Markus Gardeweg Biography

Markus Gardeweg Born in Hamburg, it didnt take long for Markus to develop a
passion for music. By the age of twelve, his room was full of records and
by the time he was 14, he was sharing his collection with a wider audience,
organizing discos at his local youth centre. That was back in the early
Eighties, and having met with approval amongst his contemporaries, his
first bookings were not long in coming. Private parties provided a
springboard to clubland itself, and before you could say two technics
turntables, Markus was behind the decks at Hamburgs renowned Traxx venue.
His star continued to shine across North Germany and in 1995 he signed up
as resident at the Kontor Club, where he would play a key role in shaping
the Kontor sound, as well as rockin the house time and again. Since then,
the names Markus and Kontor have gone hand in hand, his DJ career racing
along as he racked up the mileage and joined the nations elite DJ circle.
The Kontor club was consigned to history, but the brand lived on and
thrived as a record label, continuing to play a role in Gardewegs story.
Meanwhile, alongside his DJing activities, Markus had learned the record
company ropes at the Urban dance label, where he rose from sales and DJ
promotion assignments to A&R. In 1998 he was reunited with Kontor, joining
the newly founded Kontor Records label and hes still a part of the team
today. In the same year he got his first chance to showcase his mixing
skills on CD, taking care of the mix for the Kontor Top Of The Clubs
album...and has done so ever since. Not bad, considering the series has now
turned 32! Thanks in no small measure to his involvement, Top Of The Clubs
has grown into one of the most successful DJ mix series on the market,
which, in turn, has done Mr Gardewegs bookings diary no harm either! Since
2002, Markus has been a resident DJ on the Kontor Top Of The Clubs tour,
and currently has a couple of residencies at 3001 in Düsseldorf - N.F.F. in
Bremen and Halo in Hamburg. In 2004 he released his first mix album under
his own name - Markus Gardeweg Off The Record. Gardeweg has also been
mixing up the airwaves since 1998 on the weekly Kontor radio show. He and
DJ colleague Jay Frog, plus guests, deliver a two hour slice of the hottest
club tunes into your own home. The show goes out on Antenne West on Fridays
at 10 pm, and in the early hours of Sunday morning (
1am) on Hit Radio N1 Or you can simply tune in to the
streams on the website, with full playlists available. Theres
no rest for the wicked, as they say, and Markus can also be found hard at
work in the studio on his own productions or remixes for other artists. Six
strong Gardeweg releases were the result of his collaboration with Caba
Kroll, followed by something of a shift in sound, as he teamed up with Sono
to create two singles 25 Years and Hello. His brand new club smash will hit
the streets under the name Gardeweg & Lange, a co-production with Michi
Lange, famous for his work with Boris Dlugosch. One Nation is a reworking
of the House Master Boyz classic. House Nation. This is a world premiere.