Joris Voorn Biography

His first two productions on the Dutch label "Keynote" named "Muted Trax
pt.1 and pt.2" were a success and got extremely good critics nationally and
more important internationally.

End 2003 'Lost memories Pt.1' was released on Technasia's SINO label, and
will be followed up by 'Lost memories Pt.2' may 2004 containing two killer
tracks already been played by many.. [Clarke, Garnier, Deetron,
Technasia... check the review in the next issue of Mixmag Magazine].
Next to the first two releases of our "Sound Architecture Records" label
there will be new material released on Transmat, Keynote and his debut
album on SINO [end of summer].

As a deejay Joris has been around for a while, spinning since 1997 in
different clubs nationwide. Besides doing his 'high energy' live sets Joris
loves dj'ing as well, playing a wide range of techno and house with his own
remark. Never boring and always innovating because that's his nature.

In 2004 Joris performed live at the famous Tresor Club in Berlin,Awakenings
Festival in Amsterdam, The Loft in Barcelona and the Movement Festival in
Detroit and Kozzmozz in Gent Belgium.

As his Alter ego Dark Science he produced "The real issue" on Sound
Architecture records including remixes from Deetron and Alexander Kowalski.
His first release 'Muted Trax pt 1' on Dutch label Keynote was well
received and picked up on by the likes of Laurent Garnier and Carl Craig.
He followed this success with his first release on Sino last December,
'Lost Memories Pt.1' which caused a stir amongst the dance community and
made Joris a recognised name.

If 'Lost Memories Pt 1' suggested Joris was a true talent, then Pt 2 in the
series confirmed it. The piano filled 'Incident' charted in almost every
dance magazine of worth, made No. 1 in Mixmag's Techno singles, was
playlisted by John Peel and was championed by none other than Carl Cox.
Whilst the two 12's that have preceded 'Future History' do feature in part
on the album, do not fear. This is not just another compilation of tunes
built for the dance floor and then stuck onto CD in the hope of making some
extra cash. This is an album in the true sense of the word.

'Future History' demonstrates Joris' talent as a musician and album
crafter, along side his already proven skills as a techno producer. Trying
to name standout tracks is not only made difficult by the sheer number of
them, but is also missing the point.

Joris Voorn has made an album that draws on over three years work and
seamlessly blends techno, breaks and electro into a 77minute soundscape
that represents his coming of age. This young Dutchman has everything it
takes to become huge and 'Future History' could well be the album that
takes him there.