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Pereeskop is a minimal techno DJ and producer based in Fastiv - near Kiev in Ukraine. Starting his musical career in 2000, he still is one of the very few artists producing minimal techno in his country. Influenced by artists such as Antoin..

Olivier S

Olivier's early influences include Motown, New Wave and psychedelic space rock music before he discovered the funky beats of electronic house music during the early 90s. In 1992 he collaborated with elexx and together produced a highly succ..


Elexx began his career in the early 90s playing techno and house on local French radio stations eventuating in guest DJ appearances at various French venues. It wasn’t until the mid 90s that elexx put together his own studio and started pro..

techno , teleskopik recordings , minimal techno , j..

Joe Europe

Joe Europe is a DJ and producer based in London. As a DJ he started out by spinning a mixture of old, scratchy Chicago house records; jackin’, stripped down techno and an assortment of other musical gems. Over the years, Joe's style has bee..

Jamie Ball As Action Bastard

Jamie Ball has been involved with music for many years and continues to produce music in a wide array of styles, ranging from classical arrangements through to industrial and hardcore techno. He has played all around the globe in support of..

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