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  Track list:
Halloween (Extended Mix) - Avano
Halloween Party (DJ Maks Efimov Remix) - Syntheticsax & Dimixer
Everything Is Blue (Halloween Mix) - Stereoliner
Happy Halloween (Fritz Fridulin Remix) - Moonyman
Secret (DJ Spaceraven Remix) - DJ Sakin vs. Weimar
Welcome Halloween - Robin G
Let the Drum Beat Goes (Extended) - 2 Brothers On The 1st. Floor
With the Crowd (Cj Mkh Remix) - 2 Raverz
Luv 2Nite (Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels Remix) - A.C.K. & Oliver Meadow
Luna - A.C.N.
Hold On (Radio Cut) - About Vegas
Halloween (Young Melvin Crew Remix) - The Crowd Filter
Halloween Chord - Gurhan
Do Not Nervous (Stereoliner Radio Edit) - Calabria
Masternight (Dirty Barks Remix) - Nicola Fly Feat. Yanis.S
Follow Me (Club Mix) - Discomaenner Feat.Crazy Z
I Groove Faster - Simon Jaxx
ReAnimator (Old School Mix (No Intro Beat Edit)) - Dr. Kucho!
Vocal Boom (Play Stop Remix) - Play Stop
Love Is a Shield (Glitch & Repeat Remix) - DJ Sakin
Oh Shit (Evan C & Greg Hausmind Remix) - Lucky Garcia & DJ Turtle
Fantastico (Pimpie Remix) - Marcos Zaldano
Hannah (F.d.h. D´n`B Mix) - Subject Delta
Crazy Phone - Simplex
Fable (Club Mix) - Sunrider
Over My Head - Danny Bee Ft.Crazy Z
I Believe - Funke & Lange
Feeling Good (Extended Version) - Babe Ruth
Relax (Sunrider Edit) - Brisby & Jingles feat. Miloud
Out of My Mind (Tlfomg Remix) - Mark Boom
Outside World (Club Mix) - DJ Sakin & Stereoliner
Push That Feeling (Kishin Remix) - Kishin Meets Stereoliner
Knock You Down (Bigroom Electro Mix) - Sapphire
No Rules (Miss Ketty Remix) - Superball feat. Sangah
Funk (Club Mix) - Andy Stroke meets Tale & Dutch
Sleepless (Smartfusion Remix Instrumental) - Mykel Mars
Monkeystar (Du Olivera Remix) - K Beatz
Heartless Boy (David Kriss Remix) - Yanis.S Feat. Lea Mojica
Hey (Radio Edit) - Willy S. Project
Party Never Stop - Luxure feat. Lil Bizzy & Ann Bailey
After the Sun (Carlos Rivera Remix) - DJ Sakin & Friends
I'm Feeling Alive (Lemon3, Gaetan Durand & Val Entin Instrumental Remix) - Terri B!, Luxure & Toddi Reed
Knight Rider Theme (Price & Verdez Remix) - Damon Paul
All That Mattered(Oral Tunerz Remix) - Marc Fisher & El Najib
Sunday (Club Mix) - Stereoliner
L`Amour toujours (Kim Leoni Radio) - Brisby & Jingles
Higher (Mykel Mars Festival Remix) - Miss Caramelle
Feel The Bass (Radio Edit) - Jonh Saylor Feat. Yanki
New Day (Club Mix) - Sven Laakenstyk & Calabria
I Was Here (Mike Rabbit Remix) - Unknownz Feat. Eva Menson
Pioneer Alpha - Cubik (Haus Klaus Remix) - Radunz & Leitner
Kick the Beat Davids Song (Miami Rockers Radio Mix) - Hannover House Mafia
Virus - Alexandre Fossard
Runnin (Electro House Mix) - Nathalie De Borah
Dingdong - Bjorn V
Breathtaking (Festival Mix) - Robby Schulz
Quiero Follarte (Sweetx Booy Que Rico Mashup) - Bareback Boys Feat. Akadoseck
Wolf - Gama

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<![CDATA[World's Largest Club Collection Vol.03 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-10/worlds-largest-club-collection-vol-03 World's Largest Club Collection Vol.03 - Various Artists

  Track list:
Oh Shit (Radio Edit) - Lucky Garcia & DJ Turtle
All Get Down (Extended Mix) - Malick
Exodus (Acce5 Remix) - Bryan J4nss3n
Another Day At the Office (Club Edit) - Dirty Ztylerz
Grande Chambre (Acce5 Remix) - Mstyles
Reach Up (Mr Unitas Remix) - Andy Ztoned, Chris Gallo
Into the Wild - M.a.d.e.
Elements (Mix) - Moises Herrera
Freak Out (Club Mix) - Eddy-N
Crank (Club Mix) - Stereoliner
I Feeling Both (Radio Edit) - Nando Fortunato
Freezin' Soul (Phone Two Mix) - Double Track
A Kind of Magic (Electro Mix) - Freit
Someday Will Come (Club Mix) - DJ Sakin
The Mist (Nicky Stan Mix) - Nicky Stan
Trancform - Michael Scout, Shaun Thomas
Melodies of Life (Radio Edit) - Wall S
Prawn Smacker (Arcanne Remix) - Divkid
Harder - Dj Karko
Electro Shampoo (Radio Edit) - Sfrisoo
Pop of the Sound - DJ Roupack
Vandal - Steevyx
Taurus - Eric Van Basten
Shake It Don't Break It (Piet Norman & Frederie Remix) - Dj Besiky
Gun Metal - Dj Kast
Number One (Anonymusic Remix) - Yes I Am
Knock - Voodoo Fellas
Pandemic - Psylocyber
Der Sommer ist geil (Video Edit) - Cosimo Citiolo
Jingle Bells 2011 (Remix) - Michel Valence
Sublimina - Whitefish
A Picture (Directors Cut) - Cats Love Dogs
Smart Noise - J. Minguez
Hands Up (Instrumental) - General Wooky
Black Panther - Digitalife
Killing Me (Club Mix) - Absolute Dancefloor
Crash That (Radio Edit) - Pike
Reptile (Alternative Mix) - Dj Tesla
Dont Say Goodbye (Instrumental) - DJ Absinth
One Night Stand 2k13 (Radio-Friendly Edit) - Elektromolch
Antares - Mike Undersound
Got to Save What We Got - Crack and Crunch & Rupert Harvey
Txaras - Manu Martín
Hardboot - Ramorae
Backstabber - Noise Vector
True Selection - Monoteck
Ah Ah Ah Gino - Gaetano Maurelli
Train to Nowhere - Tom Tronic
Driver - Wasscass
Groove Switch - Nino Bua
Motherfucker (Edit) - Paintr4in
In the Club - Blanda
Deep in Darkness (Radio Version) - Ten Thence
On and On - Jsd
Introduce (Forest People Remix) - Technologisch
Dancing - Roger Burns
Solido - Fabio Antunes
Subsoaker - Alex Fitch
Pecorino - Si Brandon
Susi - Devils on High Levels

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<![CDATA[Reggaeton & Reggae Beat - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-10/reggaeton-reggae-beat Reggaeton & Reggae Beat - Various Artists

  Track list:
Suavemente (Crew 7 Radio) - Cuba Club
One Drop Reggae (Radio Version) - Wally Warning
La Isla Bonita (Crew 7 Radio) - Commercial Club Crew
Traicion - Jhona El Ingeniero
Wha'ppen Inna Jamdong? - Dub Invaders
Yalle Is One - Ridial Black Jah
Aicha (English Radio Mix) - Lobo Ismail
Desde Aquello - Twenty Y Powerflow
La Guitarra - Manoazul
No Me Dejes Sola - Sarita
More Love - Yatta Ken
Who Needs Sleep Tonight (Minus 8 Edit) - Seefeld avec Mady
Imaginate - Twenty Y Powerflow
Whatch Dem - Jungle Lion Feat Keysha
We Should Give More Love - Easton Clarke (Singer Jay)
Wanga Yure (Reggae Slide) - Bawa Abudu
Trust Me - Jah Fabio
Touch Me - B Bon
Stand By Me - Easton Clarke (Singer Jay)
Sky Di Limit - Daddy Roach
Pray (Wicked Love Riddim) - Simon Splinter
Salama (Best of) - Mr Hatim Raggaman
Tribute To Lucky Dube - Easton Clarke (Singer Jay)
Original Bad Singer Jay - Easton Clarke (Singer Jay)
Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now - Frank Leen Montague
Nihaya - Mr Hatim Raggaman
My Woman Now - Easton Clarke (Singer Jay)
Money Green - Nagga

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<![CDATA[Hip Hop, Vol. 01 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-10/hip-hop-vol-01 Hip Hop, Vol. 01 - Various Artists

  Track list:
Addicted to Fame - Dolla
Te Extrano (My Baby) - Eminencia Clasica
Ai Ai Ai (Eurovision Song Contest Edition) - Homies
Reality - Ezio Bee
A Tarola (Codigos) - Johnny Def
Te amo tanto tanto - Grupo Extra
Freestyle - Hapzee
Ghostwriter - D Fense
Son Celos (Topaz Version) - Eddy K
Te Quiero - El Medico feat. Michel de Topaz Sound
Open the Globe - Lizzo Music
True to tha Game - Compact Phunktion
Dimelo - Jessee Suarez & Karell
La Creazione - Momo Posse
Wats On Yo Mind Radio Edition - Ill James
See Me in the Club (Radio Version) - TMD
Tough Guy (Radio Edit) - Skywalk
Bounce - P.C.T
Spaceman - Rhistiks N Zeekmcfly
Hot Makeup Sex - Golden Boy
Chillin' in the Sun - Dk Unkut
Divine Light - Clever Chris
All My Money (Street Version By Mark One) - States
Bottoms Up - Bina
Rules of Drinkin' Jack Iron Intro - Spida Lee
Duele - Slow Feeling
Futurama - Tumen
A Higher Plane of Consciousness - Clever Chris
Higher - Mehiar
Way of Outlaw - Woody
Platt - De Fofftig Penns
Hey Yo Check It Out (Slowpop Mix) - Slowpop
La Disco (Smooth Guitar Remix) - Humaniztikz
Ladies Night - Royal Golden Sound
Dame - Da Tv Gang
Juste un autre chagrin - Amelie
Jah Give Me Love (Harry Rockwell Remix) - Jungle Lion
Yes Sir - Kayzee Plus
Meaning of Life - Plato O Plomo
How U Get It There (Radio Edit) - States
Ketschup Mayo Sandwich - Cosimo Citiolo
All My Money - States
Yud Kei. - Yud Kei
Tha Chizel - Siryns
Non-Apologetix - Knew Jeru'slum
Down If You Dirty - Hood Luv
B Site - Woody
Girl Relax - Plato O Plomo

Thu, 22 Aug 2013 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-10/hip-hop-vol-01