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  Duration: 00:04:32
Release date: 2017-12-15
Label: Nocolors
Fri, 15 Dec 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/prezioso/lets-dance-classics-vol-3/feel-the-rhythm-club-mix__9104950
<![CDATA[Feel The Rhythm (Stunned Guys Remix) - Prezioso]]> http://www.djtunes.com/prezioso/thunderdome-25-years-of-hardcore-various-artists-24/feel-the-rhythm-stunned-guys-remix__9020833 Feel The Rhythm (Stunned Guys Remix) - Prezioso

  Duration: 00:03:01
Release date: 2017-10-27
Label: Be Yourself Music
Fri, 27 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/prezioso/thunderdome-25-years-of-hardcore-various-artists-24/feel-the-rhythm-stunned-guys-remix__9020833
<![CDATA[I Believe (feat. Marvin) (Extended Mix) - Prezioso]]> http://www.djtunes.com/prezioso/prezioso-marvin-super-selection-all-the-hits/i-believe-feat-marvin-extended-mix__8906705 I Believe (feat. Marvin) (Extended Mix) - Prezioso

  Duration: 00:06:03
Release date: 2015-06-09
Label: Time DIG
Tue, 09 Jun 2015 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/prezioso/prezioso-marvin-super-selection-all-the-hits/i-believe-feat-marvin-extended-mix__8906705
<![CDATA[Somebody (feat. Marvin) - Prezioso]]> http://www.djtunes.com/prezioso/prezioso-marvin-super-selection-all-the-hits/somebody-feat-marvin__8906696 Somebody (feat. Marvin) - Prezioso

  Duration: 00:03:16
Release date: 2015-06-09
Label: Time DIG
Tue, 09 Jun 2015 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/prezioso/prezioso-marvin-super-selection-all-the-hits/somebody-feat-marvin__8906696
<![CDATA[Prezioso + Marvin Super Selection (All the Hits) - Prezioso]]> http://www.djtunes.com/prezioso/prezioso-marvin-super-selection-all-the-hits Prezioso + Marvin Super Selection (All the Hits) - Prezioso

  Track list:
Emergency 911 (feat. Marvin) (Club Mix) - Prezioso
Voices (feat. Marvin) (Club Mix) - Prezioso
Gimme a Beat (feat. Marvin) - Prezioso
Let''s Talk About a Man (feat. Marvin) (Extended Version) - Prezioso
Back to Life (feat. Marvin) (Extended Mix) - Prezioso
Bonjour (feat. Marvin) (Club Mix) - Prezioso
I''m Your Deejay (feat. Marvin) - Prezioso
Rock the Discotek (feat. Marvin) (Club Mix) - Prezioso
Time Goes By (feat. Marvin) (E Dontstopstop Mix) - Prezioso
It''s Like (feat. Marvin) - Prezioso
Somebody (feat. Marvin) - Prezioso
We Rule the Danza (feat. Marvin) (Large Version) - Prezioso
In My Mind (feat. Marvin) (Large Mix) - Prezioso
Voglio vederti danzare (feat. Marvin) (Extended Version) - Prezioso
Le Louvre (feat. Marvin) (Extended Mix) - Prezioso
Rockin'' Deejays (feat. Marvin) (Yellow Mix) - Prezioso
The Base (feat. Marvin) - Prezioso
Touch Me (feat. Marvin) (Eddie Thoneick Mix) - Prezioso
Emergency 911 (feat. Marvin) (Prezioso & Marvin Mix) - Prezioso
I Believe (feat. Marvin) (Extended Mix) - Prezioso

Tue, 09 Jun 2015 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/prezioso/prezioso-marvin-super-selection-all-the-hits
<![CDATA[Best of Hands Up & Dance, Vol. 1 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-25/best-of-hands-up-dance-vol-1 Best of Hands Up & Dance, Vol. 1 - Various Artists

  Track list:
Handzup Isn''t Dead (8 Years Technobase.fm Hymn) [Extended Mix] - DJ Gollum feat. Dj Cap
Zombie (Ray Knox Remix) - Andrew Spencer & The Vamprockerz
Love Message (Tune Up! vs. DJ Manian Remix) - Trixi Delgado, Dj Klubbingman
Technodisco (Rob Mayth Remix) - Alex M. vs. Marc van Damme
Every Day I See You (Ron-Bon-Beat Project Remix) - Dual Playaz
Tricky Disco (Club Mix) - Discotronic
Tune (Verano Piano Slammer Remix) - 2 Playaz
Since U Been Gone (Club Mix) - The Real Booty Babes
Save My Life (Ti-Mo vs. Stefan Rio Remix) - Marco van Bassken
It''s a Dream (DJ Manian vs. Yanou Remix) - DJ Dean
Disc-O-Tec (Veranos Headrockin Club Mix) - Verano
Could It Be Love (Empyre One Remix) - Justin Corza & Greg Blast meets Addicted Craze
Something (Rave Allstars Remix) - Alex Megane
Fairytale Gone Bad (Club Mix) - DJ Gollum feat. Felixx
Meet Her At the Loveparade (Club Mix) - The Real Booty Babes
Tricky Tricky (X-Tended Mixx) - Rumble! feat. Dick Rules
Lost Without You (Empyre One Remix) - Dual Playaz
Ride on a White Train (The Real Booty Babes Remix) - DJ Klubbingman feat. BEATRIX DELGADO
Moonlight Shadow (Original Club Mix) - Empyre One
Music Is My Life (Rocco vs. Bass-T Remix) - DJ Dean
Rockstar (Empyre One Remix) - X-Cess!
Passenger (Original Club Mix) - DJ Gollum
Amazing Love (Clubbticket Remix) - Deejay Advance
Body & Soul (Original Mix) - Jens O.
I Love Dance (Massmann Remix) - Sasha Dith
We Are Dance! (DJ Tht vs. Angel Lyne Remix) - We Are Dance!
Survival (DJ Manian vs. Tune Up! Remix) - Prezioso & Marvin
Fliegen (Cc.K Remix) - Intusgate & Nika
The Jump Anthem (Club Mix) - Picco vs. Jens O.
Here I Go (Manox Remix) - Damn-R
Breathless (Ti-Mo Remix) - Cueboy & Tribune
Pump It Up (DJ THT Remix) - Mike De Ville & La Calling
Takin'' Me High (Partystylerz Remix) - Withard & Juve Presents Sonera
Here We Are (Empyre One Remix) - Dj Tht feat. Auzern
Straight to the Light (Massmann Remix) - 2Sonic Feat. Destiny
Feelings of My Heart (Giorno''s Jump Dub Mix) - Emvace Vs. Tierra
Wildfire (Extended Mix) - Crazy & Corza
Ride on a Meteoride (The Real Booty Babes Remix) - Antares vs. Bigroom Society
Living the Life (Clubbgroovers Remix) - Nightclubbers
Pump My Bass (Club Mix) - DJ MNS vs. E-MAXX
Monster Machine (Club Mix) - DJ E-MaxX
One of Us (Barcera Vs. Roland Kenzo Remix) - Apollo Brothers
Go Ahead (Club Mix) - DJ Neil
Afterhours Club (Original Club Mix) - Orange Allstars
Best of Hands Up & Dance, Vol. 1 Megamix - DJ Mix

Fri, 07 Jun 2013 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-25/best-of-hands-up-dance-vol-1
<![CDATA[House In The Mix - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-25/house-in-the-mix House In The Mix - Various Artists

  Track list:
Human (Blue Mix) - Star
Hey Hey Hey (Pop Another Bottle) (Extended Mix) - Madagascar 5 Feat. Rob
Woo Hoo (Tony Postigo Extended Remix) - Friskoo
Paris Latino (Extended Mix) - Bk Duke Vs. Paul & Simon
Power (Bootmasters Club Mix) - Cappella Feat. Bootmasters
Let It Whip (Daniel Slam Mix) - Bootmasters
Erase You! (Marcos Rodriguez & Xavi Beat Remix) - Andre OlÁ Feat. Helene
You Droid (Crazibiza Remix) - Cece, Mattias, Robbie Groove
Get On The Floor (HiLo Remix) - Jayl
Make This Party Nice (Part 2) (Niels Van Gogh Remix) - Dj Sign Feat. P.s.y.
Tell Me Why (Robbi Miraux Clubmix) - Prezioso Vs. Robbie Miraux
Loverboy (Erick Decks Remix) - Dr. Alban
Turn It Up (Frans J Remix) - Qpid
A Little Less Conversation (Original Club Mix) - Da Clubbmaster, Stereoliner
L''amour Toujours 2012 (Clubedit) - Gigi D''Agostino
I Feel Love (Red Mix) - Eugenio Amato
Bla Bla Bla 2K10 (Joscha Kretschmann Remix) - Gigi D''agostino Feat. Bootmast
Sweet Vibrations (Robbie Miraux Radio-House Mix) - Sonique
Cuba (SebastianRoter & Dan Lewis Full Vocal Mix) - Falko Niestolik & Bk Duke
Groove Is In The Heart (Stereoliner Remix Edit) - Bootmasters
Vive Le Swing (Rivaz Club Remix) - In-grid
On The Ground 2K11 (Club Mix) - Bluflash Vs. Ian Lex
Banjolina (Robbie Miraux Clubmix) - Robbie Miraux
Hookline (hear The Boom) (Hear The Boom Clubmix (USA Vocals) - Robbie Miraux
Walzertakt (Original Mix) - Tom Franke Aka Dj Tom
Radiosong (Instrumental Club Version) - Dirrrty Franz & Die B-side Boy
Loreley (Original Mix by Schengel & Rosenwasser) - Hanz Loop Feat. Rosenwasser
Ich Habe Einen Plan (Robbie Miraux Clubmix) - Die Olsenbande Feat. Robbie Mi

Fri, 15 Feb 2013 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-25/house-in-the-mix
<![CDATA[Mp3 Compilation 100 Hits - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-25/mp3-compilation-100-hits Mp3 Compilation 100 Hits - Various Artists

  Track list:
Lovin'' Times - Web
Crazy - Elektro Stance
Hablame Luna - Basic Connection
Gasolina - Barrio Del Rio
Primetime-sexcrime - Earphones
Giulia (Gabry Ponte Rmx Fm Cut) - DJ Lhasa
Losing My Religion - Idea
Life Force - Edge Of Universe feat. Dominick
I''m Feeling (Radio Version) - Charles Shaw
Shine on (Original Edit) - The F.L.O.W. feat. Indigo
Don''t Let Me Be Misunderstood - J. Walker
Run to You - T42 feat. Sharp
Andale (Club Edit) - Barillas
Angels in the Dust (Radio Edit) - Love Touch
No Vale la Pena (Enamorarse) [Single Edit] - Nu Latin Project
Feel the Rhythm (Club Mix) - Prezioso
Heaven Is a Place on Earth - DJ Lhasa
Waiting 4 the Sun - 3Nacria
Little Girl (Eiffel 65 Radio Edit) - Lilu
Always There (Original Radio) - X-Five
My Sunshine (Radio Edit) - Captain Joy
Come 2 Party (Come 2 Radio) - Phonograph
Let''s Go Wild - Voice & NOISE
Try Me (Dj Speciale Fm Edit) - Billy More meets DJ Speciale
Together - Quiki feat. Lisa
Love Sensation (Radio Edit) - D-Light
Remember (Original Radio Edit) - Rocas
Shake Me (Idea Rmx Edit) - Sharp
Angel (Don''t Cry) [Sash! Radio Mix] - Basic Connection feat. Joanne Houchin
Let Me Come Back (Callea & Rispoli Radio Edit) - The Trees
Holiday Ride (Piparo''s Edit) - 2 People
Autre Chanson (Bob Sinclar Radio Edit) - L2r vs. Toto Cutugno
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (Radio Mix) - Elektro Stance
Same Song (Single Edit) - Newday feat. Indigo
The Real Thing (Radio Edit) - East & West
Don''t Walk Away (Double ''s'' Mix Radio) - The Others
The World Goes ''round (U.f.o. Radio Edit) - Sure Bet feat. VDC
All I Need (Callea & Rispoli Radio Version) - Love Beginners
Red Rain (Original Red Radio Rain) - Red Rain
Milky Way to Mars (Original Radio) - Water Blue
Ocean of Dreams (Radio Edit) - Trinity
Fly Away (Radio Original) - Lagoon
The Quest (Club Mix) - Low I. Q.
Love Is the Power (Original Mix) - Devotional
Take Me Over (Radio Mix) - Clarys
Breeze of Sorrow (Alex Apollo Edit) - The System feat. Chicco
Better World (Cap San Martin Radio Edit) - Match
Gonna Live My Life (Radio Version) - G Project feat. Jasom Bay
Remember Me (Sunset Radio Cut) - Trap
You Keep Me Begging for More (Radio Mix) - Soundpunk feat. Ellison
I''Ll Be There (Radio Edit) - Frida
What''s Life (Thomas Gold Edit) - Corinna Presi
Never Gonna Happen (Original Mix) - Gold & Bev
Lie to Me - Earphones
Deep in My Mind (Vanni G Radio Cut) - Edge Of Universe feat. Dominick
Too Much (Radio Edit) - T42
Radio Heaven (Original Edit) - Web
By Your Side (C.y.t. Radio Edit) - Love Touch
Onda Buena (Radio Edit) - Barrio Del Rio
Good Times (Original Radio Edit) - Rocas
It''s Over (Vanni G Radio Cut) - Voice & NOISE
Italian Coffee Shop (Idea Short) - 3Nacria
Softly Bless (Fargetta Radio Edit) - Sharp
First Time (Callea & Rispoli Radio Edit) - Love Beginners
Liquid Sky (Calle & Rispoli 4 Radio) - The Trees
Breaking Up the Pieces (Double ''s'' Edit) - The Others
Because You Loved Me (Pooper Scooper Radio Edit) - First Floor
Bomp (Radio Edit) - Roach Killa vs. Dj Jad
I''m Dreaming (Sals8 Fm Cut Remix) - Captain Joy
Ask Me (Piparo''s Edit) - Aircraft
Happy Children (Full Vocal Radio Edit) - Supaled feat. P. Lion
Key to My Heart (Radio Cut) - Pure Life
Matter of Time (Radio Edit) - Gold Machine
Music Control (Radio Edit) - First Floor
Number One (Radio Edit) - DJ Seelk
''o Sole Mio (Original Radio Mix) - Pizza Connection
Real (Radio Edit) - Gum Base
Sara'' Perche'' Ti Amo - Maurino DJ
Sound of Violence (Radio Edit) - X-Traplay
Take a Look Around (Radio Edit) - 2 Steps Ahead
The Next Status (Radio Cut) - Wally J
To France (Radio Edit) - Under : Cover
True (Radio Mix) - Sunday
Words (Radio Edit) - Kriminal Minds
A, B, C (Oui&si Radio Edit) - Le Clique
Girl (Radio Edit) - Joshua 3
I Love You So (Radio Mix) - Vanilla
Connect the World (Single Edit) - Dad&P feat. K Flex
Doot Doot (Radio Club Mix) - Handle With Care
Everything Is Music (Radio Edit) - House Culture
This Is the Planet (Analogic Mix) - Exit Way
Believe (Radio Edit) - Fallen Angel
E-mail (Radio Edit) - Dorothea
C''Mon - Sevix
Tu M''Aime Toujours (Radio Edit) - French Words
Microphone (Radio Edit) - Digital Talent
It''s All Over (Radio Edit) - Luma Funk feat. Melody
Where I Belong (Radio Edit) - Jeopardy
Before (Radio Edit) - D-vice feat. Alexandra
Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Club Mix) - Biosphere

Mon, 17 Dec 2012 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-25/mp3-compilation-100-hits
<![CDATA[We Rule the Danza - Prezioso]]> http://www.djtunes.com/prezioso/we-rule-the-danza We Rule the Danza - Prezioso

  Track list:
We Rule the Danza (feat. Marvin) (Large Version) - Prezioso
We Rule the Danza (feat. Marvin) (Radio Version) - Prezioso

Tue, 31 May 2011 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/prezioso/we-rule-the-danza
<![CDATA[100 Dance Club Hits Vol. 2 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-25/100-dance-club-hits-vol-2 100 Dance Club Hits Vol. 2 - Various Artists

  Track list:
Radio Hardcore (Video Edit) - ItaloBrothers
I Like (Money G Radio Edit) - MG Traxx
Once In A Life (Radio Edit) - Kyau & Albert
Outta Space (Zooland Bootleg Radio Edit) - Steve H
Release Me (Empyre One Radio Edit) - Money-G
Killer (Monday 2 Friday Radio Edit) - FM Audio
Your Love (Manila UK Radio Edit) - Hypasonic
Experience (Follow Me) 2k10 (Brooklyn Bounce Radio Edit) - Megasonic
Call Me (Zooland Bootleg Radio Edit) - Marc Korn vs. Trusted Playaz feat. Mel W.
Painkillers (Radio Edit) - Kyau & Albert
Alegria (Thomas Petersen Radio Edit) - Jonatan F.
Still Believe (Dan Winter''s Trance In The Air Radio Edit) - Ayhouse & Tomkay feat. Tommy Clint
Wahnsinn (PH Electro Radio Edit) - Rob & Chris
Turn the Tide (Cascada Radio Edit) - Manian feat. aila
Big Deal (Giorno Radio Edit) - Jasper
Follow Me (X-Cess! Radio Edit) - Chris Deelay
Insurrection (Megara vs. DJ Lee Radio Edit) - Tripple Star
Realize (Radio Edit) - Raaban & Evana
The Riddle (Radio Edit) - Prezioso & Marvin
Jump! 2010 (Partytrooperz Radio Edit) - Cerla vs. Manian
I Love Dance (Massmann Radio Edit) - Sasha Dith
Komodo ''10 (Money G Radio Edit) - Comiccon
Upside Down (Radio Edit) - ItaloBrothers
In The Shadows (Rockstroh Radio Edit) - A. Spencer & DJ Gollum
Can''t Slow Down (Dan Winter Radio Edit) - Bastian Bates feat. Nicco
I Turn To You (Radio Edit) - Empyre One feat. Scarlet
Emotions (Alex Megane Radio Edit) - Megasonic
You Make Me Wanna (Ryan Thistlebeck Radio Edit) - Recca
Jump On (Radio Edit) - Philipp Van Het Veld feat. Joy Malcolm & Emiliano
I Try (Ti-Mo Radio Edit) - Martial Hard
Far Away (Synrise Radio Edit) - Deepforces
Wishing Well (L.A. Calling Radio Edit) - Monday 2 Friday
Ravers In The UK (DJ Gollum Radio Edit) - Manian
You''re Disgusting (Manila Radio Edit) - Manila pres. Partytrooperz
Ghetto Supastar (Dance Radio Edit) - Basslovers United
Dreams (Chris Frame Radio Edit) - Illuminatorz
Love Is The Power (Radio Edit) - Pieter Parker
Rainbow (Mondo Radio Edit) - Danny-S vs. Taito
Cold As Ice 2010 (Monday 2 Friday Radio Edit) - G.K. Project & Lance
To The Top (Giorno Radio Edit) - Steve Modana
I Can Wait (Radio Edit) - Apollo
Moonlight Shadow (Radio Edit) - Empyre One
When I Saw You (Mikkas Radio Edit) - & Chico del Mar
Rebel Yell (DJ THT Radio Edit) - Empyre One vs. Energ!zer
The Beat Is Rockin (Radio Edit) - Punk Freakz
Get On The Floor (Radio Edit) - DJ Gollum
It''s In My Life (Radio Edit) - Paramond
Blackout (Ryan Thistlebeck Radio Edit) - Milk Inc.
Black Velvet (DJ Gollum vs. Jan Wayne Radio Edit) - Jan Wayne presents Gorgeous X
Narcotic (Black Toys Radio Edit) - DJ Gollum vs. Basslovers United
Was Fühlst Du? (Radio Edit) - Dan Winter
Pretending Happiness (Ti-Mo Radio Edit) - Giorno
Hello (Empyre One Radio Edit) - Jan Wayne
Every You, Every Me (DJ THT Radio Edit) - Criss Sol & J. Foster
Like A Prayer (Cascada Radio Edit) - Manian
If You Leave (Giorno Radio Edit) - Marco Van Bassken
To France (Radio Edit) - Manian feat. Liz Kay
Sexy Bitch (Radio Edit) - Rivendell Feat. Cruncher
Hear My Sound (Radio Edit) - Laurent Wery
To The Moon And Back (Radio Edit) - Liz Kay
Wish You Were Here (Handz Up Radio Edit) - Jan Wayne & Scarlet
Reason (Radio Edit) - Manian
When The Love (Ryan Thistlebeck vs. Rick M. Radio Edit) - Headcase
Dance Hall Track (California Row Radio Edit) - Tom Mountain Feat. Nicco
Keep On Pushin (Radio Edit) - Punk Freakz
East Jesus Nowhere (Ryan Thistlebeck & Rick M. Radio Edit) - Combination
Storm (Radio Edit) - Milk Inc.
Mich Laust Der Affe (Video Edit) - Spencer & Hill vs. Jay Outback
5th Symphony (Dee Doubleyou Radio Edit) - Black Toys
Desenchantee (Cascada Radio Edit) - Manian
Your Destination 2010 (High Energy Radio Edit) - Accuface feat. Marcie
Until The End (Zooland Bootleg Radio Edit) - Master Blaster
Rose Garden (Airbeat One Anthem 2010) (Radio Edit) - Luca Bressan
Good Vibe (R.I.O. Radio Edit) - Good Vibe Crew feat. Cat
Flashback (DJ THT Radio Edit) - Chris Frame
Tie On Your Head (Mikkas Radio Edit) - Partytrooperz
Outta My Head (Radio Edit) - Manian & Darren Styles
Back With Pipes (PH Electro Radio Edit) - Perplexer vs. Cyrus
Feel My Love (Club Radio Edit) - Rob Mayth
L''amours Toujours (Jan Wayne vs. DJ Gollum Radio Edit) - Jan Wayne presents Marco Lovei & DVZ
Poison (DJ Gollum meets Money G Radio Edit) - DJ Gollum feat. Scarlet
Rock''n''Roll Angels (Radio Edit) - FM Audio
Fall In Love (Radio Edit) - Manian
Party Jump (Bootleg Radio Edit) - Dan Winter feat. 740 Boyz
Up To The Beat (Marco van Bassken vs. Hide & Seek Radio Edit) - Stuff & Floor
Loco (Raaban & Evana Radio Edit) - Manian
T.N.T. (Radio Edit) - Dj Gollum, A.Spencer
Superstar (Radio Edit) - Jasper
Shake That Ass Bitch 2010 (Pulsedriver Radio Edit) - Rock Solid Mafia
Players In A Frame (Radio Edit) - Rocco & Bass-T
Numb (RainDropz! Radio Edit) - Jan Wayne vs. Raindropz!
Hot Girl - R.I.O.
Going Insane (Clubbticket Radio Edit) - Alex Kea feat. DESTINY
Passenger (Radio Edit) - DJ Gollum
Heaven (Radio Edit) - ItaloBrothers vs. Manian
Free (Vocal Radio Edit) - Apollo vs. Crystal Lake
Fairytale Gone Bad (Radio Edit) - DJ Gollum feat. Felixx
Love Is On Fire (Rob & Chris Radio Edit) - ItaloBrothers
Your Style (UK Radio Edit) - Crystal Lake
Holiday (M&B Project Radio Edit) - Miani feat. Mariana

Fri, 25 Feb 2011 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-25/100-dance-club-hits-vol-2
<![CDATA[Let''s Talk About a Man (feat. Marvin) - Prezioso]]> http://www.djtunes.com/prezioso/lets-talk-about-a-man-feat-marvin Let''s Talk About a Man (feat. Marvin) - Prezioso

  Track list:
Let''s Talk About a Man (feat. Marvin) (Radio Version) - Prezioso
Let''s Talk About a Man (feat. Marvin) (Extended Version) - Prezioso

Mon, 29 Mar 2010 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/prezioso/lets-talk-about-a-man-feat-marvin