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Stereo For Two

Stereo For Two is a collaboration between Jekke (Joris Bylemans – °1980) and Ryu Hamayoshi (Tim Verhees – °1982). JORIS BYLEMANS As a drummer, Joris Bylemans, nickname ‘Jekke’, (“J” is pronounced as ‘J’ack), discovered electronic music ..


First in 1994 Monoloop represented straight Drum..n..Bass at the time and was taken part decisively in building up the northern Germany Drum..n..Bass scene. Being one of the DJs at the legendary “Powerhouse” he was also performing at the “M..

Fedde Le Grand

Rare breeds like Fedde Le Grand are few and far between, and so when someone like this comes along it’s right that the world sits up and listens. He’s a Dutchman blessed with such talent that keeping up to speed with what he does is a task ..

house , electro house , dance , flamingo recordings

The Disco Boys

Mitte der 70er begann das Zeitalter des Diskjockeys. Platten wurden nicht mehr einfach nur aufgelegt, sie wurden zelebriert. Es war die Geburtsstunde der Clubs, in denen die Nacht zum Tag gemacht wurde. Die Leute, die den Sound stets frisch..

  • 2
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