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  Duration: 00:05:56
Release date: 2013-03-11
Label: Phuzion Digital
Sun, 10 Mar 2013 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/la-yee/atmosphere-deeper-drum-bass-chapter-4/better-world__5344178
<![CDATA[Atmosphere: Deeper Drum & Bass (Chapter 4) - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-10/atmosphere-deeper-drum-bass-chapter-4 Atmosphere: Deeper Drum & Bass (Chapter 4) - Various Artists

  Track list:
Better World - Rowpieces feat. La Yee
Wash Away the Years - Kyro
Space Is the Place - DJ Trax
Waters Edge - Phil Tangent & Imagery
This Must Be Love - PFM
Sweet Memories - Mos
Semisynthetic - B Fuse
Breathless - MSDOS & Pixel
Time to Myself - Furney
Guilty Pleasures - Imagery & Spirant
Elephant Shoes - Stereotype
One - Brunno Junglist
Theme from Downtown - Dynamic feat. MSDOS
4000AD (Voja Remix) - Subject 13
Luckiest Day - Calculon, Andy Sp
Lucky Fool - soulTec
Ny Love Story - Dynamic
Rebounded (Jrumhand's Aint Broke Remix) - Nookie
Atmosphere: Deeper Drum & Bass (Chapter 4) [Continuous Mix] - Various Artists

Sun, 10 Mar 2013 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-10/atmosphere-deeper-drum-bass-chapter-4
<![CDATA[Disco Noir (Dubrow Remix) - La Yee & Row-Funk & Monaco Gza]]> http://www.djtunes.com/la-yee/dubstep-2011-by-dj-ukf-100-tracks/disco-noir-dubrow-remix__4337056 Disco Noir (Dubrow Remix) - La Yee & Row-Funk & Monaco Gza

  Duration: 00:06:49
Release date: 2012-08-02
Label: Soul Bros. Records
Wed, 01 Aug 2012 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/la-yee/dubstep-2011-by-dj-ukf-100-tracks/disco-noir-dubrow-remix__4337056
<![CDATA[Dubstep 2011 By DJ Ukf - 100 Tracks - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-10/dubstep-2011-by-dj-ukf-100-tracks Dubstep 2011 By DJ Ukf - 100 Tracks - Various Artists

  Track list:
Dub - Korgus
Back to the Things - Tomtation feat. Philomena
Basement - Neil Nessel
Melting Time (City Capture Dubstep Edit) - City Capture
Samurai Loss (Original Mix) - Brown Noise
Alive (Lazarus Remix) - Alldegrees Ft. Dani Galenda
Crossfader Kill (Deck B) - Ron Ractive
Runnin (Ron Ractive Dubstep Mix) - Nathalie De Borah
Basshypnosis - Triii Force
Northbound (Azulureus Dubstep Remix) - Darren Fisher
Electroshock (Dubstep Cut Mix) - Eyesman
Distance Operation (Original) - Species
Angel Falls (Into the Darkness Mix) - DJ Kayowa
The Hearts Dissonance (Melodik Remix) - Jed Rabid
Ghost 2.0 - DJ Kayowa
I Was a Dervish (Gábor Deutsch Mantramix) - Occam
Binary Star - Butterfly Crash
Club Sandwich - The Dubsection
Losing Control Ft Mina and Katrina (Dubstep Mix) - Electrik Soul Ft Mina
Become a Warrior Dancer - Sabata
Pills (Original) - Gizmou
Seiling (Original) - Bob Lee
Human Beings (Album Remix) - DJ Kayowa
Get the Front Door - Funkefeller
No Matter (Original Mix) - Crootz
The Devil in My Head (Kommander Keen Remix) - Orbeat
Funny Bot - Basstiraden
Sid Tight - Fr33m4n
Breakin (Kingthing Remix) - T.R.O.
Forbidden Forgiveness - Numerical
My World (Gimbal & Sinan Remix) - Lab of Music
I'll Be Back (Undershell Broken Dub) - Plicherss
The Bravest (Captcha Bless Rmx) - Letherdive
Glock (Bonus Track) - Alldegrees
Steam Roller - Dj Puzzle
Nightingale - Vlad Solovjov
Liquid Fire (Koyunbaba Remix) - Savid
Oh Yeah (Dubstep Mix) - Johan Dezo
Western Spaghettis - Sabata
Moonlight Lover - Vlad Solovjov
Showtime (Vlad Solovjov Remix) - Symbiz Sound
Spy Hard Original Mix - Clix Eradik Phroh & J.F.Killah
Skietwond (Karasho Remix) - Skrtel
Free (Electrik Soul Idm Remix) - Chris Tanch Ft Jemma
Do You Really - Vegas House
Crackhead - Bukez Finezt
Bass Trippin' - The Crowd Filter
Nuclear - Tom Tesla
Electroshock (Dubstep Extended Mix) - Eyesman
Sweetie - The Ramaboy
Last Chapter - Vlad Solovjov
Showtime (Ill K Remix) - Symbiz Sound
Blackout - M-Force
Kids At the Bar - H!B Hop
Ghost Train - Constantine
Motherfucker - Venometrix
Willy Wanka (Ill_K Remix) - Dyna
Farmington - Sabata
Naked Island (Oicho Remix) - Urenga
Disco Noir (Dubrow Remix) - La Yee & Row-Funk & Monaco Gza
Let It Go - Callan Maart
Ganja (Dub X Mix) - Kid Dynamic
Drop Kick (Grubby Remix) - Divkid
Dubtech - Sabretooth
World Is Mine (Original) - Bassrael
World Is Mine (Rkns Remix) - Bassrael
Black Cat (Original Mix) - Omek & Lll
Sucker! (Geck-E Remix) - proteus
Future Now - Abort Retry Fail
No Harm (Fr33m4n Dubstep Remix) - Basstiraden
Bong Addict (Liver Remix) - Mr Bong
Rinse Out (Original Mix) - Dj Assassin Presents Nude Man
Short Ride (Ben Shee's Slow Breaking Remix) - MacGregor
Meditating Mole (Papuga Remix) - High Tech Soul
Cyberian Girl - Haunted Code
Season 8 - Nasher
Terror (Original Version) - Yama Dirty Crew
Massive Darkness - Saser
Take a Second (Brothers Grinn Radio Mix) - 2Shade
Take a Second (Brothers Grinn Club Mix) - 2Shade
Unify - Pcm & Manik
Zulu Music 2011 (Mightiness Dubstep Rmx) - Hillberg Vs Soul Slinger Feat Tc Izlam
Find Her - Chanda Ngoi
Liquid Metal (Original Mix) - Plicherss
There Is a Land - Pcm & Manik
Robomok Trash - Nomurai
Black Book - Haunted Code
Traveller (Justicious Remix) - Style Mistake
Girls from All Your Dirty Magazines (Soulskream Dubstep Mix) - Candy Shop
Fight the Bull - Abort Retry Fail
Suspended Original - Bob Lee
Surrender - Brokerz
Glitch Monkey - Callan Maart
Forever You (2011 Dubstep Mix) - Dreena
Drop It - Onslaught
Train of Thought - Pcm & Manik
Functions of One Real Variable - Nicolas Bourbaki
Thaiti Equaxion Mix - Massimo Salustri
Topological Vector Spaces - Nicolas Bourbaki
Enigma ( Original Mix ) - Deck-O

Wed, 01 Aug 2012 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-10/dubstep-2011-by-dj-ukf-100-tracks
<![CDATA[Stories of Life - La Yee & Row-Funk]]> http://www.djtunes.com/la-yee/back-to-disco-house/stories-of-life__4914948 Stories of Life - La Yee & Row-Funk

  Duration: 00:06:08
Release date: 2012-07-09
Label: Soul Bros. Records
Sun, 08 Jul 2012 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/la-yee/back-to-disco-house/stories-of-life__4914948
<![CDATA[While The Musics Runnin' (Intersolar Remix) - La Yee]]> http://www.djtunes.com/la-yee/attacks-from-oblivion-remixes/while-the-musics-runnin-intersolar-remix__6473252 While The Musics Runnin' (Intersolar Remix) - La Yee

  Duration: 00:08:01
Release date: 2012-06-04
Label: Soul Bros. Records
Sun, 03 Jun 2012 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/la-yee/attacks-from-oblivion-remixes/while-the-musics-runnin-intersolar-remix__6473252
<![CDATA[Attacks From Oblivion Remixes - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-6/attacks-from-oblivion-remixes Attacks From Oblivion Remixes - Various Artists

  Track list:
Chasin' Dr Row (Stunna Remix) - Rowpieces
My Soul (BrokenDrum Remix) - The Soul Warriors
Sheer Bliss (Data A Remix) - Jungle Junx featuring La Yee
On The Run (Chris Sabian Remix) - The Soul Warriors
Rewind the Tape (Ji Ben Gong Remix) - Jungle Junx
Phantom Menace (Rhythm Tek Remix) - Soul Cube
Do It Again (Concept e25 Remix) - Rowpieces
While The Musics Runnin' (Intersolar Remix) - La Yee
Sheer Bliss (Remaster) - Jungle Junx featuring La Yee
My Soul (Remaster) - The Soul Warriors
Chasin' Dr. Row (Remaster) - Rowpieces
Phantom Menace (Remaster) - Soul Cube
Rewind The Tape (Remaster) - Jungle Junx
Do It Again (Remaster) - Rowpieces
On The Run (Remaster) - The Soul Warriors
While The Musics Runnin' (Remaster) - La Yee

Would you already call it Retro? 2 years of Soul Bros Records! Right in time comes the anniversary edition of the first compilation „Attacks From Oblivion“ which was released in June 2010. The „Attacks From Oblivion“ 2012 edition is a pure remix release of each track of the compilation and we thought it was a good idea to involve some of the most talented producers on this project. Apart from well-known fellows Stunna and BrokenDrum we have our most talented artists from the Soul Bros. roster on the remix duty: youngster Data A (later known as Alston), Mannheim mate Chris Sabian, French man Ji Ben Gong, London dude Rhythm Tek, the French House duo Concept e25 and Nurembergs Intersolar. As if this wasn't enough Rowpieces got his hands on the mastering and brings you louder and better sounding remaster from the originals goodies. Don't miss this!
Sun, 03 Jun 2012 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-6/attacks-from-oblivion-remixes
<![CDATA[105 Workout - the Best For Workout Fitness Gym Running Jogging - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-10/105-workout-the-best-for-workout-fitness-gym-running-jogging 105 Workout - the Best For Workout Fitness Gym Running Jogging - Various Artists

  Track list:
Billie Jean (Club Mix) - Crew 7 feat. Geeno Fabulous
Rapper's Delight - The Booty Jocks
Tomorrow (Clubmix) - Milkbar Rockers
Rhythm Is All That I Need (Hans-O-Matik Bootleg Edit) - Geeno Fabulous Feat. Raheema
Magic Touch (Drunk & Brilliant's Maximus Mix) - Dj Knut
Yes You Kan (Original Club Mix) - D.s.ka
Die Nacht (Club Mix) - Jens Zimmer
Monster in the Club (Salt & Fire Remix) - Sven Laakenstyk Vs Tony Brown
Love (Club Mix) - DJ Mafia
This Is Future (Extended Mix) - Stereoliner
We Love to Love (Scotty Remix) - Tony T.
Upside Down (Discobastardz Meets Drunk & Brilliant Remix Edit) - Dj Hyo
Love Is a Butterfly (Extended Mix) - Gesso Feat Maya
Road Rat (Tronix Dj Remix Edit) - Marq Aurel & Beatbreaker Feat. Nate Monoxide
Welcome to Paradise (Original Extended Mix) - Toni G Feat. Dcl
Pillemann (Extended Mix) - Prolosapien feat. Lexxxi
Freak Out (Cj Stone Remix) (Re-Release) - Roxfield
Summer Kiss (Extended Mix) - Dream Rider
Push It (Extended Mix) - Dj Hyo Vs Turbotronic
I Feel so Bad (Hector Herrero Radio Remix) - Eva Dinora Feat. Pol Rossignani
Koshka - Max Gazeta
Bring the Beat Back (Original Mix) - Lemonite
So Much (Dj Spampy Engel Remix) - Olivier Sola Feat. Jerome Thevenot
Push it - Dr. Alban
Push the Funk (Original Mix) - Dasya
Headshot With a Disco Bullet (Filipe Rodrigues Deep Mix) - Syzthaime
Disco Fantasy (Cliff Wedge Remix) - Yazzmin
This Is Your Time (Original Extended Mix) - Euro Latin Beats
Wherever You Go (Weststylers Radio Edit) - MALDOX feat. C.Y.T.
Wir Flippen Aus (Eddy Hard Edit) - Genial
My Love (Enzio Velli & Balu Da Houseclasher Original Mix) - Houseclashers
The Only One (Dave Dee! Radio Edit) - Surisan
Hold me now (Club Mix) - Sun Kidz feat. David Posor
Musica (DJ Blisco Concept) - DJ Zulan feat. Jelya
La Musique Parfait (Original Extended Mix) - Hoxygen
Touch me (Extended) - Cliff Wedge
Take Me Higher (Extended Mix) - Discoduck
Careless Whisper ( Harry K.& Dan Cage Mix) - Discofreunde
Heaven in your arms (DJ The Bass Sunset Extended) - Purenergy
A Night to Remember (Original Mix) - Laera
Disco Noir (Romanto Remix) - La Yee & Row-Funk & Monaco Gza
One more try (DJ Gio Extended) - Masterbeat
Feeling Good - Stefan Schenk
Funky Tunes Vol. 1 (Club Mix) - DJ the Bass
You Know (Extended Mix) - Jellytouch
Like a Fool (Fabrizio e Marco Extended) - FANTASY PROJECT
My Baby (Clubhunter Uk Mix) - Candycore
Color my world (Giuseppe Sessini Viaggio Mix) - IRIDAMA
Sound of Disco Yohann Price Remix - Dav'Bond
Summer is calling (RainDropz! Extended) - Sun Kidz feat. Sandra
November (Original Mix) - T-Amo
Disguise - Tiifa
Trust - Sascha Dolliver & Manual Section
Humans Against Nature - Ernest B
Close Your Eyes (Club Mix) - Mike & Smith feat. DJ Sakin
Aspiration (Original Mix) - Floe
Lullaby (Original) - Infected Fay
98ia (Original Mix) - Feedback
Alexander One - Rainy Days (Vladimir Alykov Remix) - Alexander One
Where Have You Gone (TBM DJ Extended) - Surisan
Fly Away (Original Mix) - Airosource
Singa - Fred Fat
Self Destruction (Original Mix) - D.A.S.
Love Song (Extended Version) - Clubhunter Feat Turbotronic
Fall in love (Love Touch Remix) - FANTASY PROJECT
El Tango De La Muerte (Radio Edit) - Hoxygen
La Chanson Fatal (Original Extended Version) - Hoxygen Feat Krystal Em
Prince of Love (Dj G Passion Rmx) - Jack Bass
Komputer Melody (Dance Rocker Remix) - I Gotika
I Want It All (Extended Version) - Max Zero
Super Eurobeat Lover (Extended Version) - Dee Dee
Forever (TBM DJ Extended) - Masterbeat
A Question of Words (Extended Mix) - Juan Martinez Feat. Anabel Lee
Io Cambiero' (Original Mix) - I Gotika & Favara DJ
Gira Tutto Intorno a Me (Dario Synth vs i-m@t remix) - K.I.V
Nostalgia (Di.Ma. Dj Remix) - Italoproducerz
Running (Extended Mix) - Two Ontrack Feat. Anabel Lee
This Is the Day (Extended Mix) - Khrys Feat Pol Rossignani
Happiness 4 Life (Italo Edit) - Dj Mo
Lasciami Andare (Dance Rocker's Trip Rmx) - Marcovox Feat Elix England
Come Mai (Dance Attack) - Cesareo DeeJays
Disco Record [Radio Edit] - Baybes
Kiss Me (Italo Radio Mix) - Orion
Everybody Knows (Dance Mix) - Digital Crime
Born to live on (Italoshakerz Extended) - EMPORIO supp. THE FACES
Another Song (Extended Mix) - Khrys Feat Pol Rossignani
Wings of Love(Remday Club Mix) - Toni Granello
Dissonanze Distorte - Rha
Feel This Free, Remix By Jonny Lexxs - DJ Alex Kidd
Fine Time - Pitch Twit
Fun Function - Nimi Dovrat
Dirty (Toni Toolz Heavy Duty Remix) - Dennis Wonder
Bewilderment - Mads
Olivar (Original Mix) - Christopher & Valentinio
Inout - Frowin Von Boyen
Automatic - D-Force
Feel the pressure (Tino Boa Remix) - Mr. Roc
Magnetiz - Pure Diamond
Remember Me - Chris Blank
Anita - Original Mix - Martin Levrie
Ghost in the Club - Sven Laakenstyk Vs Tony Brown
Message (club mix) - Dj Nico Ortiz
The King of Poker (Frankie S. Remix) - Alex Teddy & Marko T. vs. Stephan F
Plastic Elastic (Club Mix) - Ray Burnz
Respect the Dj Mellowave + Dj Neb Rmx Extendet - Visioneight Feat. Trevor Jackson

Thu, 29 Mar 2012 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-10/105-workout-the-best-for-workout-fitness-gym-running-jogging