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Easy Drift

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9 Tracks | 49:42 min
Released 2016-12-02 on Subotage Records
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SCHULZONE “Easy Drift Album”. The universe, final frontier and mystical complexity. Schulzone’s first complete album on Subotage records follows the same principle. Nine distinctive songs demonstrate the flexibility and originality of Schulzone as a long-time expert in producing bass based music. Decisions have to be reached to get close to the physical settings of outer space. Phat as fuck, analog and astonishing are the keywords of the “Easy Drift Album”. 1 “Man on the Moon” shall be understood as a dramatic intro to put yourself in an easy drifting mood, but by dint of it’s formative dynamic rise, it’s an appropriate clubtrack as well. A recent warm-up classic is born. 2 “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” continues with an unpolished guitar recording, exciting blurred vocals and an easy drumbeat. Here comes the sun and the day takes it’s course. Lost to the world, the song offers you a gorgeous spectrum of images. 3 “Backhandwinner”: Spread out sparkling dust charms you abruptly, builds sound clusters in brilliant highs and deep diving lows. The squeezing analog subwoofer signal is a well known and welcome accessory to every club dj. 4 “Roland Sticks” is lovely ambience and gives this album a dynamic break. ISS sends it’s love to us. Now and then, grainy modularsystem sounds sizzle through the space and the tight beat lets even the sun shine brighter. 5 “Basement” frizzles and bubbles like a fried egg sunnyside up in the pan. Contrast in perfection. Meaningful elements and pounding waves, achieve: harmony! 6 “Alkaline” attracts with a conspicuous 2nd and 3rd harmonic subbass, vast and massive, unmistakably adequate for late club nights. A tone modulated Fender Rhodes sound alternated by an acid synthline determines the hookline of the song. You fly around the globe and come home like a new man. 7 “Easy Drift” is the deepest and most evident Dub track of the album due to it’s timed, infinite echo effects, wallowing pad sounds and this distinctive, magic modular solo tone and once the guitar part commences, you are hopelessly lost in time and space. Easy Drift is indispensable on every ‘Steppas’ party. 8 “Letter A”, wicked acid pop, as one might call it. As if a subterrestrial club monster turns up on the dance floor and wants to grab you. It has the power to reach every single guest to give him the creeps and capture his or her imagination for the moment. 9 “Exploratory” marks the outro of Schulzone’s “Easy Drift Album”. A completely relaxed piece wraps up this album. It’s made up of echoing keys and guitars whose enchanting ambience offer a soothing expedition into your own self. On one hand it concludes the set, on the other - once you press repeat you’ll catch the drift. Schulzone’s latest nine-song album is his finest masterpiece. The “Easy Drift Album” album can be played any time as your choice soundtrack while taking a trip through the vastness of infinite space.

Release Credits: "Schulzone - Easy Drift", ," released 2016-12-02 on Subotage Records ,EAN/UPC4050486975893/

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