Redub! Biography

Michele Rossetti made his debut as a DJ at the age of 16 years with various pseudonyms such as (Mikyspace - Redub! - Minimalconcept - Mauritians dj - Michael Ross), working in nightclubs del'Emilia Romagna in 1998 for harboring PLASMAPHOBIA Gualtieri (RE) and other local events and trends from the name
prestigious as (ECU-CELLOPHANE-EXESS FOLIES-PALACE-divine madness) - and many others also appeared in various radio broadcasts. Watch out for new musical trends of the moment ever in 1998 decided to produce the (Z REC)
his first single (Welcome in my space). but the productions that they will explode in 2006 and beyond will be from 1999/2000 to 2010 working with various Italian and foreign events his minimal techno sound and captivating live set is absolutely determined to ensure urn impact. After 12 years still produces and plays in a lot of events by turning his staff (SPACESTAFF) and collaborating with many artists throughout Europe.