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  Duration: 00:04:48
Release date: 2016-09-09
Label: Freebeat Music Records
Fri, 09 Sep 2016 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/jean-mare/cafe-deluxe-chillout-nu-ibiza-lounge-a-fine-selection-of-27-ambient-and-smooth-downbeat-tracks/solar-lights-sine-pulse-voice-mix__7646935
<![CDATA[To the Balearic and Back (Lounge Flight Mix) - Jean Mare]]> http://www.djtunes.com/jean-mare/cafe-deluxe-chillout-nu-ibiza-lounge-a-fine-selection-of-27-ambient-and-smooth-downbeat-tracks/to-the-balearic-and-back-lounge-flight-mix__7646921 To the Balearic and Back (Lounge Flight Mix) - Jean Mare

  Duration: 00:04:19
Release date: 2016-09-09
Label: Freebeat Music Records
Fri, 09 Sep 2016 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/jean-mare/cafe-deluxe-chillout-nu-ibiza-lounge-a-fine-selection-of-27-ambient-and-smooth-downbeat-tracks/to-the-balearic-and-back-lounge-flight-mix__7646921
<![CDATA[Last One Moment (Sequences Chillout Mix) - Jean Mare]]> http://www.djtunes.com/jean-mare/extraordinary-chill-lounge-vol-7-best-of-downbeat-chillout-lounge-cafe-pearls/last-one-moment-sequences-chillout-mix__7593613 Last One Moment (Sequences Chillout Mix) - Jean Mare

  Duration: 00:05:37
Release date: 2016-08-12
Label: Freebeat Music Records
Fri, 12 Aug 2016 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/jean-mare/extraordinary-chill-lounge-vol-7-best-of-downbeat-chillout-lounge-cafe-pearls/last-one-moment-sequences-chillout-mix__7593613
<![CDATA[FA 06 (Deep Ground Mix) - Jean Mare]]> http://www.djtunes.com/jean-mare/extraordinary-chill-lounge-vol-7-best-of-downbeat-chillout-lounge-cafe-pearls/fa-06-deep-ground-mix__7593608 FA 06 (Deep Ground Mix) - Jean Mare

  Duration: 00:05:07
Release date: 2016-08-12
Label: Freebeat Music Records
Fri, 12 Aug 2016 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/jean-mare/extraordinary-chill-lounge-vol-7-best-of-downbeat-chillout-lounge-cafe-pearls/fa-06-deep-ground-mix__7593608
<![CDATA[Over 300 Summer Chillout, Lounge & Ambient Beats - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-19/over-300-summer-chillout-lounge-ambient-beats Over 300 Summer Chillout, Lounge & Ambient Beats - Various Artists

  Track list:
Footprints (Beach Mix) - Counting Clouds
Miracle - Heni Lasut
Gate 66 - Churchen
C''est la vie (Dub Mix) - El Ke
Nine Templates (Flash Mix) - Las Chicas Professionales
Simply Perfect (Remix) - Art Famely
Eyeland - Sancho
Notausgang (Full Version) - Gerald Paul
Zoomed Normality - Greta Gaia
Delayed Love - Elton Jones
Into the Mind (Vox Version) - Hondale
All for You (For Me Mix) - Slomo
State Beach - Lady White
The Intelligence - Roberto Scarpa a.k.a. DJ Overlead
Lost in a Dream - Soni Soner
Be the Change - Thesan Project feat. Michelle
Long See (Rhythm Remix) - Avasea
Salazar - Gianluca Altobelli
Wonderland (Remix) - Reflex Artists
Resurrection - Firstclass
Kiss the Cook - La Forge
Stint (Chillout Radio Mix) - Andrea Castello
Asian Fantasy - Lekue
Old Town Blues - Enrico Donner
Dull Roar - Alessandro Enne
Luna nuova 5 - Elekkk
One Day - Rockzone
Welcome to the Future (Deep Mix) - Spurious
Ultra Fairy - Molniya
Sirocco - Kaxamalka
Come with Me - Susy Seven
Hush the Time - Digitalitar
Tonal Colors - Lamar Ensemble
To the Sun (Motion Mix) - Ron Ractive
Garden of Earthly Delights - Squazoid & Kick Bong & Terra Nine
Botanicus Experimus, Pt. 7 - Apollo59
Centimetres Fantasies - Chillo
Purple Nebula - Squazoid & Kick Bong
Endorphine (Chill Mix) - Bertram Geck
Cursive - Green Grid
Do It - Bachot Muna
Wave X - Infinity Project
Voyage - Mbient
Fareawayland - Tho Rick
Love a Girl on the Beach - Khajag
Dive into the Chromosphere - Time Away
Hit Your Deadline - The Sura Quintet
Anakena - Logophilia
On the Rocks - Wolfgang Plasa
Lift into the Sky - Sternenton
Opsit - Babah
Tränen (Marcielo Ambient Mix Instrumental) - Pacator, Marcelo
Come In - Davstr3k
Re-Entering Paradise - Tofustaggerbush
Without You (Ticane''s Seaside Remix) - Jack & Jones
Yoga Love 3 (Short Edit) - Yoga Love
Spring Walk - Arrojas
Ibiza Sun - Heso
Variations on a Spanish Theme - Frequenze Vibrazionali
Moon - Harmonium
Coming Life - X-Wise
Reverse Sights - Rhythmphoria
Through the Night - Robasebeat
High Frequency (Long Version) - Ladamar
Mid Cooler - Johan Giannis Hynynen
Bell Hotline (Whip It Version) - R.F.N.
Right Now (Sweet Lovin'' Edit) - Miss B.T.
Lazy (Urban Lounge Mix) - Lofty Right
Vitt - Chillelektro
Atlanta - Mario McPherson
Songbird - Zen Ongaku
Cloudsurfer - Robert Scharnke
Fly - Ocean Mind
Waiting in the Darkness (Lesny Deep Sweet ''n'' Deep Mix) - Aaron the Baron feat. Mia Lemar
Quem Sera - Bahia de Roses
Sudden Inspirations - Aqua Mundi
The Great Pyramid of Cheops - Andawan
Endless Dream - Joxephad
The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus - Myth
Colossus of Rhodes - Tolubai
I See You (Instrumental Version) - Kid Vibes, Nikola Utopija & Sarai Jazz
Back to You - Kid Vibes & Macrima
Miles Away (Remastered) - Schwarz & Funk
Sandhand - Ku You
Ambiance - Poet
Sunday Without You (Chillout Remode) - Kid Vibes & Mak Others
Night Fm (Chillout Remode) - Kid Vibes
Emotion Leiden - Omatar
Spaceworld 38 - Future Mind
Vehicle - Raw Conscience
Hollow (Etwas Anders Remix) - Omero
Let''s Rock (Magnam Gloriam Ambient Remix) - Elmadon
Des Emus Nachbar - Dunkhellraum
Todo Todos - Los Surfistas Gigantes
Cool Vibe (Chilled out Mix) - Melisma Ryan
Little Planet - Alex Nöthlich
The Layla Poems - Yarara
Tangerine (Chillout Version) - Di Loopoz
Snowflake - Bernd Filz
Small Pluto the Lost and the Kuiper Belt - Dynamics Plus
Melody of Soul - Progressence
Trans Ethic - Marla B. Bisches
Insation Hearts - Tarena
Room 8 - Rnd
Through Time and Space - Alobar
Anam - Knobstat
Tensione - Guido Zitti
Tree Shadow - 2Pan
Magnetic - Miss Tetanos & Sri.Fa
Decay of Wall Street - Paolacci
Eve - Ice Pedestrian
New Tomorrows - Rowla
092502 - Sanderson Dear
Someday - Rob Benninger
Intro - K-Jano
Part of You - Bazar
Time and Light - Electrodances
Catshag22 - Emdy
Bad Angel (Hidden Track) - Piscide
Memories of Ida - Leandro Lee
Peaceful Dream - Passalo
We Tried (Intro) - Outward
Herida Luz - Cristian Lange
Ally Marche - Bad News from Cosmos
L''ombra dell''albero - Renato Cantini & Gavino Loche
We Are All Children of the Universe - Masa
Introspector, Pt. 1 - Void Controller
Ballet Music for Exercises (Petit Battement 1) - Klaus Bruengel
Enemy Desteny Dreams - Ramon Seeger
Acte 2 (Maharashtraa) - Ash Kaan
Left Side Right Side - Marsfinder
House of Horrors - Zombie Ghost Warriors
South Pole - Zwei-Takt
Parce qu il est seigneur - Tanya Blessing
Emmanuel (Monastery Version) - Magnam Gloriam
First Step - Chromatic Circle
Outro - Fido
Metamorphosis - Tax-5
Lost Perspective (Ambient Recover) - Kano Kanape
Broken Toy - Nge
Prism - Son Electronique
Lost in Distortion - N8strom2618
Crystal - Kuku Linear
Lemon Tree (Radio Version) - Carsten Gronholz
The Silver Tree (Bart Panco Remix) - Playme
Artificial Armour of Blood, Pt. 1 - Vitaly Lalia
Beginners Guide (Intro) - We Are Tall Order
Movie Song - Micha Fust
Calling - Internaleye
Battle with Ego - Oudin13
Nervous Tension - Phon/Antiphon
Forgotten Poem - Martin Schmid
The Spirit of the Wood - Aka Modus
Ritchy (Guze And Junior Remix) - Guze
The Dolphin Song (Without Dolphins Ambient Edit) - Infinity Space
Little Prince and Banker - Marek Bilinski
Inspirated - Backstage Artist
Rise Again (Intro Mix) - Rya
Waiting (Radar Five Mix) - Fake Plastic Heads
Roland for a Field Recording, Pt. 1 - Gedevaan
Maya Darsan - Anuraga
Swi - Sqwer
Reign - Gameard
Ambient Introsonic - Rafal Kulik
Fairies Chasing Rainbows - Fobee
Hands Up, Pt. 3 - John Howes
Far from Home (Maxi Version) - Shympulz
Lost in Big City (Underwater Mix) - D.N.Acid
Matter of Time - Jumpel
Eastglen - DJ Sky-Kun the Dragon
My Magical Ocean - Tomasz Osmanski
Seaside - Adam Panagopoulos
Midnight Sex (Elastic Deejays Remix) - Alexis Isaakidis
Posizioni nel tempo, Pt. 2 - Amptek
Fly Me to the Moon - Sean Doody
Alkor (Spinning Backwards Remix By Akcija) - Akcija & Tekin feat. Crsto
Outro - Spektrum-Gebeit
Visions - Fatos Çeta
Temptation in Orange - Trillian Miles
Insecure Ambient - The Nasty Lol Orchestra
SeQuench Your Thirst - Dancing for Architecture
Gathering on the Island - Yu Nothing
Come with Me - A.N.F. Project
I Smile - T.a.
Zarabeth - Acca
Outro - Subficial
Strandcaffee of Denmark - Arnoon
Ice - Parchim
Dragon - Andrei Zaicev
Stillleben - Abendrot
Karma - Experimental Feelings
Intro - Sonis Rai
Another Earth - Pablo Bolivar
Victims of the Seasons Change - City Capture
But, Just for Tonight, Pretend I''m Yours - Musique Pour Des Montagnes
Beat Arrround Your Bush - Alu
The Starry Arch - Melomake
Kampf der Liebe - I.M.A.O.
St1 - Malik
Nathalia (Ambient Mix) - Purplastic feat. Jean Mare
A Lonely Journey - Tebic
A Day on the Beach (Ambient Version) - Prussya
Flying Carpet - Klangwuerfel
Losing Control (Interlude Version) - Electrik Soul feat. Mina
Goodbye (Farwell Farther Version) - Musique Pour Des Montagnes
Autonoe - Adapt
The River - Stefan Bayer
Eclipse - Atlantic Project
Tdt7 - Mirror Shards
La terza ora - Flos
Dark Ambient - Sibri29
Spring Green - Cosmic Project
Secret Garden - Ambiworx
Sustenance - Nathan Glick
Nucleus - Daki 2000
Venus - M Rik
Sea of Loneliness - Sphenoid
Vapor Washing - Art Electronix
Vervollkommnung - Monroe Days
D4.1 - 8
Intro - Maiwald
Alone - Shorpi
Dreamcatcher - Letagere
Dolphins - Mystery Kids
Ruhe - Hardford
Cycle (System Is Chaotic Remix) - Inerflaya
Thousand Miles Away - E-Teb
Cloud - Michele Staino & Renato Cantini
Foucault - Globster
Bad Sleep - Firnwald
Together - Ovia
Iris Submergion - Luminar Ax
Pumping - Cytherea
L''amour pour la musique (Acoustic Mix) - Marc de Bell
Ionosphere - B-Less
Tears for You - Michael Schwarz
Tonmalerei - RobertWM
Ossify - Neil Nessel
Spaceport Return (Dissolved Remix) - Blue Robot
Phantasma - Etienne Vogel
Go Ta I - Hiloyuki Kubota
Prayers to the Wind (Void Controller Edit) - Entactic
Wie man Sankt Martin in Hückelhoven feiert - Bluff
Mellow Dramatic - EE2
Sweet and Cold - Shadow Totem
Nano Car - Lidless Sound
Growings - Naan
Kontrol (Apeabe Farewell Mix) - Kachas
Intergalactical Sunset - Sgarrow
Delta Orionis - Skifi
Crash and Reborn (Masaru Saito Ambient Mix) - Yullippe
Blue Moon - Module Virus
Wailing Kongo - Late Night Apex
Lighthouse - Projekt Phönix
Ainn-Piano - 23 Id
Through the Wind - Ian G.
Kohnektion - Eknuwyk
Snow Melt & Wet Avalanches - The Smiling Buddhas
Australian Meditation - Jacek Jan Komiago
Apostolic Truth - Hanibal
Aglow - Auteur
Forest 1 - Arno Höddinghaus
6 Min 2 Train - Fred and Flow
Early Departure - D.S.S.
Lilli-Pan - Roy Bennett
Brainwaves - The Cosmos
Scissors - Niefelsen
Into Orbit (Extended Mix) - Stephen Allan
Severnaya - Yagura
Listen - In Marland
Earscape - Earratio
Quasar - Raven of Light
Short Senses - Florian Becker
Perfect Unit - Sesion De Los Flores
Blue Lightsaber - Soep Omega
In Between (Tarkatak Remix) - Yoursck
Underwater Cave - Baghira
Titan - Frequencing - Endless Floating in Trance
Unearthly Destination, Pt. 1 - Logical Elements
Taucher - Jim Fooga
From Crisis (Intro) - Concylium
Night City - Buddha Spritz
Planet T25 - Delaylama
Ambient B - Das Lotron
Intro - Johannes Teichmann
Calm After the Storm - Don Gorda Project
Ground Zero (ZdB Reverbmosis Mix) - PAWA
Windspiel - Erdton
Lora Lodrooo - Ksiie
Om Nammah Shivaya - Sakyas Secrets
Raxmanin''s Trip in Unknown Galaktik - Shou-Sin
Keonjhar - Daniele Principato feat. Dicofone
Vögel im Wald - Wellness & Ambiente
Still Place - Miklos Vajda
Find Yourself - Whydyem
Roboshic (Sara Come Home) [Equaxion & Massimo Salustri Remix] - Equaxion
The Pandora Box - Mizieya
Stimulate Energy (Blaue Kino Kontrovers Remix) - Electronic Yellow Jammer
New York Symphony - Jørgensen
Return - Fracture 4
No Aspirin - Morgue''s Last Choice
Liter (Acapella) - Gubot
Logue Epi - Laurent de Paris
Armelle - Sanne Liedtke & John Blacksteam
Meinseele - Garcynoise

Sat, 25 Jun 2016 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-19/over-300-summer-chillout-lounge-ambient-beats
<![CDATA[World Chill-Lounge Charts, Vol. 3 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-19/world-chill-lounge-charts-vol-3 World Chill-Lounge Charts, Vol. 3 - Various Artists

  Track list:
Wait for Us - Derek Palmer feat. Angel Falls
Eco Ballad - STJ feat. Clifford Borg
Beach Life - Anthony Island
Analemma - Pianochocolate
Luna - Jens Buchert
All I Need (The Wetwax Project Reprise Mix) - Artone feat. Marina
Feelings - Aaron The Baron feat. Danny Claire
Patong Beach - DJ Rob de Blank
NS 10 (Deep Space Late Night Mix) - Jean Mare
Happiness (Nick7ven Remix) - DJ Territo
Guitar Breath (Chillout Version) - Amanch
California Sun - Bob Zopp
Gimme Your Love 2k16 (Ticane''s Dark Matter Remix) - Phil Giava & Fio
Ironsea - Jens Buchert
Party Hard (Ticane''s Alter Ego Remix) - DJ Combo feat. MC Duro
Like a Flame (Ermatik Remix) - Stacia X Wunderwald
Rajastan - Yantra Mantra
Klangwelten - Polaris
Driving (Sunset Chill Mix) - STJ feat. Mona Lee
Panama - Vono Box
Rising Up (Chillout Version) - Aaron the Baron feat. Sanne Gutt
Forever (Acoustic Mix) - Thomas Lemmer feat. Naemi Joy
Caught in the Crowd - Evadez
Lost in the Outback - Stars Over Foy

Fri, 17 Jun 2016 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-19/world-chill-lounge-charts-vol-3
<![CDATA[Fresh Moods Pres. In aller Stille (In Silence), Vol. 2 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-19/fresh-moods-pres-in-aller-stille-in-silence-vol-2 Fresh Moods Pres. In aller Stille (In Silence), Vol. 2 - Various Artists

  Track list:
... And Then the Sky Was Open - Jennifer Eberhardt
Bottleneck - Spoq
Across the Border (Giuliano Rodrigues Remix) - Kogyo
Jazz Digger - Hoffmannstrasse
04.00 AM - Rico Casazza
Behind the Scenes (Feat. Jane Maximova) - Lemongrass
Swampy Nights - Mikrokristal
Flowing - TASHI e YASHA
Golden Sunrise - Marga Sol
Please Let Go - Brickman
Okna - The Very Airat
You and Me (Feat. Nadine Hoffmann) (Instrumental) - Jean Mare
Wind Blue - Capa
Mondhelden - Denis Rusnak
Schornstein Milchreis - No Accident In Paradise
Zavtra - Conservators
Wanderlust - Björn Wilke
Ex machina - Kanthor
Huntig Pletoria - IJO
Grey River - LaScie
Mother - Fresh Moods
Tako - The Sushi Club

Fri, 15 Apr 2016 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-19/fresh-moods-pres-in-aller-stille-in-silence-vol-2
<![CDATA[Glamour Lounge, Vol. 1 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-19/glamour-lounge-vol-1 Glamour Lounge, Vol. 1 - Various Artists

  Track list:
Glamourgirl - Alex Cortiz
Loving You - Jean Honeymoon & Nigel Hayes
Désire - Eskadet
Fly Away - Mo''jardo
Try - Ammoye & Rise Ashen
Beauté - Lemongrass
Sweet Drops of Honey (Feat. Astrid North) - Soulounge
A New Day Is Dawning - Ingo Herrmann
Seventh House Session - Johannes Huppertz
Sweet Dreams - Peter Pearson
Purple Sky - David Sainz
Love Comes Along - Marga Sol
Alive Deep - TONG8
Take Me Away - Mister Ab, Jean Honeymoon
Take Me Away - Il Santo
Let''s Go Deep - John Cody
Waiting for Yesterday - Michael E
Always Be With You - Ambitus
Ambient Loungeflight - Jean Mare
Body Talk (Re-Editmix) - Monodeluxe

Thu, 18 Feb 2016 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-19/glamour-lounge-vol-1
<![CDATA[Seven Dreams (A Smooth Transition From from Lounge to Ambient & Chill) - Jean Mare]]> http://www.djtunes.com/jean-mare/seven-dreams-a-smooth-transition-from-from-lounge-to-ambient-chill Seven Dreams (A Smooth Transition From from Lounge to Ambient & Chill) - Jean Mare

  Track list:
NS 10 (Deep Space Late Night Mix) - Jean Mare
Sine Cascading (Sunset Chill Mix) - Jean Mare
Good Girls Heart (Vocal Radio Mix) - Jean Mare
To the Balearic and Back (Lounge Flight Mix) - Jean Mare
Thinking About You (Lounge Mix) - Jean Mare
Gate to Aurora (From East to West Electronic Mix) - Jean Mare
Down to Underground (Nu Jazzy Smooth Mix) - Jean Mare
Give Me Your Love (Deep Electronic Vocal Chill Mix) - Jean Mare
Ageless (Allmira Enigmatic Mix) - Jean Mare
Solar Lights (Sine Pulse Voice Mix) - Jean Mare
Dandelons in Space (Deep Flow Ambient Lounge Mix) - Jean Mare
Night Affair (Lounge Mix) - Jean Mare
Sexy Night (Lounge Mix) - Jean Mare
Night Move (Lounge Groove Mix) - Jean Mare
A Better Place (Easy Lounge Vocal Mix) - Jean Mare
Deep Layers (Downbeat Sphere Mix) - Jean Mare
Dreams Del Mar - Jean Mare
Lost Enigma (Smooth Spherical Mix) - Jean Mare
Email From East (Asian Wideness Flight Mix) - Jean Mare
Ambient Field Voices (7 Dreams Meditation Mix) - Jean Mare
Seven Dreams Continuous DJ Mix, Pt. 1 - Jean Mare
Seven Dreams Continuous DJ Mix, Pt. 2 - Jean Mare

Mit seinem neuen Album “seven dreams” präsentiert Jean Mare sein drittes Album. 20 Songs zwischen Ambient, Chillout und Lounge zum relaxen, passen genau zu den ruhigen Momenten bei Tag und bei Nacht. Das Album besticht mit außergewöhnlichen Sounds, modernen Grooves, atmosphärischen Soundgebilden, manchmal mystisch und relaxend und dann wieder etwas jazziger und grooviger. Jeder Song ist das Resultat liebevoller und leidenschaftlicher Arbeit. Als Bonus enthält das Album zwei sehr schöne einstündigen Mixe. Genieße Jean Mare’s Album „seven dreams“. Enjoy!
Fri, 06 Nov 2015 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/jean-mare/seven-dreams-a-smooth-transition-from-from-lounge-to-ambient-chill
<![CDATA[Deep Space (A Space Night Journey from Ambient to Chill & Lounge) - Jean Mare]]> http://www.djtunes.com/jean-mare/deep-space-a-space-night-journey-from-ambient-to-chill-lounge Deep Space (A Space Night Journey from Ambient to Chill & Lounge) - Jean Mare

  Track list:
Space Cave (Relaxing Sound Mix) - Jean Mare
Insani (Sound Modify Downbeat Mix) - Jean Mare
Droplets Karma (Ambient Relax Mix) - Jean Mare
Beauty World of Dreams (Dream Project Mix) - Jean Mare
Desert Moon (Chillout Deluxe Mix) - Jean Mare
Space Moments (Ambient Lounge Sphere Mix) - Jean Mare
Skydrops (Nu Chill Groove Mix) - Jean Mare
Space Experience (Electronic Sphere Mix) - Jean Mare
Sunrise (Nu Way Chillout Mix) - Jean Mare
Lost Shadows (Downbeat Mix) - Jean Mare
Such a Lonely Time (Groovy Downbeat Mix) - Jean Mare
Dream Enough (Guitar Chill Cut) - Jean Mare
Reach for the Stars (East Chill Mix) - Jean Mare
Never Be (Vocal Downbeat Cut) - Jean Mare
Just Equality (Electro Downbeat Mix) - Jean Mare
Deep Space (DJ Marcone Continuous Mix) - Jean Mare

Mit seinem neuen Album “deep space” präsentiert Jean Mare sein zweites Album auf Freebeat Music Records. 15 brandneue Songs zwischen Ambient, Chillout und Lounge zum relaxen, passen genau zu den ruhigen Momenten bei Tag und bei Nacht. Das Album besticht mit außergewöhnlichen Sounds, modernen Grooves, atmosphärischen Soundgebilden, manchmal mystisch und relaxend und dann wieder etwas jazziger und grooviger. Jeder Song ist das Resultat liebevoller und leidenschaftlicher Arbeit. Als Bonus enthält das Album einen sehr schönen einstündigen Mix von DJ Marcone. Nimm’s mit und genieße Jean Mare’s space night journey “deep space”!
Fri, 10 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/jean-mare/deep-space-a-space-night-journey-from-ambient-to-chill-lounge
<![CDATA[Lifeflow (A Smooth Transition from Lounge to Ambient & Chill) - Jean Mare]]> http://www.djtunes.com/jean-mare/lifeflow-a-smooth-transition-from-lounge-to-ambient-chill Lifeflow (A Smooth Transition from Lounge to Ambient & Chill) - Jean Mare

  Track list:
Here We Go Again (Buddha Chillout Mix) - Jean Mare
Cosmic Voices (Mystic Love Mix) - Jean Mare
Cosmic Frequency (Deep Space Chillout Mix) - Jean Mare
You and Me (feat. Nadine Hoffmann) - Jean Mare
Smooth Lounge Breeze - Jean Mare
Time for Two (Smooth Lounge Mix) - Jean Mare
Everything (feat. Svetlana) - Jean Mare
Nightzoom (Smooth Night Mix) - Jean Mare
Innercity Lights (City Chillout Lounge Mix) - Jean Mare
Where Is the Space (Smooth Lounge Mix) - Jean Mare
Feel So Good (Smooth Arp Mix) - Jean Mare
You See Me (Space Lounge Mix) - Jean Mare
Deep in Thoughts (Mystic Moments Mix) - Jean Mare
Lifeflow - Jean Mare

Out Now. Jean Mare’s lang ersehntes Debüt Album! Bei seiner ersten Auswahl hat er einige seiner besten bisher bei dem Label Freebeat music records veröffentlichten Songs plus einige exklusive brandneue Tracks zusammengestellt. Songschreiber und Produzent Jean Mare ist bekannt durch seinen einzigartigen Sound und ist Teil der populären Lounge und Chillout Scene. Er ist mittlerweile auf über 100 Kopplungen bekannter Labels wie zum Beispiel Emi, Universal etc. vertreten. Mit seinem Sound hat er eine Nische zwischen Enigma, Mike Oldfield und Schiller gefunden und präsentiert hier eine neue Reise in die Welt von „Space Night“, Klängen. Des Weiteren sind bereits viele namenhafte Radiosender, wie zum Beispiel bei N-Joy Abstrait, The Chillout Room BFBS, klassik Radio und viele weitere auf ihn aufmerksam geworden. „Lifeflow“ beinhaltet 14 Songs, die aus einer Mischung aus Ambient, Lounge und Chillout bestehen und besticht durch außergewöhnliche Sounds, modernen Grooves, atmosphärischen Soundgebilden, manchmal mystisch und relaxend und dann wieder etwas jazziger und grooviger. Jeder Song ist das Resultat aus liebevoller und leidenschaftlicher Arbeit. Nimm teil an Jean Mare’s Lebensfluss. Enjoy „Lifeflow“!
Fri, 22 Nov 2013 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/jean-mare/lifeflow-a-smooth-transition-from-lounge-to-ambient-chill