Frequently Asked Questions


How can I edit my profile page?

You can edit all of your personal details by going to your MYDJTUNES area.

To edit your user profile, click on 'Edit Profile' on your profiles page.

To edit your artist profile, click on the profile and use the various links to edit your bio, upload pictures or add tags.

Please note: Your artist name is not editable as it is a fixed name that is entered in our database and associated with the releases that you have for sale on our site. To change your artist name, you must contact our content team and inform them of the change.

How do I create a Playlist?

Use the dropdown menu under your username and select Playlists'

Click 'Create Playlist'

You can add tracks to your playlist as you surf the site simply by clicking on the 'Additional Functions Dropdown' menu and selecting 'Add to Playlist'

Or you can add tracks to your Playlist by searching for the track directly in the playlists area. Click on the + to add tracks to the playlist, or drag and drop the tracks from left to right into the Playlist Cue box. You can also rearrange the order of the tracks by dragging and dropping the tracks.

When you've finished adding tracks, click 'Create Playlist' to create your playlist. Give your playlist a title (something along the lines of: January Top Ten or My DJTUNES Top Ten) and upload a cover. If you want to create the playlist for another profile you administer, click the link at the bottom of the window to choose another profile.

Click on 'Create' to publish your Playlist and you're finished!

In what format should I upload my pictures in?

We recommend you use JPG / JPEG files with a minimum of 500x500 for artwork, artist pics and label logos.

How can I read / send messages from / to other users?

Go to your MYDJTUNES / MESSAGES area and use the navigation tabs to select the function you want to use. You will find your incoming messages in your 'Inbox', you can write messages using 'Compose', your sent messages can be found in 'Sent' and you can accept incoming friend requests under 'Friend Requests'.

How can I set my preferences for the site?

By going to MYDJTUNES / PREFERENCES and using the navigation tabs to select the preferences you want to change.

You can select the preferences for the following features: Account, Privacy, Email, Checkout, Social Networks.

Account - Change / edit your user name or displayed name. Change your password. Privacy - Ignore list, messaging privacy and profile visibility. Email - Select what kind of notifications you want to receive via email. Checkout - Select your preferred format and enter your billing address. Social Networks - Connect to your Facebook or Twitter profile.

What is Facebook Connect?

With Facebook Connect you can use your Facebook credentials to log in to DJTUNES without being a registered DJTUNES user. You can also take your personal data like photos, contact lists and comments from Facebook to DJTUNES and your activities on DJTUNES can be synched to your Facebook account.

What is tagging and how do I add a tag?

Content tagging has become more and more common due to social networking sites. In general tagging can be defined as the practice of creating and managing labels (or ‘tags’) that categorize content using simple keywords. Now each user can also tag content on DJTUNES.

On every track, release, artist or label page you will see the link ‘Add Tags’. Click on this link to add your tags for the certain track, release, artist or label. After clicking on the link, a small window will open up with a text box. Add new tags and separate them with commas in this box and click ‘Add tag’ to save. You can add several tags for one single track, release, artist or label - The choice of words is entirely up to you.

What are favourites and how can I add them?

A favourite is something regarded with special favour or liking, like a favourite song, artist or label. You can add your favourite artist or label to your DJTUNES profile and we will notify you every time new music is available from them.

Simply click on the 'Add to Favourites' button whenever you visit an artist or a label that you want to add to your favourites list and they will automatically be added to your profile page. To remove a favourite, click on the artist or label image on your profile page and click 'Remove from Favourites'

Can I add artist or label images and how do I upload them?

Each artist and label page is designed to display a number of images. These images can be individually uploaded by any of our users. For example; you can post pics you took at a live gig of a certain artist, or maybe you were at a label night of a certain label and you want to post the pics here. You can even post pics you found on the net – as long as they are appropriate to the artist or label concerned, you can post whatever you like!

Under each artist or label image you will see the 'Images| see more' link. Click on this link and then 'Add Image' to upload images of the selected artist or label.

How can I add or remove a friend?

You can add other DJTUNES user as friends by clicking on the 'Add to Friends' button on each user's profile page. You can view and manage your friends list under YOUR USER NAME / FRIENDS and by clicking on 'Remove'; you can remove them from your friends list.

What is flagging?

Flagging is just another word for reporting. If you notice any images on artist or label pages that do not have anything to do with the artist or label concerned, you can 'flag' these as inappropriate by clicking on 'Flag as Inappropriate' and DJTUNES will remove them from the said artist or label page.