Magda Biography

Coming into the mix under the encouragement and instruction of Dan Bell and
Claude Young, Magda began djing in 1996 working her way through the
underground party circuit, via promoters, such as: Syst3m, and joining the
all female dj collective: Women on Wax, it was only a short while before
she began appearing regularly at Detroit area events and clubs.

1999 saw Magda's initial forays into techno, electro and house evolve. Her
dj sets were becoming increasingly minimal and the records in her box
reflected a love of weird, challenging music. Invited by Richie Hawtin to
open for him at his millennium celebration: Epok, Magda was entering a new
phase in her career.

In the time since, Magda has expanded her work with Hawtin, becoming his
sole choice to open many of his recent Detroit and international events,
including: Jak DEMF weekend :[2001], Control. labor day weekend: [2001], as
well as earning an envious position on the line up of "From Our Minds To
Yours" the Plus 8 ten year anniversary party.

The next few months will see Magda going on her third european tour
alongside Richie Hawtin and making the jump from dj to producer, releasing
music under the moniker: Run/Stop Restore on the Minus label.