Manuel Tur Biography

"Kids today don't really know about house music. That's fair to say isn't
it? Well thank god there's someone out there willing to pick up the baton
and run like bugger with it ! Manuel Tur is a 21 year old wunderkind from
Essen, Germany who looks just about set to take the deep house world by
storm because while his mates were out smoking Camels and drinking weiss
beer behind the fahrradhalle young Manuel was honing his craft by immersing
himself in the sounds of Ian Pooley, Sebastien Leger and Swag.

It wasn't long before his material started being released through labels
such as Agave, SoSound and Sebastien Leger's own Bits Music. But that
wasn't enough for Manuel so he decided to set up his own Smokestack
Recordings which is how he hooked up with Freerange. His unreleased track
entitled Portamento (to be released later this year on Freerange) became a
staple in Jimpsters DJ sets so he set about getting Manuel to record an EP
for Freerange."