Trapez LTD About

Trapez ltd started ten years ago as a hand labelled label.
The tempo with which we were able to release unknown cool artist was one of the main aims.
The first records came with no sleeve, no name and no release title, but instead with a small
sticker with the label logo, which changed in colour with every release, inspired by Andy
Warhol’s idea of pop art.
The idea of a sub label directly connected to Trapez was a new intention at that time.
With the success of the label and the number of copies rising... they could not be hand labelled
anymore, so we added stickers directly printed on the etiquette including name of the artist and
the title.
Until now the first releases on Trapez ltd are unknown to the main audience and very few
people know who the artists were.
To give a small clue artist came from Romania, France, Germany, Canada etc, most of them
were unknown but some of them were already world famous.
The label considered itself a non-commercial playground and some of the artist were taken up
later on Trapez for an official release... many others never released on Trapez.
Among the legendary releases were “Der Vampir von Düsseldorf”. New discoveries like Ryan
Crosson, Shane Berry, Waki, Sarah Goldfarb, Nikolai Dichev from Rumania did damage to
the dance floors and later got signed to Minus and other labels.
With years going by the label became more established and carried even well established
artists such as Dominik Eulberg and Gabriel Ananda.
New artists like Jakob Hilden, Red Robin, Audio Werner, Fabrice Lig as well as Roland M. Dill,
Mihalis Safras, Lucio Aquilina, Amir and Bülent Gürler/ Butch have joined and have been a
reliable source of innovative music for the Techno scene ever since.
The third wave include artists such as the Italoboyz, Blind Minded, Deep’a & Biri, Shane Berry,
Marcus Sur and Worthy from the US label Dirty Bird as well as, Keno, BNZO,
Crowdkillers, Sebastian Porter and Remerc who have added a note of deeper house music to
once more techno operating label.