Headman Biography

Over the past seven years Robi Insinna a.k.a Headman emerged as one of the
most influencial producers of the new dance and disco scene. Singled-out
after a superb rework of Seelenluft's Manila in 2002, he became one of the
most sought-after remixers of the last few years, giving his treatment to
Franz Ferdinand, Mylo, Scissor sisters, The Rapture, Röyksopp, Placebo or
Roxy Music among many others. Most of his Remixes are now considered as
dancefloor classics DJs and find their place in the bag of Tiga, 2 Many
DJs, James Murphy, Trevor Jackson, Erol Alkan, Rub n' Tug to name but a
few. Most of his hits also peaked up in UK DMC. In 2005/2006 Headman really
confirmed his status of most-wanted remixer. His remix of Standing in the
way of control from the band The Gossip has been acclaimed worldwide as
another Headman classic. And no less than Kitsuné and Zombie Nation asked
him to give their tunes the reboosting treat they deserved. When Headman
puts his hands on a track, you will get a bouncy club mix that dominates
the floors.

This constant ability to revamp and reboost a song makes Headman a proper
technician of the dancefloor. He also possesses a multi-faceted personality
that he unveals in his two full-length albums "It Rough" and "On" both
released on Gomma records in 2002 and 2006. The single "It Rough" and its
remix by Chicken Lips were his first acclaimed hits. "On" propelled him to
the status of Artist with a capital 'A'. "On" features many of his musical
friends. Stephane Dewaele from Soulwax, Anthony Roman from Radio 4, Matt
Safer from The Rapture, Ben Rymer from Fat Truckers and Tara, amongst
others collaborated with Headman, who produced 12 tracks that mix indie
rock urge with dancefloor electronica. The album has been acclaimed
worldwide. The Magazine Mojo commented: "Insinna leaves ragged edges
unsoothed, thriving on the chaos"! "On" also spawned two hit singles on
Gomma Records: 'Roh' with guest vocalist Stephane Dewaele in an amazing
Playgroup remix and "Moisture" in two different versions, a Mustapha 3000
remix and a Headman Club version. The Mustapha 3000 remix even entered the
UK DMC charts. "Moisture" also had another video shot by Simon Owens, who
also directed the video of Robi's disco alter ego Manhead's hit called
"Birth, School, Work, Death". On top of everything else, Robi's projects
are extraordinary notably for their artwork: each of his releases is
designed by Robi himself, since he's also internationally respected as a
painter and has been exhibiting all over Europe. "On" album for instance
includes a booklet showing artworks representing every song.

He has also been busy DJing over the past few years. His dance modern mixed
compilation on Eskimo Recordings has been a very big success and he
recently took part of Soulwax nite version tour. He was accredited official
DJ of the tour by the 2 many DJs and rocked a crowd of hysterical fans
everywhere he played. 2006 saw him touring all around the world in the
biggest clubs and the most famous festivals, from Europe to Australia over
to USA and Canada. Amongst his personal highlights was the famous music
festival of Reading in Great-Britain where he played in front of 5 000
fanatics. He also supported Soulwax a few times with a proper Headman live
band and did a mini-DJ tour in USA and Canada.

But all of this is far from being enough for our swiss multi-talented
artist. Robi created his own label Relish recordings in 2001. It reflects
his desire of enlarging the spectrum of dance music. In each of his
projects Robi puts the quality of the music in the foreground. In December
2006, he mixed and compiled on 2 CD the best of what Relish Recordings has
to offer so far, including italo-body-music producers Franz and Shape,
Dutch atmospheric progressive rock band David Gilmour Girls, Canadian crunk
punk wonderboy Don Cash, French electro front-runner Yuksek and the
Australian troublemakers of Riot in Belgium among many others. And last but
not least, March 2007 will see the release of Headman's on and on club
version taken from the Relish label compilation. This 12" includes two
great remixes by Riot in Belgium and Zombie Nation!

One thing is sure. You can expect great things from Headman and Relish
Recordings in 2007.