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Hidden Dimensions

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Released 2018-02-02 on 1undread
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H+ would like to provide inspiration for progress and new solutions for old problems. Look at something in a new way and use that experience to move forward to a new future. In M theory, there may be hidden dimensions at the quantum level leading to a new understanding of reality.H+ is the performance name of Malcolm Brian Swan, a music teacher with a Bachelors in performing the double bass and a Masters in Music Composition. who lives in Bermuda, a small group of islands 700 miles off of the east coast of the United StatesHe creates IDM glitch or brain dance brain dance music, a genre that combines aspects of musique concrete, art music that evolved from manipulating magnetic tape, and combines it with the drums and techniques used in dance music. Glitch is a sub genre that involves a lot of edits and the constant use of changing effects. H+ adds the twist of Funk, jazz, dub reggae, and deep dubstep.Malcolm has been writing music under the name of H+ since the end of 2016. He has released 9EPs as H+ so the current which will be released in March EP will be number 10.Information on past and current releases may be found at hplusmusic.space

Release Credits: "H+ - Hidden Dimensions", www.djtunes.com/artist/h-2 ," released 2018-02-02 on 1undread ,EAN/UPC191079932122/

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