Levon Vincent Biography

Hello, I am music and I am speaking: We are first!!! Acting in recognition of a universal force that drives us and our work, we know the definitive world is a combination of constant vibrations and various active structures. These structures are made up of small whole-numbered proportions, and these vibrations are always containing both positive and negative factions; also a small whole-numbered ratio (1:1). Thank the universe for these vibrations, learn to let them run through you and feel their awesome power. Do it for the music itself; but also for the contagious sincerity and focus it provides to your thought-based brothers and sisters and their own endeavors. We all feel overwhelmed and scared about our lives, we question ourselves and our talent, but its just doubts brother, you're beautiful and you owe it to the world to express it...using machines for the practice of creationism. Perfect. I am sending you most positive musical thoughts on this day! Never stop: single minded people will always succeed. Carrying the Baton of expanded tonality from one generation to the next; And so we bear witness to the slow, painful process of globalization, knowing with pride we will one day see gratitude from the masses, and our efforts in the ever expanding tonal dialog will show in the smiles and accolades of the beautiful residents of this world. Three cheers for you! And one for me!