Running Man Labels

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Fraction Records

Fraction Records is the highly acclaimed full format independant dance music label owned and run exclusively by Alan Nimmo and Andrew Bayer, best known for their work as 'Signalrunners' , 'Syndica' and 'Team SR'. Fraction Records proudly re..

Tunnel Records

"Tunnel Records" was founded in January 1993 by Georg Roll. It was distributed via M.T.P. and Uptown. Style: Trance, Hard-Trance, Hands-Up, Hardstyle

Crystal Source Recordings

Crystal Source is a new label focused on releasing trance and progressive of only the highest quality. The owner of the label is Paul Miller - one of the best polish and international trance producers of resent times. The label was founded ..

Shah-Music Digital

German Trance Label, founded by Pedro Del Mar & Roger P. Shah Releases on this label are made of highest quality UK-/Benelux-Trance- Style. Extremely grooving percussions and sequencer-elements - sometimes deep and cool, sometimes strong a..

Alter Ego Digital

Alter Ego Digital follows the exact same formula as sister label Alter Ego Records except without the added expense of vinyl pressing. This allows the label to deliver some interesting combinations of remixes for each release.

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