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Crew 7

Dj-Side............. The Dutchman, Michel Diederiks alias Central Seven, began his career as a deejay when he was 17 years old, working in a commercial all-round club in Holland. After 3 years playing there, he found himself a new working-p..

Spencer & Hill

German-based duo who specify in house productions and remixes.

Super8 & Tab

For ace Finnish trance duo Super8 & Tab (Miika Eloranta and Janne Mansnerus), 2009 has been further evidence that allowing things to grow gradually is always the best way. "It seems like we've done something right," admits Tab. "It feels g..

DJ Dean

"Music is my life!", DJ DEAN's motto. This truthful saying is the impulse of an exceptional career which makes this artist from Hamburg to one of the most beloved DJs in Germany. The Resident-DJ of the Techno/Trance Club TUNNEL achieved ef..


Topmodelz ist das gemeinsame Projekt einiger namhafter deutscher Techno-Produzenten. Es wurde im Jahr 2000 von DJ Pulsedriver ins Leben gerufen. Später übernahm der auf Pulsedrivers Label Aqualoop Records veröffentlichende Bass-T die Führun..

electro house , dance , hands up

Talla 2XLC

TALLA 2XLC The Future in our heads, the roots in our minds Today: As one of the legendary German artists, Talla is a true electric workaholic. Living his passion for music, producing and of course DJing. He travels all over the world spr..


2 Jahre ist es nun her als "Tricky Disco", der erste Smash Hit von Discotronic, wie ein Hurricane über die deutsche Clublandschaft hinwegfegte. Seitdem sind Discotronic aus der Danceszene nicht mehr wegzudenken. Mit den beiden Follow Up Sin..

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