PMI Dance Artists

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Antoine Clamaran

Antoine Clamaran was born in Paris. In the early 90's, his local fame interested Maximum FM, the leading parisian dance radio station at that time. Impressed by his mixing gift, Clamaran gained a huge audience and started to be booked for o..

house , electro house , french house

Kerri Chandler

Kerri 'Kaoz' Chandler one of deep house music's originators, has been injecting soul into music since the early nineties. An ambassador of the natural and instinctive 4/4 beat, Kerri's influences can be traced back to New Jersey growing up ..

house , tech house , deep house , soulful house

Howie B

BORN Glasgow, 1963 Family "Now they've got to grips with what I do they are really pleased, but it took a while. I started working in music back in '86 or '87. I was an apprentice in a recording studio earning not very much money and try..

Maya Jane Coles

2010 has certainly been the year that 23 year old Maya Jane Coles announced herself as one of the most talented up and coming artists in electronic music. In the years preceding a steady output of techy cuts on labels such as Dogmatik an..

Eddie Amador

It begins in Los Angeles in 1998. Eddie Amador pens the now-famous lyrics ("Not everyone understands house music...It's spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing..."), sets them to a hypnotic, pulsating beat, and the seminal dance club an..

  • 2
1 - 10