Junkie XL Biography

Junkie XL, aka Tom Holkenborg is already a star in his own right in
Holland. In the same way as Moby fails to fall easily into any one
category, yet has a distinctive sound which attracts fans from all areas of
dance and rock, Junkie XL has his own take on funky-edged dance. His music
brings in rap, guitar rock and lo-fi to the mix of techno, trance and
bleeped-out electro.

Its a formula that has long caught the ears of some of the UK's top DJs.
Pete Tong cites Junkie XL as his current tip for 2000, and the likes of
Sasha, Digweed, Nick Warren and Carl Cox, among others, have been
supporting him on import for some time now.

If you have never seen Junkie XL perform live then you haven't lived. Seven
Magazine managed to experience the magic;
"Tom Holkenborg is alone on stage, jumping and humping his desk, unrolling
a vast set of densely packed progressive trance, and the Dutch kids
absolutely adore him. Tom's energy is focused energy - he knows the game on
stage, he's played between The Primals and The Prodigy - and is genuinely
transported when he's up there,controlling the crowd. Like listening to the
Chemicals live, you have to surrender yourself to the sound to fully
appreciate what's going on."