Shlomi Aber Biography

with his futuristic way of thinking that takes his sound a step beyond,
Shlomi's studio works, alongside an exhaustive DJ schedule, are both the
key reasons that make him one of the most touted up and coming talents that
emerge in today's scene, with both his production and DJ skills held in
high regard by many of his peers. His real breakthrough came in early 2006,
when his releases found their way into the charts and playlists of many of
the top DJs and magazines, with support from names such as John Digweed,
Sven Vath, Danny Tenaglia, Pete Tong, Josh Wink, Green Velvet, Carl Craig
and Tiefschwarz backed by inclusions in the tastemaker Cool Cuts, Buzz
charts, and Top sellers to name but a few. Shlomi has established himself
as a "New Generation DJ". A DJ that defines himself through the music he is
playing. Both his production and sets are based around Techno influenced
underground House Music, creating a unique sound of intelligent and
futuristic harmonies, and a natural mixture of strong and deep grooves. His
musical inspirations cannot defined by one genre, as they draw upon jazz
and funk, house and minimal, in addition to acid and techno, all of which
contribute to the unique sound and style that Shlomi has slowly been
grooming over the last few years. "Shlomi's sets are full with warm and
unique sounds that makes you feel like you are going back to the better
days of music, it was something I cant define just by one word , If I must
I will call it something between house and techno, With his fascinating
technical skills, accurate programming, and music selection, you can just
feel the magic in the air." ("DJ magazine") Shlomi's successes so far
include signing tracks to many of the top labels, including "Renaissance",
"Ovum", and "Cocoon" To name but a few. This has resulted in an increase in
exposure worldwide, including reviews and interviews in the most popular
dance magazines and radio stations all over the world. His ever increasing
DJ schedule, has already taken him to all the corners of the world
(including The Love Parade, Gay Parade, Dance & Levis, and many other clubs
and events, playing amongst the top DJs the world has to offer). Still
feeling he has a lot to fulfill; Shlomi has also recently launched his own
record label. This heralded the birth of " Be As One Recordings". The
label's focus is on releasing quality tracks rather than particular genres.
This direction and way of thinking allows the label to be open minded, with
the only constant being that "a track must have the right feeling and stand
out in its own way". With already massive worldwide support from many of
the top DJs, features in both magazines and many charts, " Be As One "
established as one of the top leading labels in the underground dance music
scene. "No matter if It's hard or soft, it' just needs to touch your mind,
body and soul at the same time. That's what I call a "Good Record". Shlomi
Aber Interview, Radio One. The basis of what makes a good record for Shlomi
Aber can also be applied to his production and djing, futuriatic music
that's reaching minds and affecting a global and collective body of dance
music lovers and purists everywhere. One Recordings.