Johnny Fiasco Biography

Chicago-born Juan Lopez grew up in the predominately Hispanic Pilsen
neighborhood where he was influenced by music at an early age. Soon after
his high school years, he traded playing guitar in rock and funk bands for
home studio technology that allowed him the freedom to produce his own
music without the confines and frustrations that playing in a band
presented. Around this time Johnny began his career as a DJ at some of the
first underground "house" parties in Chicago, and in '88 he landed a
residency at Smart Bar with Mark Farina. Three years later he turned a
potentially devastating incident into a source of motivation to focus on
his career as a producer and began to record for Moonshine, Radikal Fear
and the world-renowned Cajual Records. He has produced a number of
Billboard hits, remixed the likes of Justin Timberlake, Gloria Estefan, KD
Lang and Donna Blakely (just to name a few), and has released records on
just about every house label worth listening to. His outstanding musical
accomplishments have attracted worldwide attention to this humble artist,
and his ongoing musical endeavors continue to play a major role in defining
the past, present and future of house music.