Julio Navas Biography

Julio Navas is a well known DJ and producer from the city of Barcelona
(Spain), who started his career at very young age, playing in clubs at the
same time that he realized productions in the studio with his inseparable
mate David Amo.

His long experience with the turntables is guaranteed by his known
residences in the most prestigious clubs of the zone of Barcelona, just as
his countless sets as guest artist in important events and discos all
around the world or the recording of several compilations at DJ level as
Technics (the original sessions), of which he has realized several volumes,
and the use of his image for several brands, like Technics or Playstation.

From his beginnings together with his partner and friend David Amo, they
have worked in their own studio (El laboratorio de sensaciones), that has
offered a lot of record successes. Nowadays, both of them are the owners
and maximum responsibles for Fresco records; according to the critics (the
most innovative label in electronic house), and recently awarded as
sensational new label in the DeejayMags 2005, achieving that their records
are played by people like: John Acquaviva, Tom Stephan, Sasha, Steve
Angello, David Vendetta, Wally Lopez, Simon and Shaker, Ralph Falcon
(MURK), Max Graham, Criss Source, Randy Katana, John Digweed, Rene Amesz,
Armin van Buuren, etc.

He is also responsible for, among others, works for labels like Electribe
(IN-N-OUT), La Factoria y Formula records (Propaganda - Take OFF) label of
the well known DJ Wally Lopez, remixes for Ralphie Rosario (Brinca) Tweek
d, Trentemoller (Rykketid), Wally Lopez (Shake it like), Benny Benassi
(Able to love), etc.. and obviously all the product of Fresco records.

His productions have been licensed by companies all around the world and
included in the complilations of prestigious DJ s, and his works have been
remixed by important figures as Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso (IN-N-
OUT - - EQ-Lizer) jackit sounds UK, Wally Lopez or Andrea Bertolini.

Together with David Amo, they have occupied the front page and the main
interview in the number of March 06 in the publication (Deejay Magazine

This well known artist is without question going on one of his most
glorious moments, being claimed in several European capitals, in order to
offer all the magic of his cases charged of good music.

His energetic sets, full of life and sensual electronic house sound turn
Julio Navas into a secure bet to any dance club.