brothers)
Thu, 01 Jan 2015 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/electronic-yellow-jammer/deep-chillin-dubz/stimulate-energy-dissolved-radio-edit__5915473
<![CDATA[Deep Chillin Dubz - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-6/deep-chillin-dubz Deep Chillin Dubz - Various Artists

  Track list:
No Evil Dub - Sensistar
King of Kings Dub - Alo One
Brothas and Sistas - Sensistar
Quasar - Aura Fresh
Stimulate Energy (Dissolved Radio Edit) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Emotional Spacecraft - Cosmic Mantis
High Tech Soul (Plain Synth Mix) - Utroit Thrust
Legalize My Life - Sensistar
And the Spirit Goes On - Sensistar
Ilesha Sunset - Cosmic Mantis
Deep Underground - Glebich
Babe Dubz - Cosmic Mantis
I Aint Got No Roof (Original) - Da Flave
On Top of the Mountain - Sensistar
Clocks Feed On Lives - Alien Pimp
Soul Jah - Sensistar
Coffin Dance - Slavaki feat. Tim Octave & Jerome Harper
Far Over the Mountain Side - Sensistar
Rehabilitate - Dub Tek
Spiritual Breeze - Cosmic Mantis
Motion (An Ocean Drifter's Dub by Good Natured Threat) - 201 Soundsystem
Afronaut - Sensistar
Shimmer - Sabretooth
Dark Swing - Piero Mas
Bee Dub - Ras Gee
Alpha and Omega (The Space Version) - Sensistar
Crop Circles - Fobee
Angels Around - Plicherss
Strictly Jungle Dub - Sensistar
Fly to Space - Cosmic Mantis

Nu selection of chillout, dub, minimal, dubtech and ambient dub!
Thu, 01 Jan 2015 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-6/deep-chillin-dubz
<![CDATA[Stimulate Energy (Dissolved Radio Edit) - Electronic Yellow Jammer]]> http://www.djtunes.com/electronic-yellow-jammer/hotel-ice-chill-lounge-christmas-2014/stimulate-energy-dissolved-radio-edit__5966111 Stimulate Energy (Dissolved Radio Edit) - Electronic Yellow Jammer

  Duration: 00:04:35
Release date: 2014-12-20
Label: Red Work (Alkemy Brothers)
Fri, 19 Dec 2014 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/electronic-yellow-jammer/hotel-ice-chill-lounge-christmas-2014/stimulate-energy-dissolved-radio-edit__5966111
<![CDATA[Hotel Ice Chill & Lounge Christmas 2014 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-6/hotel-ice-chill-lounge-christmas-2014 Hotel Ice Chill & Lounge Christmas 2014 - Various Artists

  Track list:
Nikita Lily (Piano Vs Synth Mix) - Mark Khoen feat. Emma Lock
Out of the Way - Promid
Angel - Syntheticsax & Slava Gold
Eu Quero Jogar (Bossa Nova Mix) - Angelina Copa
One Day (Airplay Mix) - Mark Khoen feat. Tiff Lacey
Koledna Pesen (Luca Lombardi Mix) - Gantcho
Halo - Arkadash
Relax 420 Chillout Mix (Remastered) - King Hookiss
Evening Shadows - Michelle Qureshi
Behind the moon - Heso
Invisible Rose - Daniel Curve
Respect - Norbeister
Sunshine Delight - Relaxea
Imprinted in My Memory (Chillout Mix) - Sashamato
The House of Love (Radio Edit) - Ocean's Two
Dreaming in the Sun - Mare Mystica
Travelers - Denote
Out At Sea - Denote
Ellie Goes to Dream - Brightlight
In My Eyes - Jon Turner
Undulations - Light in Color
Herzöffner - Marebo
The Sound of Eternity - Andrew Cash
Blue (Chillout Mix) - Stunner feat. Claire Willis
Bleeplied - Chillo
Orchid - Ayurveda Garden
Butter Pecan Heart - Daniel Astacio
An Epic Story - Anima Infinity
Introwave - Clicker
Lovely Shelters - Light in Color
Love - Pinkateifl
Caribbean Tells - Amitola
Eoil - Andrey Faustov
Cap Blanc - Tarena
Plexus Solar (Canis Majoris Mix) - Thomas Trommler
Deep Love (Solar Kid Remix) - Promid
Respect - Ampetermin
Gladience - Manuel Tondo
Riddim of One - Shalden
Wir tun es (Instrumental Version) - Gerald Paul
Traumdeuter (Chillout Dub) - Theo Schwarz
Asparagus Tips - Marth Manthe
Vivian Beach - Shantay Huntington
22 Past - Parker Thornhill
Gullivers - Yan Gillis
Arrival - Alexy.Nov
Regreso - Syntónico
Warm breeze - Scruche
Telepathy - Aaron the Baron Feat. Juliet Annerino
Longing - Sven Kretschmann
Beach Party (I Hate Sand in my Shoes) - Thegodfatherexperience
One night in Juarez - Cafe Royale
Spanish Cafe - Bernd Filz
Milchbar - Arnoon
Eastland (Chill Out Mix) - Navab Jalil
Tribute de Boston - Johannes de Boston
Believe in Love - Counting Clouds
Nassau Beach (Chilled Lounge Mix) - Bikini Beats
Chillout - Jenya Alexanov
Stimulate Energy (Dissolved Radio Edit) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Only you - V-Sag feat. Yalena
Solar - Liquid Groove
My Gypsy Heart - Galina
Azul - Agua Calientes
Insider - Patrascano
Tears Like Summer - Depthide
Flight of the Eagleowl - Anuvida
My Flying Dream - Octario
The Sun (Persian Sungate Mix) - Little Moon Project aka K.C.
Chill Time - Heso
Port de Soller - Moment 4 Sound
Drive Me to Lounge (Smooth Edit) - Mr. Peeet
Sound of the Dream - Max Denoise
Salyam - Blue Mushroom Recordings
No Pressure At All (Sara Pollino Mix) - Onehundred Feat. Marcus Moore
Love You for Life (Bobby Deep Sunset Mix) - Dimitris Manasidis

Sublime laid back tracks that will carry you through the festive season in peace and harmony with your inner self.A sensual journey of discovery into the realm of this magical musical genre.
Fri, 19 Dec 2014 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-6/hotel-ice-chill-lounge-christmas-2014
<![CDATA[Chill Lounge - 200 Lounge & Deep House Tracks - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-6/chill-lounge-200-lounge-deep-house-tracks Chill Lounge - 200 Lounge & Deep House Tracks - Various Artists

  Track list:
A Better Time - Monroe Days
Your Choice - Mike Warren
Our Time - Roy Bennett
Be There - Wesley Colon
Return - Tory Arndt
Classical Hope - Helaine Stowe
Deeper Your Love - Ivory Simons
Back in Time - Delbert Schneider
Inside Out - Vivian Holmes
Over All - Chillo
Nothing Compared - Kiana Kazee
Far Away - Rosemary Olson
My Little Love - So Phistry
Golden Puppet - Chillo
Once in My Life - Roy Bennett
Little Diamond - Vera Peters
Magic Moments - Oscar Rogers
How Deep? - Joleen Hollis
Melody Girl - Kai Elston
Over the Waves - Shanell Souza
Miles Away - Lana Lupercio
Come With Me - Chillo
Hello You - Leila Lambrecht
Following You - Rikki Rothermel
Colour Your Mind - Roxano de Santiago
Weekend Lag - Rhythmphoria
Nothing More to Say - Ruben Hall
Glittering Tears - Tad Hutchens
Amazing Helper - Roxano de Santiago
My Way Out - Delbert Schneider
Gradually - Random Classes
Westerly Westerner - Wesley Colon
Four Teens - Will Fishman
Hermetic Vibes - Double Go
A Gentle Wind - Monroe Days
Twelfy - So Phistry
January Break - Yan Gillis
Too Less Chillies - Shanell Souza
Smile of the Day - Mono Tuned
Top Dog - Vernetta Ochoa
Intuitional - So Phistry
Little Sorrow - Claudia Hunt
Bleeplied - Chillo
Bouncy Bouncy - Monroe Days
Le Bleu - Shanell Souza
We Can't Hide It Anymore - Proxy Brides
Vanity Line - Delfina Deines
Thirstily - Rikki Rothermel
Wetness Wednesday - Noak Purushottama
Green River - Vivian Holmes
Lovely Shelters - Light in Color
My Roots on the Beach - Light in Color
Daisy Lazy - Jasmine Lulu
Early Beach - Josif Imen Puerta
Rotance - Jess & Jess
Helios - Daki 2000
Love Directions - Diario
Nucleus - Daki 2000
Chillo Four (Lounge Mix) - Chillo
Chillo Six (Lounge Mix) - Chillo
Rush Hour in Guangzhou - Thrill Rules
Chillo Eight (Lounge Mix) - Chillo
Fifty Four - Will Fishman
Cock - Oscar Rogers
Wanda's Theme - Louisa Lessley
Voluptuousness - Diario
Vivian Beach - Shantay Huntington
Jazz-Johnny - Will Fishman
Playing Around - Glady Gowans
Undulations - Light in Color
Chillo Two (Snowflake Mix) - Chillo
Chillo Five (Lounge Mix) - Chillo
Gullivers - Yan Gillis
Mondo Cool - Saba & Cay
Get in Love - Glastrophobie
Wesley Twenty Three - Tad Hutchens
Cultivated - Karon Koury
Asparagus Tips - Marth Manthe
Lunas - Emma Luna
Do You Remember Me? - Diario feat. Entelechia Union
Chillo One (Lounge Mix) - Chillo
Vervollkommnung - Monroe Days
Chillo Seven (Lounge Mix) - Chillo
Chillo Three (Lounge Mix) - Chillo
Chillo Ten (Lounge Mix) - Chillo
Vivian 30 - Vivian Holmes
Expressing Feelings - Light in Color
La Isla - Roxano de Santiago
Ventura - Jess & Jess
Reminiscences - Zadar
Uranus - Pumuq
Zuhtu (Anatolian Cuts 01) - Parcala Behcet
Okavango - Blue Wave
22 Past - Parker Thornhill
Esperança Falta - The Sura Quintet feat. Adriana Macedo
Chillo Nine (Lounge Mix) - Chillo
Ondas de sonido - Jess & Jess
Floating Elements - So Phistry
Mystical Thoughts - Light in Color
Somebody - Shivana Faction
Amusing - Delfina Deines
Balminess - Monroe Days
Waiting At Potsdamer Chaussee - Christian Hornbostel
Cute - Jess & Jess
Spirals - Joette Ault
Double Waves - Light in Color
Texting - Real & Cay
Carpathian Harebells - Monroe Days
Gorgeous Necklines - Jess & Jess
Vino Joven - Light in Color
Elephants - Tory Arndt
Alyssum - Daki 2000
Falling Skies - Blue Wave
Fatal Attraction - Claudia Hunt
Directional Shadows - Light in Color
4 Seasons - Jess & Jess
1000 Colors - Daki 2000
Easy Livin' - Suntheca Prod.
Gentle Stream - Mike Warren
Rainbow-Dancing - Relaxraum
Dealing With Anger - Tokyo Tower
Lifting Me Up - Solanos
Claroscuro - The Sura Quintet
Let You Go - Seefeld Avec Mady
There Is No Emotion (The Hybridizer Remix) - The Oscillatorz
Keep Me in Loop - The Oxy Generator
No More Time - Erippio
Banyuwang - The Vault
Missing Machine - Adam Mainka
My Sweet Daniel - Cusco
Hope - Auditory Canvas feat. Severn Cullis-Suzuki
The Lonely Wanderer - About 9
Sexy Jazz - Mighty Real
Postcards - Annawhity
Horizon Azul - Premasara Council
The Way We Were - Fabrizio Cacciamali
Silent Sorrow (Sepi Nestapa) - Farr
Small King - Melorman
The Shift Is On - The Third Floor
Abnormed Steps - Rftt
Roboyhood - Track 1 - El9mm
Second Thoughts - Benjamin in Peru
Two Stories - Everything Is
Get Down - Self Explanatory
Oh, I'm Fine Thanks - The Meter
Walking Away - Atthis Alcedo
Clouds - Nik Thomas
Altair - Jolly Roger
Mezmer Moog - Kristina Supergenius
Travel - G Element
Perceiving the World Around - Arrojas
Terra Nuova - Alex Millet
Shiva Shakti - Kurt Tepperwein
Sollte mal - Anna Gemina
London Dies First - Florian Filsinger
Ricordo - Marco Tentori
Yemezmisin - Perdix Pretioza
Die Hoffsche Zahlenfolge - Baphomet
Glow Blink Slow - Overlap
Rhapsodic in Blue - Tmc
P.O.P - Dusty
Drifting Away - EE2
Streetlounge - Curtin And Manson
Dali's Dogs - Megaphono
La Esperanza (There Is Still Hope), Pt. 2 - Martin Andreas Paulus
The Caress and the Rose - The Sura Quintet
The Holographic Me - Pezer
Stars - Kim And Buran
Mystery - Symbols of Sound
Remember (DJ Kayowa Remix) - Needfull
Maly Chlapec (Slovak Ballad Mix) - Dodo & Lander feat. Mia Melody
Symbiosis (Chillout Mix) - Schemer
Nightfall - Kusuma Orchestra
Sindezela - AJC feat. Sthwayza & Correspondence
Barbarella (Mendez & Muna Remix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Intro (Koons Theme 2) - Koon
Everyday With You (Ballad Version) - Flowerfield
Pick Up the Phone - Club Camarillo
Hippogryph - Johannes Eggenberger
It's Raining Outside - Lean Jdamg
Essential Flow - Andrew Bright
Home - Circles And Spirals
Dead People (Intro) - Tashibo
Hard Times Are Catchin Up (Tnt Recordings Mix) - TNT feat. Ras Gombo & Steven Robinson
Nur eine Phase - Shorpi
Die neue Dimension 05 - Myeric
to Chill a Mockingbird - Thomas Markowic
Free Live - Music Paradise
Always Knew (Chilli Soul Main Mix) - DJ Octopuz featuring Mr. Jbu
Dont Cry - Don Taylor
White (Main Mix) - Deeprebel
Gossip Life - Fred and Flow
Melodi - Sofabroken
Seaview Lounge - Mandala Fields
Long Night - Ronald Boreas
Sugar (You Make Me) - Alex Nöthlich
Relaxed Poems (Short Version) - Angel Armony
Stop Playing - Chillout Youngster
Chilling Day - Bernd Filz
La segretaria particolare - Luigi & Riccardo

Thu, 18 Dec 2014 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-6/chill-lounge-200-lounge-deep-house-tracks
<![CDATA[Stimulate Energy, Vol. 2 - Electronic Yellow Jammer]]> http://www.djtunes.com/electronic-yellow-jammer/stimulate-energy-vol-2 Stimulate Energy, Vol. 2 - Electronic Yellow Jammer

  Track list:
Stimulate Energy (Edu Yattah Remix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Stimulate Energy (Cafe Creme Remix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Stimulate Energy (Crunchy G Remix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Stimulate Energy (Dissolved Remix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Stimulate Energy (Dissolved Radio Edit) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Stimulate Energy (Hugh Bonar Remix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Stimulate Energy (DJ Bebbi Yellow Mix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer

Thu, 03 Jul 2014 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/electronic-yellow-jammer/stimulate-energy-vol-2
<![CDATA[Stimulate Energy - Electronic Yellow Jammer]]> http://www.djtunes.com/electronic-yellow-jammer/stimulate-energy Stimulate Energy - Electronic Yellow Jammer

  Track list:
Stimulate Energy (Phase47 Remix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Stimulate Energy (Neil Nessel Four Worlds Remix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Stimulate Energy (Pit Par Coeur Remix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Stimulate Energy (Sugardaddy Mix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Stimulate Energy (Blippo Good Overdose Mix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Stimulate Energy (Blippo Inner Facilities Mix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Stimulate Energy (Blippo Stickman Mix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Stimulate Energy (Blaue Kino Kontrovers Remix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Stimulate Energy (Blaue Kino Kontrovers Remix Radio Edit) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Stimulate Energy (Neil Nessel Four Worlds Remix Radio Edit) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Stimulate Energy (Club Radio Edit) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
Stimulate Energy - Electronic Yellow Jammer

Electronic Yellow Jammer and friends deliver their Stimulate Energy album with a basic track and various mixes going from pop electro to techno and ambient.. Emotive rhythms with unexpected female vocal grooving along at 120 bpm and up.. Check !Remixers : Blau kino Kontrovers, Neil Nessel, Blippo, Pit Par Coeur, Phase47 aka Don Tyler Vocals : Liza, Sugardaddy, C.
Thu, 09 Jan 2014 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/electronic-yellow-jammer/stimulate-energy
<![CDATA[Eyj and Liza Pink Noise - Electronic Yellow Jammer]]> http://www.djtunes.com/electronic-yellow-jammer/eyj-and-liza-pink-noise Eyj and Liza Pink Noise - Electronic Yellow Jammer

  Track list:
Eyj and Liza Pink Noise (Ecoute Remix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer

Mon, 20 Aug 2012 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/electronic-yellow-jammer/eyj-and-liza-pink-noise