One of the original Chicago house-music labels (the other being Trax
Records). Founded in the mid-1980s, they released lots of deep, hard,
soulful, and acid house tracks. In the late 1980s, they released many hip-
house tracks as well. The label's releases built one of history's
everlasting foundations of house music. International hits included Joe
Smooth's "Promised Land" and Fast Eddie's "Acid Thunder," who together with
Kenny "Jammin" Jason produced 1987's smash "Can U Dance," one of house
music's breakthroughs and one of its everlasting hymns. Tyree's "Turn up
the Bass" was one of the first and best hip-house tracks.

Some releases were been licensed to Westside Records Ltd. in Britain and
BCM Records in Germany; single releases were licensed to different labels
worldwide. The catalog is in limbo, however, since DJ International shut
its doors in the early 1990s.