Nathan Glick Biography

Nathan Glick was born in the US in 1960. He currently moves about various locations both East and West.

Nathan is a psychotherapist, spiritual mentor and a student of ancient mystical texts. He is a self taught guitarist who started playing in his teens and has always had music composing itself in his mind.

Nathan discovered how to create music using his computer quite by accident, when he was working to convert audio lectures from analog to digital. His first projects were a systematic attempt to convert mantras into musical forms for use in meditation. With time, he became more proficient in the use of wave editing programs and began creating longer soundscapes for relaxation, meditation or expanding one's horizons.

"Waiting for the Harvest" is his first general release through "Firetreemusic" and distributed by It was followed a year later by "Early, Summr Morning."

Nathan can be reached by writing to