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Filthy Rich

As a talented Producer/DJ Filthy Rich’s innovative sound has made him undeniably one of the country’s finest DJs today. A promising figure looming out from the crowd, Rich is the complete package. Effortlessly leaving his contemporaries beh..


lounge , chillout , ambient , downbeat , downt..


Mason was born in Amsterdam as Iason Chronis, son of a Dutch actress and a Greek sculptor. At the age of 6, he really wanted to play violin and he kept on taking lessons in classic and jazz music ever since. With his grandmothers turntab..


The citizen may take a bride, but it is the rifleman who takes a lover. Ultimately we all must choose either the myth or the mountain." The origins of Montreal born DJ-producer-incipient Teutonic legend Tiga lie to the vague and troubling ..


It's a familiar fable. A story that spans three decades and three generations. Their elasticated bass tones have touched the lives of everyone in Scotland's biggest city. They are the devilish duo responsible for Glasgow's techno city. Ex-N..

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