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Parquet Recordings

Electro/Minimal/Tech-House label founded by NORMEN FLASKAMP in co-operation with STRAIGHT DISTRIBUTION (www.straight-audio.com).

Great Stuff Recordings

Great Stuff was founded in south germany`s capital city Munich in Oktober 2003 as a reaction to the fast changes in the music business nowadays. Great Stuff understands these changing circumstances as a big chance for a music & media c..

Kontor Records

Kontor Records is a record label based in Hamburg. It is one of the most successful electronic music labels in Germany. Well-known musicians signed to this label include ATB, Tiësto and Scooter.


Label run by Oliver Koletzki and Florian Meindl.

Mantra Vibes

Mantra Vibes is a tree of historic Sueno Latino's Expanded Music label, born to produce the more house flavourred tracks. Mantra Vibes has been constantly searching for an own 'no-sound' composed by different contaminations and cultures fus..

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