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  Duration: 00:05:45
Release date: 2015-08-30
Label: Bikini Sounds
Sat, 29 Aug 2015 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/mykel-mars/great-trance-tracks/starlight__6722094
<![CDATA[Great Trance Tracks - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-14/great-trance-tracks Great Trance Tracks - Various Artists

  Track list:
Checkmate (Denis Sender Radio Edit) - Stephane Badey & DJ T.h. With Eva Kade
Close Your Eyes (Club Mix) - Mike & Smith feat. DJ Sakin
Necromonicon (Radio Edit) - Dave Downing
Starlight - Mykel Mars
Baking Sun - At Luv
Sunset at Sea (Radio Edit) - Daniel Rise & Taglo
Beginning Future (Art Inc. Remix) - Squarz Kamel & Lugh Dessire
Walking on Clouds (Radio Cut) - Melodic Culture
Club Culture (Radio Mix) - Neil Moore feat. Christine
Sound of Trance - Sync Diversity feat. Danny Claire
In Heaven With a Dj (Club Version) - Seremaku
Soulmate - Aspect Blue & MELOGIZE
Lost in Space (Epic Mix) - The Loop of Life
Hypnotic - Techno
Escaped (Radio Edit) - Cold Rush
3rd Millenium (Deepside Groove Radio Edit) - Aruso
Rush All Roads (Radio Edit) - Damian Wasse
Captured Fall (Radio Cut) - Chris Turner feat. Claire Willis
Can We Believe (Main Version) - Danceheat
In the Middle (Radio Edit) - Myde
Musica (Nds Radio Edit) - Jean Moiree, Selma Hernandes, Dellacruz
Yesterday Tomorrow (Radio Edit) - Johan Ekman
Bermuda (Radio Edit) - Fabio D'Elia
Airborne (Genix Radio Edit) - Ian Buff
Waves - Leyla Linn Ek
The Sands (Radio Edit) - Mike Septima
Africa (Radio Edit) - Pawel Meller
Dancing Alone (Radio Version) - Fit for Sound
Lost in Open Eyes (Radio Mix) - Dreamy
Universal Language (Mindsoundscapes Radio Cut) - Sublunar Project
Oxydizing (Anthem Radio Mix) - Charles Mc Thorn
Time to Breathe (Breatheless Version) - Ridgeback
Revelation (Radio Edit) - Make One
Winter Lights (Rene Ablaze Radio Remix) - Ekstasis Project
Papaveris (Rene Ablaze Remix) - Oen Bearen
Flight (K.Traxxx Remix) - Marcel de Van & K.Traxxx
Drone (Radio Edit) - Tranc Eye
Invincible - J2p
Run Away (Chimera State Radio Edit) - Alexander Zhakulin feat. Eva Kade
Wearing My Shoes (Radio Edit) - Aura feat. Danielle Senior
Until the Music Stops (Frozen Skies Remix) - Seibaz feat. Simon Romano
Feelin' Alive (Radio Mix) - Fred Henderson feat. Thisgirlslife
End of Sorrow (Radio Mix) - Pandora
You Take Me Away - Janina Faith
Waiting (Anthem Edit) - Javah feat. Mimi Boheme
Cold Sun - Waas Van Siem
Believe in Me (Radio Edit) - Bluesolar
Happiness (Quanten Remix) - Bardalimov
Beacon - Wemms Project
The Return (Radio Mix) - Soniq State

Sat, 29 Aug 2015 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-14/great-trance-tracks
<![CDATA[L.A. Nights (System B Remix) - Mykel Mars]]> http://www.djtunes.com/mykel-mars/ibiza-2015-9/l-a-nights-system-b-remix__6645748 L.A. Nights (System B Remix) - Mykel Mars

  Duration: 00:07:07
Release date: 2015-08-24
Label: Bikini Sounds Rec.
Sun, 23 Aug 2015 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/mykel-mars/ibiza-2015-9/l-a-nights-system-b-remix__6645748
<![CDATA[L.A. Nights (Lounge Mix) - Mykel Mars]]> http://www.djtunes.com/mykel-mars/romantic-moments/l-a-nights-lounge-mix__6570972 L.A. Nights (Lounge Mix) - Mykel Mars

  Duration: 00:05:57
Release date: 2015-08-24
Label: Bikini Lounge
Sun, 23 Aug 2015 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/mykel-mars/romantic-moments/l-a-nights-lounge-mix__6570972
<![CDATA[A New Life (Remix) - Mykel Mars]]> http://www.djtunes.com/mykel-mars/romantic-moments/a-new-life-remix__6570966 A New Life (Remix) - Mykel Mars

  Duration: 00:06:49
Release date: 2015-08-24
Label: Bikini Lounge
Sun, 23 Aug 2015 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/mykel-mars/romantic-moments/a-new-life-remix__6570966
<![CDATA[Ibiza Club Hits 2015 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-14/ibiza-2015-9 Ibiza Club Hits 2015 - Various Artists

  Track list:
You (Club Mix) - Mykel Mars & Eddy Chrome
Love and Money (Deep House Mix) - Ibiza Club Toys
Praise the Sun (Summer Lounge Mix) - Sounds of Summer
Frei sein (Deep House Mix) - Wolkenlos
Saxo (Extended Mix) - Anthem Kings
Head up High (Skaei Extended Remix) - Starlounge
Love Spray (Club Pheromones Version) - Secret Melody
Falling (Deep Tropical Mix) - Felix Gaertner
My All (Tropical House Mix) - Solo Beat
Swept Away (Club Mix) - Alex Phunk
Breathe (Breathless Dub Version) - Luis Amarillo
Cloudless (Summer House Mix) - Angels & Rebels
In Love (Cheap Sunglasses Beachclub Remix) - Eddy Chrome
Remembering Ibiza (Summer Disclosure Mix) - Cheap Sunglasses
Wonderful Son (Extended Mix) - Everbeat
Hero (Beach Club Mix) - Strandcafe
Follow Me (Tropical House Mix) - California Sun
People (Chilled Club Mix) - Double Deep
Ecstasy (Extended Mix) - Luna Catana
Supersonic (Mykel Mars Remix) - Cash & Love
Can't Feel This (Dub Mix) - Balearic Kings
One Day (I Will Shine) [Milkbar Rockers' 80s Extended Mix] - Helen Gold
Barcelona City Lights (Deep House Mix) - Wonderlights
Here Tomorrow (House Anthem) - Kiss Audio
We Don't Need (Beachhouse Mix) - Michael Ruland
Duke Visits Gorgon Island (Club Mix) - Dumont City
Open Arms (Club Mix) - David Caruso
New York (Manhattan Mix) - Big City Beat
Reach You (Extended Mix) - American Groove Junkies
Paradise (About Berlin Mix) - Paul aus Berlin
Disco Star (Discohouse Mix) - Prince Ringo
Sleepless (Club Mix) - Mykel Mars
The Sun (Beach Club Mix) - Bermuda Twins
Hollywood (Red Carpet Mix) - Veggie Beats
Moonlight Party (Beachparty Mix) - Made in 1978
House Party (Miami Club Mix) - Party On Demand
Sax on the Beach (Pool Bar Mix) - Rimini Jones
So Blue (London Dub Mix) - Deep Azur
Deep in Your Soul (Club Mix) - Rave Agenda
Move with You (Club del Luna Mix) - Junior Crew
Be with Me (Sunset Club Mix) - Long Island Ice Tea
Touch the Sky (Mykel Mars Remix) - California Sun
Higher (Dub Mix) - Miss Caramelle
I Don't (Deep House Dub Version) - Ibiza Groove Squad
Dream (Club Mix) - Tonliebe
You Take the Feeling Away (Deep House Mix) - Sky Edwards
Hold On (Extended Mix) - About Vegas
From London to Ibiza (Club Mix) - Audiolove
Freedom (Extended Version) - Mario Castello
Let's Go Back - Hans Justin
Eye Contact - Secret Ibiza
Lonely (Club Mix) - Toxotis
Without You (Bikini Session Mix) - Einstone
Welcome to My World (Disco Mix) - Double Deep
Caliente (Balearic Remix) - Dana Blade
Don't Say Goodbye (Instrumental Mix) - DJ Rafael Marino
Champagne (Lounge Mix) - No Panties Allowed
L.A. Nights (System B Remix) - Mykel Mars
Fly Away (Yolas vs. Mykel Mars Beach Remix) - Mike Rules

Sun, 23 Aug 2015 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-14/ibiza-2015-9
<![CDATA[Romantic Moments - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-14/romantic-moments Romantic Moments - Various Artists

  Track list:
Don't Look Back - Schwarz & Funk
See the Sun - ASP Project
Spirit of Love - Relaxraum
Hobbit Inspiration - Faltermeyer
Wonder of the Birth - The Regression
One Day - Nitric Acid
Magic Breath (Sanders Kosmos Remix) - Eddie Lung
Hang Loose - Cusco
Close Curtains on a Sunny Day - Fabrizio Cacciamali
Andalucia - Paco Flores
The Island - O'Quinn
Staring at the Sun - Moreish
Shakra Naom (Radio Mix) - Michael Vitoria
Fall in the Darkness (Chillout Mix) - Psytrotune
Garden of Balance - Gabriel Florea & Dirk M. Schumacher
Respace - Andrew Hoek
Silent Movements - 4444 Project
Blue Beach - Tom & J.
Dreaming - Quite Simple
Empty Streets - Avalona
Space Research - Endless All
A New Life (Remix) - Mykel Mars
Chillout Night - Oscar Salguero
Enigma Forever - Kgc
Die neue Dimension 04 - Myeric
We Got Tonight - Tom & J.
What Lies Ahead - George Harrold
L.A. Nights (Lounge Mix) - Mykel Mars
A New Start - James Howard
Fly to Heaven - Macerio
Dawn Contemplation - The Parent
The End Is Near - Ost Flow
The Edge of the Sunset - Andrey Faustov
Empty Room - Dubstep
In Space 1972 - Ron Ractive
Monawa qui arrive - Relaxea
Heaven Is a Place on Earth - Loungeaholic
Kind of Sadness - Demex & Besiky feat. Katarina Cabalova
Everlasting - Alisa Chase On
Let Me Drive Away - Counting Clouds
First Love - Waheb
On the Beach - M. Vitoria
Deep Inside - Artifact
Generation - Ola K Ase
Give Me Some Tango - Bahia de Roses

Sun, 23 Aug 2015 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-14/romantic-moments
<![CDATA[Good Time - Mykel Mars]]> http://www.djtunes.com/mykel-mars/good-time-mykel-mars Good Time - Mykel Mars

  Track list:
Good Time (Daft Lounge Mix) - Mykel Mars
Good Time (Chillout Deluxe Mix) - Mykel Mars

Thu, 20 Nov 2014 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/mykel-mars/good-time-mykel-mars
<![CDATA[Children - Mykel Mars]]> http://www.djtunes.com/mykel-mars/children-mykel-mars Children - Mykel Mars

  Track list:
Children (Radio Edit) - Mykel Mars
Children (Orchestral Chillout Mix) - Mykel Mars
Children (Dance Mix) - Mykel Mars
Children (Daydream Version) - Mykel Mars

Sat, 21 Dec 2013 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/mykel-mars/children-mykel-mars
<![CDATA[Nightclub Glamour - Mykel Mars]]> http://www.djtunes.com/mykel-mars/nightclub-glamour Nightclub Glamour - Mykel Mars

  Track list:
Nothing Wrong - Nova Discoteque
Where Have You Been Gone (Club Mix) - Epic Beat
I Miss U - Clarity of Sound
Tonight (Extended Mix) - Skaei
L.A. Nights (System B Remix) - Mykel Mars
Rock the Party (Extended Mix) - Hype Intro feat. The Quickhitters
Out of My Mind (Extended Mix) - Hotel Stereo
Broken Heart (Vocal Mix) - Head & Phone
Under the Sun (Extended Mix) - Miami Thrift Shop
Killing Me (Mykel Mars Remix) - Nothing but the Beat
Thousand Words (Vocal Mix) - Waxwell
I Live My Life (Terrace Mix) - Pearls of Ibiza
Sonic (The 2013 Update Mix) - Mykel Mars
Sleepless (Club Mix) - Agent Juno
165 (Lack Lustre Remix) - Benani Omar
Estoy Caliente (System B Remix) - Miss Caramelle & Mykel Mars
Heading for the Sun (Club Mix) - Exit Mars
Above & Beyond - Higher State of Trance
Feel so High (Mykel Mars Club Mix) - Danky Cigale & Mykel Mars
Diva (Extended Version) - DJ Absinth
Can't Stop (Extended Version) - The Sublovers
Electro House Anthem (Club Mix) - Afrochuck
White Beach (Crystal Blue Sea Mix) - Mykel Mars
Say Oh! (Vocal Mix) - Balearic Kings
Skytrain - Mykel Mars
Going Crazy (Extended Mix) - Mike Rules
Mayan Girl - Uebermut
Destination Florida (Club Instrumental) - DJ Absinth
Fuego (Club Mix) - Primo Lopez
Bad Dream (Club Mix) - Lady Pink Bitch
Ibiza Beach (Kevin Hills Remix) - No Panties Allowed
Our Love Will Survive (Extended Mix) - Nothing but the Beat
Sunset - My Island
Hot Looking Babes (Extended Version) - Kai Sheen
Stockholm - Global Club League
Fly Away (Yolas vs. Mykel Mars Beach Remix) - Mike Rules
Starlight (Club Mix) - Planet Soda
Dancing Alone - Fit for Sound
Upstream - Deepside Groove
This Is Your Sound (Extended Version) - Bobby Escobar
Let's Dance Tonight (Extended Version) - No Panties Allowed
Circles (Instrumental) - Bikini Sounds
Start Again (Club Mix) - Anthem Kings
Our Love - Miss Caramelle & Mykel Mars
Summer Love (Extended Mix) - Mykel Mars
Solaris (System B Remix) - Mykel Mars
Keep on Rockin' (Extended Mix) - Mykel Mars
Injected With a Poison (System B Remix) - Mykel Mars
Disco Beat (Club Mix) - Mykel Mars
Cabrio (Club Mix) - Mykel Mars

Wed, 31 Jul 2013 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/mykel-mars/nightclub-glamour
<![CDATA[Sonic - the 2013 Update - Mykel Mars]]> http://www.djtunes.com/mykel-mars/sonic-the-2013-update Sonic - the 2013 Update - Mykel Mars

  Track list:
Sonic (The 2013 Update Mix) - Mykel Mars

Tue, 11 Jun 2013 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/mykel-mars/sonic-the-2013-update