M.I.K.E. Biography

Mike's aka Dirk Dierickx started to DJ at the age of 16. He used the name
DJ Mike, which is why, after he also produced under this name, he decided
to change his real name from Dirk to Mike in 2001.

Mike is releasing under several project names like Solar Factor, Plastic
Boy, Return of the Native, The Blackmaster and of course Push. His style of
DJing is very similar to the music he makes, on a hard-edged tech-
progressive trance tip. M.I.K.E is at the forefront of Europe's new sound,
regularly topping charts in several leading countries.

The story began when an 11 year old boy discovered the potential of
samplers and keyboards... At the age of 18, Mike handed his first demo tape
to the Antwerp based record company, 'USA Import'. Shortly after, his first
record, 'Vision Act' was released on the Atom label in 1992. Mike released
a series of successful records before he signed up with Lightning in 1996.
This gave him the opportunity to team up with Yves Deruyter, as his
producer. Mike was behind YDR hits, 'To The Rhythm', 'The Rebel" and more
recently, 'Back To Earth' and 'Spiritual Feelings'. Pole positions in the
worldwide dance charts were soon putting the Belgian dance scene firmly on
the map.

M.I.K.E's reputation shot through the roof, and although a commercial
crossover had never been anticipated, in 1998 'Universal Nation' by push
took the world by storm, winning several dance awards, and undoubtedly
being recognized as one of the classic records of the trance era. His Push
follow up single, 'Strange World', destroyed hundreds of clubs across
Europe, in the same vein as 'Universal Nation'. This was followed by yet
another blockbuster, 'The Legacy' once again topping all dance charts
across Europe and entering the British National charts at #21. Over the
years Mike received several music awards including best club singles and
best dance-producer, and entered 6 times the national top 40 in the UK.

Mike also teamed up and did remixes for Sinead 'O Connor, Moby,Mauro
Piccoto,Bom Funk Mc's,Oliver Lieb?

This kind of success did not go unnoticed, as M.I.K.E. was asked to DJ at
some of the best venues in the world, including: 'Gatecrasher' and
'Godskitchen'in the UK, 'Fura' and 'Vel Farre' in Japan, 'Massive and
'Trance Energy' in Holland, 'Limelight' U.S. and the Berlin Love Parade?are
a few to mention?

MIKE joint forces with Armada for his new Club Elite label. His new single
"Turn Out The Light" (under his own name) will be released on Armada's
Armind label. You can find more info about this on this site soon!