The independent label Chibar Records was founded on the 23rd of August in 2005 by Extraplay and Still Cutt, who had saperated from this time of Flashback Records. This happened to open the possibility to make thier produced music more known, at which the distribution of the music was also the aim of both artists. They saw no future at Flashback Records, because the possibilities there were heavily restricted. For these and other reasons, the own label Chibar Records was founded.
In the first two years the focus was the music production and local advertising to sell the first albums in thier hometown. In 2007, the website went online and the label found first sales opportunities via the Internet, since that time Chibar Records is a netlabel with the address Besides the Internet distribution of music there were also planned publications from sound recording, but it wasn´t possible because of financial reasons up to now.
Mainly minimal, house and techno are published on the label, but several other genres of the electronic frame too. The development of the music has improved in comparison to the first productions and will continue to improve, what is the aim of all artists at Chibar Records. In this time from the two artists grew five, Svensen, M Burner, RackoBranka, Still Cutt and Extraplay.On the website there are present musicplays by all artists to listen to and they are to find on the publications.

With Chibar Records, besides music producers there are also DJs who have already been experienced in different clubs, radios and on private parties. They always benefit more and more by the increasing awareness of the label in the future and will be available around the globe. Three of the most famous DJs are Svensen, RackoBranka and also the less-known Extraplay.