Josh Gallahan Biography

Josh Gallahan, alias Rudi Dittmann has been well known on the dj/producer circuit for a number of years and now finally his long awaited debut album “1st Strike” is about to be released.
Over the past few years his name has been popping up on numerous different release credits with a score of top artists. This encouraged Josh not to tie himself down genre-wise and through this he ensured that his productions stayed cutting edge and in big demand.
Growing up in a musically orientated family, Josh’s academic career led him to a degree in audio engineering and this then enabled him to take his first steps as a producer in the late nineties. After trying out a number of different styles, his long-time friend Timo Becker laid the foundation for his musical future by introducing him to his present mentor and friend Andre Tanneberger alias ATB. Their first combined productions found their way onto ATB’s 2002 highly proclaimed “Dedicated” album and opened the door for further productions that went on to have a huge impact on ATB’s next four albums, creating a musical symbiosis that is still intact today. After the huge success with his productions for ATB, Josh accompanied Andre to bookings and live gigs all over the world which helped him to expand his musical horizon even further.
Josh then went on to produce and remix such talents as: Andy Moor, Markus Schulz, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Talla2XLC and Kurd Maverick. These productions not only gave Josh the chance to make a name for himself, but also for his musical vision and at the beginning of 2008 his talent reached the crew from the label “A State of Trance” and it’s owner Armin van Buuren. Now Rudi Dittmann can surely say that he is the kind of producer that, through his characteristically sounding beats and his individual song writing skills, has made a distinctive mark on the music scene and further still, has broken free from typical production patterns and developed his own personal style.
With “1st Strike” Josh makes it totally clear where he wants to take us with his music and he leaves us with an unmistakeable sample of what he has in store for the future and with dozens of new productions and projects in the pipeline, be sure that his music will be heard!