Frequently Asked Questions

File Formats

Why are different formats sold at different prices?

Each retail price is determined by the record label or digital distributor. The larger sized formats such as 320kbps MP3s are offered at a higher price reflecting the higher quality of the file.

What is the difference between 128kbps & 320kbps?

It's as simple as this - Quality! The 128kbps tracks are perfectly good to play in clubs or listen to at home or on your Mp3 player, but if you want that extra quality for the big club sound-system, we recommend you use the 320kbps files.

Are the tracks constant or variable bit-rate?

All DJTUNES tracks are encoded with a constant bit rate.

Do your files include DRM? Will they play on my iPod or in iTunes?

Our tracks are currently available in completely DRM free mp3. This means that once you download a track or album from DJTUNES, it will play on any computer and any mp3 playback device, and can be burned to an Audio CD with any popular burning or player program including iTunes, Windows Media Player, Nero, etc.

All files can be added to iTunes with File -> Add file or folder to library, and then used in any way you use your regular iTunes library for syncing and sharing, including copying to your iPod or iPhone.

How do I post my song on the web, is there a special format?

Tracks are uploaded via the DJTUNES web interface. Please make sure that your tracks are in this format: 320 kbps LAME encoded CBR (Constant Bit Rate).

Any other formats will not be accepted. If you use certain production tools to produce your tracks, most of these tools can save your tracks in this format ('Save As' and then select the required format).

What is LAME Encoding?

LAME is a free software application used to encode audio into the MP3 file format.

Most audio file mastering applications have the LAME encoding option built in as a standard encoder.

If your encoding software does not support LAME encoding, this link will take you to LAME's website link page, where a comprehensive list of links to download the software is listed:

In what format should I upload my pictures in?

We recommend you use JPG / JPEG files with a minimum of 500x500 for artwork, artist pics and label logos.